His Will, His Way Ministries Seeks 'Parents' for New Children's Shelter

Dennis Janson - His Will, His Way Ministries PV
October 19, 2016

We had a little summer reprieve from classes at the end of June but that surely does not slow us down in our activities. I will enlighten you a little. Hehe. We did give up teaching at the DIF Boys Home where we had 8 to 10 older teenagers. They attended public school in the morning then ate lunch before we got them and that just didn't work as they would fall asleep in the heat with full tummies in our class. It was fine when we had a morning class but their schedule changed. Oh well, live and learn. DIF was very sorry to see us leave as it gave them a break from babysitting and providing activities.
But then as the Chaplain at the American Legion Post #14 here in PV we do many outreaches. We have two meetings a month, the Executive meeting and the General meeting. My functions are to start and end the meetings with prayer also give input as I am a part of the Executive Committee. I also visit those veterans who may be in the hospital or recovering from surgeries at home. I also hold memorials for those who have passed onto our Lord. As we are mostly old that seems to be happening more often. We also receive the many US Coast Guard and US Navy ships that visit. The US Coast Guard Steadfast out of Oregon patrols all the way to the tip of South America for drug interdiction assisting the other countries along the way. We take ship tours and integrate with the crews and retire to a location restaurant/pub to interact and welcome them. Then during their stay they do COMRAILS (help paint orphanages, parks etc.) in the communities. Nation building. I even got to marry a couple on the beach which was a pleasant change instead of memorials.
Then our brand new home called Casa Hogar Compasion where I am also a board member. We have been trying for two long years and the church paying rent of $800 a month to get the government off the dime. If you think the bureaucracy is bad in the states well I will say no more. Poor Silvia our Directora has been going crazy with not only the paperwork but with the government losing the paperwork multiple times. Finally in September we got the final approval to take in children. As you recall we were going to try to take 7 children between the ages of 3 and 9. The idea was to give them a typical home with one to two sets of bilingual parents and take them all the way up to college if they could qualify. Once we received the ok for the home from DIF (social services) i.e. proper accreditation, proper signage from the fire department etc. We were ready for DIF. Silvia got a call from DIF that they had some runaway teenage girls (3) and another (2) teenage girls. One with a mother in drug rehab for three months and another one who had been sold into prostitution by an uncle. So much for our plan of children 3 to 9. But Silvia said that now DIF owed us a big favor and it would probably benefit us later. We will see. But our Lord knows and directs our footsteps. But alas that then brought us some new problems as our ministry His Will, His Way Ministries had to replace the now broken refrigerator which could not be repaired and also provided a washer/dryer combo from Costco. Plus of course food, paper goods, school materials, school shoes and backpacks and also get then into the local schools. The girls were 2-12 year olds, 1-15 year old, 1-16 year old and 1-17 year old. The seventeen year old was one of my children many years ago when she was 8 years old so it was like old home week and she cried in my arms. What a Lords blessing that was. Pastor Ric and his wife Joy had the dream about providing this home.
ACTION ITEM OR CALL FOR HELP: We need two sets of parents for the CompasionNet Church home where I am a Board Member. Looking for two bilingual couples etc. If you are in your 40 to 60's and would like to love and help kids have a real set of part time parents please get in touch with me. Make sure you let your pastors know as well.
And of course we are still at Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz now 8 or 9 years. They are benefiting from the Outside the Bowl international feeding ministry that just opened. My kids are doing so well with their English and Silvia has been a god send. Then our dear friends Randy & Dodie coordinated the grand opening of the international ministry Outside the Bowl kitchen. The opening was wonderful and attended by many government and other officials and local pastors who will reap the awards of fresh cooked heathy meals for their congregations and orphanages at a price they can not beat. Must have been 50 people in attendance.
On October 3rd we started back to teaching 5 days a week at 3 locations, Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz Orphanage, Saltrillo Community Center and Casa Hogar Compasion. Whew, not bad for two old folks in their mid seventies. Huh? Well we couldn't do it with out all of you who support the ministry financially and also volunteer to help us when you in town. And I want to give a special shout out to those folks (Kathy Baker & Barbara Chase) who bring me my large jar of Skippy's Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter that we can't get here. P.s. Be sure to look at our new website. It includes a ton of photos.
And for those of you who would like to help with the orphanage milk & egg program, please remember that these orphanages and outreaches really depend almost totally on your generosity in the USA & Canada. We could use some help here as the daily wage set by the government is $7.50 a day.
If you are coming down this year, we are in need of Dollar Store items for gifts for the kids for their performance in class such as: Coloring books, crayons & pencils & pencil sharpeners or girly things i.e. cheap costume jewelry or hair ribbons & clips. Use your imagination remembering what your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren like. Hehe. God bless you for all that you have done or will do.
Vaya con Dios mi Amigo,

Senor Dennis Janson, Missionary
Chaplain for the American Legion Post #14
Founder & Missionaries of His Will, His Way Ministries
His Will, His Way Ministries PV

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