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Gretchen DeWitt - PEACE
December 27, 2011


The city seems so quiet after the twelve days of celebrations for Our Lady of Guadalupe ended. I played Christmas carols and songs all day long to help me feel like it was Christmas. It is difficult with balmy days, palm trees everywhere and swimming and boating on the bay.

This week, we hopped on a water taxi from Boca de Tomatlán,  where a pair of dolphins were frolicking in the small bay fed by the river. The ride to las Ánimas and further south is always gorgeous, past exotic lava rock formations, a quiet cove perfect for swimming, small beaches and the long palm-lined stretch of el Caballo ("horse") beach, all of them reached either by trail or by boat, and all deserted that day.

In the foothills of the Sierras just above the coastline, one can see the glistening palm trees in the midst of the jungle and the sun shining through the transparent orange peeling bark of the papelillo trees. Beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

Animal News:

PEACE free spay and neuter clinics

December 14-17, in the Huatulco clinic in the southern State of Oaxaca - 145 cats and dogs!!!

Schedule confirmed for January
• January 4th - 7th -  Bucerias, Nayarit
• January 11th - 14th -  San Juan, Nayarit
• January 18th - 21st-  Las Juntas (colonia in Puerto Vallarta)
• January 25th - 28th - Ixtapa (colonia in Puerto Vallarta)


By PV Animal at Plaza Caracol on December 16th - two puppies and four kittens rescued from the Acopio (pound).

By PV Animal at Plaza Caracol on December 23rd - three sterilized dogs from the Acopio and two kittens originally from the Acopio that Angelica had been fostering.

"Sophia"- Young, thin female British Pointer found outside Costco by Joan Bennett's daughter-in-law, Marisol Messick Bates, Joan's vet, confirmed that this pretty dog suffered a broken leg that has healed and that she tested negative for diseases. Joan has adopted her.

"Lucy" - Devin Cook, recently visiting from Austin Texas, fell in love with a dog she found wandering in Lázaro Cárdenas park.  She later met Joann Bryla, retired vet and great volunteer at the PEACE clinics, who took Lucy for tests, deworming, bathing and vaccinations and is now fostering the dog. At considerable expense, Devin will pay for the female dog she has named "Lucy" to fly unescorted cargo on Continental Airlines next Friday to her new home.  If you are flying to Austin in the very near future and could escort Lucy, her expenses would be paid and Devin would save hundreds of dollars. And, if you have a large kennel you could donate or sell, please contact

I visited Carlos Ochoa's boarding facility Friday afternoon to take cash and kibble. "Angel," the mama dog with six puppies who are now about five weeks old, is sweet, obedient and a very protective mama. The puppies are kept in a pen on the grass during the day and were happily gamboling about. They are extremely pretty, most of them looking like Lab mixes. The biggest one, a beauty, has blue eyes. They will all be for adoption after being sterilized. The Centro de Acopio needs to be paid 150 pesos per adopted puppy or dog, as they report all births and "adoptions" to the city government.

I also visited darling "Cleo,¨the mama dog with the dislocated leg that she will be unable to use until after surgery.  Her eleven puppies, whose eyes opened two or three days ago, are all very healthy and pretty. Animal lovers are trying to raise money for her surgery, which will cost 4,500 pesos.   

Needs surgery and a home: "Cleo," was brought to the Acopio by some firemen and rescued by a small group of animal lovers. She is now being boarded at Carlos Ochoa's, who is an excellent dog trainer with a very good facility near the airport (044-322-294-2063). Carlos is giving a very discounted rate of 60 pesos a day for mama dogs rescued from the Acopio. Zoraya Name has secured two 500 pesos gift certificates from Café des Artistes for a raffle to raise money for Cleo's surgery. One hundred thirty tickets have been printed and are being sold at 50 pesos each, with the drawing to be held January 6th. Tickets can be purchased at Plaza Caracol adoptions on Friday between 11 and 2 or by contacting Melissa Suneson ( or Zoraya Name (, or call Carlos Ochoa, 044-322-294-2063.

Need homes: Four dogs at the Acopio, including a female Dalmatian. A female chocolate Lab mix was brought in Friday and may be pregnant. An independent group of animal lovers will attempt on a regular basis to raise monies via raffles and donations to rescue these mama dogs and put them into discounted boarding and then to PEACE free clinics and adoption.   Please ask hotels and restaurants, etc. for donated items for raffles. To adopt from the Acopio telephone (322) 293-3690.
Burned puppy needs home: Six-month old small female puppy found on the street with burns on her back. She is in a foster home and available for adoption.  Contact

Dogs and cats are available for adoption at the Acopio Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.  


• $1,000 U.S. for spay/neuter clinics in Vallarta - from an anonymous animal lover
• 1,500 pesos - for spay/neuter clinics in Vallarta - from Lucy's CuCu Cabana
• Additional from Lucy's CuCu Cabana - $5 Canadian: 30 pesos, $21 U.S. (Lucy has a donation box for PEACE clinics in her great shop).
• Forty-four pounds of kibble for dogs at the Centro de Acopio (pound) - from Griffin Page, whose rescue dog, "Spirit", recently died.

Peace event:

Sea Monkey Luau:

Paper leis and drinks of choice were passed out to guests as they arrived shortly before sunset at Sea Monkey on the beach.

Dogs attending frolicked while their owners feasted on delicious appetizers, shish kabob, roasted pig, fruit, and a wonderful poached pear drizzled with chocolate for dessert.

Thank you to the owners of Sea Monkey and Cheeky Monkey for hosting this great event and to the very efficient and friendly waiters. This was a very cozy and enjoyable evening and we hope it will be an annual one.

Eleven thousand pesos was raised for spay/neuter clinics in Puerto Vallarta.

Postscript:  There is a new monkey in the family - "Carnival Monkey," formerly "A Taste of Italy",  which was owned by Troy Valens' parents.  Located across from Daiquiri Dicks on the beach, food served will include crepes, hamburgers, etc.

On-going for PEACE in Vallarta:

PEACE home tours are every Tuesday at 10:30 am through March 27th, departing from Plaza Romy (L. Vallarta #228 between F. Madero and L. Cárdenas streets). Tickets can be purchased in advance at HERE  or at the PEACE Boutique. Tickets go on sale the day of the tour at 9:30 am at Plaza Romy. For more information, call (322) 224-4007 or email Ticket prices are $35 U.S.  Proceeds of tours benefit PEACE educational programs in Puerto Vallarta.

Beach and river clean-ups on the week-ends - For schedule and to volunteer, please contact Len Marin at Gloves and bags always provided.

PEACE memberships:  300 pesos per year entitles members to great discounts at terrific vendor locations in the area of the Bay of Banderas. All monies raised from sales of memberships equally benefit PEACE programs in Nayarit and Vallarta.  Memberships are sold at the PEACE boutique, where the majority of merchandise is fabricated by local artisans. Sales benefit both the women's co-op and PEACE programs.

New vendor added to PEACE membership program:

Lucy's CuCu Cabaña (Great Mexican Folk Art), Basilio Badillo 295 Puerto Vallarta - tel. (322) 222-1220. 10% discount on all cash sales.

Please help support PEACE and one of our programs that you feel passionate about.

Gretchen DeWitt

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