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In 1970 a group of Vallarta women funded Asociación Femenil Vallartense A.C., the first civil association for helping those in need in Puerto Vallarta.

The main goals they set up were mainly a service to the community in all areas: social, civic, cultural and sports, working with the municipal authorities, as well as state and federal in programs that would help the community.

With their objectives well established in their statutes, they are modified as time and circumstances arise.

With the valuable collaboration of the people that trust our work, there have been many achievements throughout the years, such as building the first home for homeless children, the reconstruction and maintenance of the Municipal Cemetery for 14 years, participating in the reconstruction of the Crown of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the Center for Orientation and Rehabilitation for Adolescents, the Center for Integral Attention and Training for Women, as well as the continuous work to preserve our traditions and customs, the ecology, etc.

At this time, our main program is the attention to children and youngsters of low income with cancer in Puerto Vallarta and their families through the Civil Association CANICA – Centro de Apoyo a Niños con Cáncer A.C. (Support Center for Children with Cancer), which is located in the city of Guadalajara.

We have tax exempt receipts for the donations to our programs.

The current president of the Asociación Femenil Vallartense, Mrs. Evelia Basánez is the coordinator of the CANICA chapter in Puerto Vallarta.

Children with Cancer

Maybe one of the most difficult and painful experiences for any human being is to know that a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, but the situation becomes even more difficult when it is a child the one that has been diagnosed with this illness.

The Asociación Femenil Vallartense A.C. in conjunction with CANICA A.C. (Support Center for Children with Cancer) provide help and support for low income families that have been affected by cancer.

You will find information regarding the activities and support that we provide, the way in which you could collaborate with us as the information of the children we are currently helping.

The types of cancer that affect children are very different from the ones that affect adults. The cure probabilities for children are actually very high, almost 70% of children can be cured from this illness.
The main types of cancer that affect children are: leukemias, neuroblastomas, lynphomas, bone cancer, sarcomas, kidney and eye cancer, among others.
With this situation, there is much to do and with some of your help, we can make a big difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Come to know a little bit more about our children whom we helped during their diagnosis and treatment, and whom we continue looking out for.

How You Can Help the Center for Children with Cancer

• Monetary donations. They are tax deductible in Mexico.

• Becoming more knowledgeable about this illness in children and knowing its symptoms, you can create awareness in your family and circle of friends, and maybe helping recognize in an early stage this condition in a child.

• Donations for the children, like toys or clothes, even little hats or baseball caps that they can use during their treatments.  

• Donations for their families, to try to give them a better quality of life since all of them are of scarce economic  resources.

• As a volunteer in the gatherings we have, helping with your time in the preparations and organization, or donating, food, beverages, piñatas, balloons, toys, etc.

• Helping spread the word around of what we do, to be able to reach a broader network of people willing to help, such as doctors, help groups, discounts, etc.

Please contact Evelia Basanez at for any questions regarding donations or volunteering at the Support Center for Children with Cancer.

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