Being in Nature: Good for Mind, Body and Nutrition
Drexel News
Canadian doctors made headlines for "prescribing nature," or recommended time outdoors based on research that suggests people who spent two or more hours in nature per week improved their health and wellbeing.

This Is What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar for 2 Weeks
Dr. Eric Berg DC
In this video, we’re going to talk about what happens to your body if you stop eating sugar for 14 days. What you’re doing is converting from sugar burning to fat burning.

How to Buy Your Medicines While in Puerto Vallarta
Doctor At Home PV
This is one of the main doubts of tourists who come to Puerto Vallarta, and it is a big problem when their medicine runs out and they do not know how to buy it.

Doctors Without Borders Providing Mental Health Care to Migrant Children
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Medecins Sans Frontieres provides mental healthcare to children and adolescents on the move at various points along the migration route in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

Wanderlust Sayulita Hiking & Yoga Tour Connects You With Nature
Sayulita Life
Prepare to de-stress and detox from the stress of everyday life with a lovely mix of rejuvenating yoga, gorgeous landscapes, jungle hiking, and plenty of time to enjoy the pristine beach.

This Is What Happens After 14 Days of Cold Showers
Dr. Eric Berg DC
Cold showers can have some incredible health benefits. Find out why you should be taking cold showers daily.

Brisk Walking May Slow Biological Aging Process, Study Shows
A new study of genetic data of more than 400,000 adults has revealed a clear link between walking pace and a genetic marker of biological age.

Future of the Food Ecosystem and the Power of Your Plate
Many people across the world don’t have access to healthy food - while in other places tons of food go to waste.


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Coronavirus - How You Can Help

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