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Gretchen DeWitt - Ayuda a Los Animales
April 21, 2013

Eight of the nine Tigrita puppies just before going to their new homes

I returned home Monday to warm weather, blue skies, parrots and palm trees after ten days in San Francisco, which was experiencing cool weather and cold winds.

I am acutely aware of the privileged lives cats and dogs are living in the Bay Area every time I visit my family there.  I never see a needy animal and the only pregnant dog I saw this time was a Pit Bull mix being walked on a leash by a bedraggled looking young female hippy in Golden Gate Park.

It is very different here in Mexico, where the norm is non-sterilization of pets. Homeless animals are commonplace.

I had flown up with "Tipsi," the only female in Tigrita's litter of nine puppies. Matt Messner's niece, who lives outside San Francisco, had seen her photo and decided to adopt her. Matt and Neil Sechan had fostered Tigrita and her babies for 8 weeks and found homes for all the puppies via personal contact, Mano a Mano and Craig's list. I flew back with the microscope for the Acopio donated by Pam Lock and a box of clinic supplies donated by Joan Bennett, an emergency care nurse in Oregon.

Visiting the Acopio on Tuesday and Thursday, I found it to be in spotless condition. Little "Berry," the mama dog with the severely broken leg, was still there in quarantine, due to having contacted distemper. All her pretty puppies had died from it, but Berry shows no symptoms of neurological damage. She will have surgery on her leg soon.

One-day old puppy born at the Acopio

A small brown dog that had been tied up at the Acopio gate several days ago gave birth to nine black puppies on Monday.  An abandoned small black dog gave birth to six puppies on Wednesday.

"Dona," the large and affectionate Great Dane/Dalmatian mix is still there, as is the Xoloescuincle (Mexican Hairless) couple. The sweet male and female are both sterilized and no longer a "business," so no one has come forward to adopt them. They are less than two years old and have been at the Acopio for months.

Because the new Peace Punta Mita is not including the free spay/neuter clinics program, the clinics are at great risk of being terminated.  After the announcement in this blog two weeks ago, people have been responding to the plea for help. We thank everybody who are helping and see the generous donations on my blog.


Pu is up for adoption

By Amelia Montez - three two-week old female puppies found in the road. One had been hit by a car and didn´t survive.  The surviving two are now almost five weeks old and are in foster care and for adoption. Contact Ameliz Montez via Gretchen's email if interested.

By Norma and Larry Schuh - five two-week old female puppies found in a plastic bag next to the Rio Cuale - in foster care and for adoption. They are now 4 weeks old. Their foster family has given names to all of them: Joy, Hope, Grace, Faith and Destiny. Contact Ross Shapiro, (322) 228-0122 or

By Lucia:  "Duke," a starving German Shepherd mix. Found on the street, he was so weak that he was unable to walk.  Merry Collins has been caring for him and reports that he is a year-and-a-half old, gentle, housebroken, and great with other dogs. Duke is being treated for erlichia and anemia and once recovered, will be vaccinated and neutered. If interested, contact Merry Collins via Facebook.

Need Rescuing

The cats on the Isla Cuale. The dogs and cats on the streets. The dogs and cats at the Centro de Acopio.  The pound is open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. Telephone is (322) 293-3690. For photos and information - PV Animal page of FB as well as on the Acopio page.

Note: If you are coming to Puerto Vallarta, please ask pet stores if they have used collars or leashes to donate.  PEACE clinics give these out to owners, who seldom have the funds to buy these things.

There are enough funds for one more Spay/Neuter Clinic. Please help support our clinics - they cannot continue without your donations.

Thank you,

Gretchen DeWitt, Clinic Volunteer and former Board Member of PEACE Mexico

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