The Five Most Controversial Video Games of All Time
Anthony Francis - GameZone
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November 13, 2012

Games have the unique ability to entertain us by presenting a fantasy setting and allowing us to control amazing characters in a safe environment. After all, nowhere else in reality can you splatter zombies, steal cars and defeat aliens — yet. As it's all too well known, some video games take things a little too far. They have been met with quite a bit of controversy and, in some cases, have been banned in certain countries. We used the intern's computer to search for the top five games to stand out as the most controversial, rage-inducing games ever made.

#5 Bully

This one is a softball. Bully, a mildly sadistic game where you play as that mean kid from A Christmas Story who goes around harassing and tormenting innocent schoolchildren. It's basically Grand Theft Auto Jr. The game was met with a lot of unnecessary controversy, obviously due to its violent nature, with parents and congressional candidates expressing concern that it will lead to more bullying in real life. Just like how playing bridge leads to more bridges being built.

#4 Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand Theft Auto is quite possibly the most controversial video game that is widely available and sold across the world. It has several editions, each of which is, depending on who you're talking to, more controversial than the previous version. You play as a hoodlum who runs around stealing cars, stabbing pedestrians, shooting at cops and blowing up hot dog vendors. The game is violent, and many organizations and individuals have expressed concern about its anti-law enforcement aspects and the fact that you can bone prostitutes whenever you damn well please.

#3 Ethnic Cleansing

These next three games will make those other two look like Viva Pinata. Ethnic Cleansing involves, the killing of African American, Latino and Jewish individuals by the protagonist. The game was produced as part of a Neo-Nazi and white supremacist movement by Resistance Records. There are clips online, but we won't post them here. The game is truly offensive... graphically. I mean, the graphics are terrible. The game content itself is clearly terrible, and it makes you wonder what kind of twisted, racist nut job would sit around even skinning and coding this thing

#2 Rapelay

As the not-unique-in-any-way title suggests, this game revolves around a protagonist who rapes a family of three women. Not only does the game allow the gamer to play out terrible fantasies, but it does so in shockingly realistic ways. The player can choose from multiple sexual positions and can even monitor his ejaculation quantities to estimate the likelihood of impregnating one of his victims. Not suprisingly, this game has been banned in several countries.

#1 Sociolotron

This 2D game is reminiscent of Ultima Online, but with one horrible twist — the gameplay revolves around robbing, raping, kidnapping and murdering innocent individuals. This MMO involves playing in a world where you can harass other players based on their race or gender, where you can rape other players, and where you can become a drug addict or prostitute if you so desire. This online community of people is still more polite than your average League of Legends player, though.

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