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Vallarta Activist Has a Lot to Say About Climate Change

Suzy Chaffee - Vallarta Saludable A & P
December 2, 2015

100,000 People Meditate in Mexico Ahead of World Climate Meetings (Collective Evolution)

Mexicans are helping light the way into a New Era at the pivotal UN COP21, 2015 Paris Climate Conference Nov 30 to Dec 12. For the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, heads of state, including President Pena Nieto, aim to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate to keep global warming below 2°C (3.6°F).

According to Huffpost's "Two Degrees will Change the World," Paris is a last-ditch effort to avert the worst ravages of climate change. Climatologists now say that the best case scenario - assuming immediate and dramatic emissions curbs - is that planetary surface temperatures will increase by at least 2 degrees Celsius in the coming decades.

Rising temperatures above that will destroy plant and animal habitats, and reduce yields of important food crops, and more people will be exposed to the ravages of flooding and drought. Plus rapidly melting glaciers and snow will raise sea levels and first wash away beaches and tourism.

So if the 200 world leaders there stay on their current emissions track and don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures could go up by almost 6°C this century, according to the Committee on Climate Change, an independent body that advises the U.K. government on climate issues.

Therefore, all these groups who are first and most impacted leaders by climate change are together fighting for their lives at Paris to ensure legally binding agreements by world leaders.

The most urgent, realistic leader since the worlds youth will be the most impacted, is 15 year old Xiuh (Shoe) Martinez (Colorado-Mexican Azteca), who on Nov 30, organized a Million Youth Walk out of Schools for a Climate Strike - Earth Guardians to demand Action now, not in a few years.

These million youth in 100 countries want "to keep fossil fuels in the ground, immediately shift to 100% renewable energy, and support and highlight the frontline communities most vulnerable to impacts of climate change. "That includes standing up for Tibetans and 1.3 billion Asians at Paris who depend on drinking water from the Tibetan Plateau glaciers, at the urging of the Dalai Llama.

These most impacted groups were empowered by November 29´s start of an "unprecedented number" of ('s) People's Marches around the World for Climate Action, especially the touching 10,000 shoe protest in Paris. And since peace is critical for healing Mother Earth, and science has proved the power of prayer that saved Puerto Vallarta from Patricia, the Shift Network also hosted a Global Meditation for Peace Event in Mexico City. The prayer power was phenomenally multiplied by untold other groups, including the Aetherius Society and the Global Shift Meditation for Progress on Climate Change, where thunder in Johannesburg gave Mother Earth a voice. Pope Francis also rallied his flock: "Pope Warns of Catastrophe if 'Special Interests' Derail Climate Talks".

Additionally, last week Pope Francis warned that the world is on the brink of "suicide" if the Climate Conference doesn't address climate change.

World Leaders "Promoting Investment iIn Climate Friendly Technologies"

Can world leaders agree on binding action at Paris, for the first time? At an October meeting World and State leaders, including Mexico's President Pena Nieto and California Governor Jerry Brown, and heads of leading companies, met with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, with the IMF and OECD, to spur faster action ahead of the Paris climate talks. They joined forces to urge other countries and companies around the globe to join in determining the wisest price on carbon.

Said World Bank President Kim, former President of New Hampshire's Dartmouth College, "The science is clear, the economics compelling and we now see political leadership emerging to take green investment to a scale at a speed commensurate with the climate challenge." 40 nations and 23 cities, states and regions have already implemented or are putting a price on carbon with programs and mechanisms covering about 12 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of subsidizing fossil fuels, "This promotes investment in these climate friendly technologies," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Sea Levels May Rise 6 Meters/20 Feet - 39 Inches by End of Century

Yet, according to a July story in Scientific American, "Even if the world manages to limit global warming to 2°C - the target number for current climate negotiations - sea levels may still rise at least 6 meters (20 feet) above their current heights, radically reshaping the world's coastline, affecting millions. A 20-foot sea level rise would reshape the U.S. coast, causing Louisiana to lose its boot and transforming California's Bay Area into the Bays Area by forming a second inland bay. It would also threaten the world's coastal nations and megacities. It has already dramatically increased the occurrence of everyday flooding during high tide in cities from Baltimore to Honolulu.

The most recent projections from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicate that if emissions continue on their current trend, sea levels could continue to rise another 39 inches by the end of this century. Sea levels have already risen about 8 inches compared to pre-industrial times. Since it is rising 5 times faster now, we MUST act NOW!

So wouldn't it be wise to be on the side of conservative on behalf of the World's youth, given the tragic stories from those on sinking islands and displacements? Leaders may need to build on this unification progress and carbon agreement in Paris, and later amend it, since these ethical scientists say there is no "unmelting of the ice sheets," or the glaciers, snowy mountains, or replacing shorelines and sunken islands. But an agreement in Paris would be a huge stepping stone and there needs to be a smooth transition, as port cities like Puerto Vallarta are home to 80% of the population and that is serious disruptive locations. Cancun had to spend $10 million - a $1 million a mile - to restore their beaches from a hurricane in 2009, and those surges are more destructive everywhere as the water rises. And most of the world's pricy hotels are along the oceans.

Tibet Is Chance to Save 1/3rd of World's Glaciers & Keep Shorelines

Thanks to the UN's 192 member states recognizing in 2009 that Mother Earth is a living advanced being and we are all interconnected, it really takes emergency action on all interrelated fronts, to keep the snow and ice from melting and the shorelines stabilized to have a bright future!

What shocked this United Nations mind and heart shift was Bolivian President Evo Morales giving the UN Climate Summit in 2009 a preview of coming attractions, losing his 18,000 ft (only) glacier-ski area, the water supply for 1.2 million people of La Paz from humanity's unconscious ways.

Xiuh's Earth Guardians just helped stop the drilling on the Arctic and the Keystone Pipeline, along with and others. That was a huge victory for snow and shorelines. Now We the World can and MUST save 1/3of the world's glaciers at Paris.

Huffpost just revealed: Tibet's Plea: Fix the Roof of the World Before It's Too Late. 1.3 billion Asians depend on water from their rapidly melting 46,000 glaciers including on Everest - one-third of the planet's glaciers, biggest snow refrigerator besides the poles! The Dalai Lama is urgently calling on Paris leaders to fix the roof of our only home, and agrees with climate leaders that: "Nomadic mobility is key to protecting the dry lands or Tibet and the world, as they are expert custodians of their lands and their traditional knowledge must be incorporated into climate mitigation and adaptation practices."

China is forcing Tibetan nomads off their lands and into large scale settlements. To date, more than two million people have been moved. There must be an immediate halt and the nomads be allowed to return. Tibet must be on the climate change agenda in Paris, not just for Tibetans, but for the environmental health and sustainability of the entire world.

This is reinforced by the UN's 192 countries agreeing in 2012, that the "key to regenerating Mother Earth is a combination of green technology and Ancient Wisdom of the Tribes." That is why the UN's Peace and Climate Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio is producing two films on the Ancient Wisdom of the Iroquois. To hear some of the World's Great Wisdomkeepers, hosted by the worldwide Shift Network, log on to a free recap of the Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit leading to Paris.

The U.S. and Australia are now paying for the mistakes of our governments in the 1800s removing millions of our Native Americans and Aborigines from their ancestral mountains to reservations. It created imbalances, why the U.S. and Australia are plagued with droughts, catastrophic storms, and continuous forest fires (the most in the world - UN), which Harvard says is prematurely melting our glaciers and snows. But fortunately healing outreaches can heal hearts, land and weather by inviting their tribal youth to ski and lead ceremonies in their beloved mountains, say the Elders. And by the returning the Tibetans Nomads back to their lands.

Stanford's late 2007 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Stephen Schneider, praised U.S. ski areas who have been hosting Native Ski programs, and urged the rest to follow, since it inspires the Elders to also lead communities in emergency snowdances, that work. The UN Sustainability officer, Maria Mercedes Sanchez urged us to share our 55 years of documented "Snowdance Phenomena" story to inspire communities worldwide "to live in more harmony with Nature."

While the U.S. has made some beautiful progress through our Skiers-led Healing of America, our Native Programs that our Native American Olympic Team Foundation helped spread to about 70 ski areas over 20 years, have nearly dried up from government cutbacks. So most tribes are so dire they can no longer afford the gas to get to the ski areas, like the Ute Mt and Telluride. So U.S. mountain chains are again becoming barren of deeply nature-connected peoples like Tibet. Hopefully the Tibet intervention at Paris will wake up Americans too.

Ancient Tribal Wisdom

Why this is super important is because the Elders say that Mother Earth has absorbed all this negativity from the genocides, wars, removals, pollution, explosions, and it must be released or "purified" especially during this 2012 cycle, through either droughts, fires, earthquakes and strange weather, or through outreaches, especially Native ski programs that heal hearts, the love and appreciation to Mother Earth raises the vibration of the mountains and purifies them to restore natural precipitation.

Oceandance Phenomena

UN's Sanchez, a Nicaraguan, also urged us to spread Oceandances. Japan's late water guru, Dr. Emoto demonstrated these ceremonies that give love and appreciation to Mother Earth and Her waters, and nature spirits, helped purify contaminated waters of communities around the world often partnered with the Indigenous. When the PV Business Association asked our Vallarta Saludable A & P team (under the umbrella of to help protect the whales, our Azteca-Cherokee-led ceremony at Los Muertos Pier, attracted 10 whales and their babies that frolicked in the high vibed purified waters there for three days to the delight of crowds. See Mexico's 'UN Compassion Week' Oceandance inspires Whale … Miracle!

The University of Guadalajara is interested in studying both the Oceandance and Snowdance phenomena to also help heal and rebalance our lands, weather, and bay that Green Peace said is not healthy enough. Therefore, with funding Vallarta Saludable plans to organize weekly Oceandances on the seven major towns in Banderas Bay. My VS co-founder Carlos VonHauske, an innovative tourism leader, wants to include this fascinating Ancient Nature-wisdom in Vallarta's tours (called "Ecolonautics"), led by the Aztecas-Huicoholes and others, when visitors can best absorb it on vacation here.

, $2.3 Trillion "Divestment" Funds to Shift to Renewables

Those in the frontline of Climate Change are thrilled by's worldwide "Campus Divestment" Campaign inspiring commitments of shifting$2.3 trillion from fossil fuels to renewables, led by my home state of Vermont's Middlebury College-based Bill McKibbon. I am proud my brother Kim Chaffee, captain of Harvard's winningest ski team, raised the money for the Harvard Divestment video that helped get it rippling around the planet to other institutions too.

Save a Trillion by Shifting Divestment Funds to Renewables

This fund could save Mexico's tourism, and a trillion in catastrophic costs to preventing billions of port cities populations from needing to relocate, by shifting some of the University and other institution "Divestment" funds to mobilize renewable wind and solar projects in their regions and Oceandances and Snowdances and joyful ski programs that bring the tribes back to pricelessly rebalance land and weather.

5 Ways to Have a Voice and Create a Bright Outcome at Paris

Since I was given a gift of life from the miracle that saved me and Puerto Vallartans from the fiercest hurricane in history - Patricia's 220mph, I wanted to pay it forward by helping make a difference at pivotal Paris.

Here are 5 "important ways," says Power Magazine publisher, John Clary Davies, to mobilize your circle to help win. He put together the best science about the end of snow if we do not act. Over 100 Olympic heroes to "Protect our Winters" (, help Washington leaders to finally understand that snow is a water source.

1. In collaboration with POW at Paris, Powder is moderating the I Am Pro Snow plenary panel at the COP21 World Climate Summit. You can flex your snow and shoreline muscles by singing this petition.

2. Those going to Paris, strongly stand up for the Tibetans, by urging China to learn from the mistakes of America and Australia. Or send an email for your leaders there to educate and urge them to save the Tibetan Plateau.

3.Tell your children about 15 year old Xiuh (Shoe) Martinez, (my godson) to protect their future. Leaders listen to children.

4."What causes more global warming; every vehicle on the planet, or the meat and dairy produce we eat? Raising livestock - cow farts and all - is responsible for 14.5% of total emissions. Beef is 14 times more climate warming than chicken. The good news is you don't need to stop eating meat and dairy all together to make a difference - you can help save the planet by simply cutting down. See video: "Do You Have to be a Vegan to Help Fix Climate Change?"

Replacing meat with plant proteins like beans, amaranth, chia, plus eggs are even healthier than hormone and antibiotic-free Chicken Feliz. These superfoods also build up our bodies' nutrients to heal diabetes, obesity and other diseases, and increase life expectancy both individually and the planet. I eat clean meat once a week and sweeten with stevia, and at 69, I have no gray hair or meds!

5. Forward this to your local Universities to show them how they can heroically save trillions by shifting a fraction of their fossil fuel "Divestment" funds to creating solar and wind-powered schools like Vallarta's American School, companies and resorts in their region. These 5 actions can help protect your family and generations from catastrophic Climate Changes by inspiring long term snow blessings and stabilizing coastlines, say my Native American advisors, Olivia Ellis PhD (Cherokee) and Valerie Nunez (Apache), whose ceremonies and prayers helped end Southern California's seven year drought in 2004.

Thanksgiving for them since they also helped guide Vallarta's miracle through collaboration, including with an amazing prayer technology breakthroughs (proven by Stanford) through the Aetherius Society, including with our Solar Family. See How Amazing Grace Spared Puerto Vallarta from Patricia's Wrath

Here is Shift's recording: Meditation for Progress on Climate Change. The founder Stephen Dinan encourages us to meditate on the success of the conference every day till December 11. Plus to commit to taking at least one personal action that reduces your carbon imprint at home and/or at work. Aligning our spiritual intentions with pragmatic action is profoundly empowering and feels good!

Here is a link that provides a number of personalized suggestions recommended by the EPA for how you can reduce your emissions, at home, in the office, and on the road. Click here for a list of online campaigns to politically reduce global warming emissions organized by the Union of Concerned Scientists and here to learn about climate actions big and small you can participate in near you.

So keep giving gratitude in advance with millions of others for the highest and best outcome for all at Paris beyond our imagination. And along with your friends also watch the new climate change film from Oscar-Winner Charles Ferguson.

The Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council" just sent me this statement for the leaders at Paris, which ends with…

"We are the People of the Earth united under the Creator's Law, with a sacred covenant to follow and uphold and a sacred responsibility to extend Life for all future generations." - Click here to read the full PDF

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