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The Punta Sayulita Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on supporting various community initiatives for the community of Sayulita and the Bay of Banderas.

Our initiatives include educational programs for environmental awareness and protection, beach community clean-up events, youth art and music programs as well as supporting programs for underpriviledged children to allow them to enjoy various water sports such as surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, etc., that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to pursue.

Punta Sayulita Environmental & Community Initiatives

Reforestation Program:

Punta Sayulita is an organic extension of the quaint village of Sayulita and as the developer, it is very important to us to leave Sayulita and the surrounding region of the Riviera Nayarit better off than when we started. To accomplish this, we have dedicated significant time and resources to both environmental and community initiatives and programs such as the following:

Punta Sayulita is making a concerted effort to have a net positive impact on the environment after it is completed and is working with the Federal Government of Mexico so that other developers in the region adopt the same development criteria.

This is being accomplished at Punta Sayulita through many means, the most significant of which is a self-imposed reforestation program that results in two very positive environmental and social impacts.

Punta Sayulita is blessed with a beautiful and dense tropical forest. Every single tree at Punta Sayulita has been surveyed with its location, size and species identified. The location of all homes, common area buildings, golf cart paths and roadways have been painstakingly studied and placed so as to have as little impact as possible. While many trees will be transplanted, a limited amount trees will have to be removed on-site that will not exceed 20% of the existing tree forest.

During and after construction, our reforestation program will be implemented. In working with Punta Sayulita's team of arborists and biologists, we have determined that, in order to maintain a healthy forest, we can reforest on-site one half of the trees that will be removed.

While this is perfectly acceptable to meet current environmental standards, we were not satisfied with this deficit. To compensate for this, Punta Sayulita has voluntarily implemented a reforestation program off-site on local "ejido" lands that have been damaged and deforested over time for agriculture purposes, but which are no longer functioning as farms.

In searching for lands to reforest, Punta Sayulita identified a local family that would like to reforest a portion of its old farmland. The owner of the land is a very talented local carpenter, Javier Bernal, whose entire family works in the trade. Punta Sayulita will reforest twelve acres (five hectares) of land for permanent forest regeneration and protection, which will result in Punta Sayulita reforesting on a two-to-one basis every tree that is affected by our construction on-site.

Moreover, Punta Sayulita will reforest an additional twelve acres (five hectares) of tree species that the Bernal family uses for its carpentry business such as Parota, Caoba and Primavera trees, thus creating a sustainable or "renewable" wood supply for this family for generations to come, which will allow them to significantly reduce the wood they use from other sources and to increase their profit margins in “farming” their own trees on their own land, creating an additional environmental and social impact.

On-Site Nursery:

Punta Sayulita will have its own nursery on-site that in addition to serving to grow local tree, plant and flower species for planting at Punta Sayulita, will also serve as an additional amenity to Punta Sayulita and the local community whereby Punta Sayulita residents can learn about local flora and its importance to the greater local forest environment and, on an invitation only basis, local public and private schools will be welcome to meet with our arborist and biologist to learn about the importance of forest preservation. The nursery will also serve to produce on-site organic produce and vegetables for use by our chefs at the Beach & Surf Club.

Electric Golf Cart Only Community:

Punta Sayulita is an "electric golf car only" community, the first of its kind in the region. The positive environmental and social impacts of this decision are numerous such as: less deforestation due to significantly narrower roadways, less earth movement, smaller retaining walls, no emission pollution, no noise pollution, reduced speeds on Punta Sayulita's paths and roadways and the creation of true community whereby friends and neighbors actually stop to talk to one another from their "open vehicles" as the move about the property or while taking quick trips into and around the village of Sayulita.

Use of Local Materials & Labor:

Punta Sayulita's careful architectural design and strict design and construction guidelines mandate the maximization of use of local materials including stone and wood from local tree farms, nurseries and rock quarries. The local community of Sayulita and the surrounding region of Puerto Vallarta have a very strong labor force and we are demanding that our builders take advantage of this as much as possible. Using local materials and labor not only helps the local
economy, but certainly reduces the carbon footprint by minimizing the transport of materials and labor.

Support Local Fishermen:

Punta Sayulita's dock at the Beach & Surf Club will be a regular stop for Sayulita's local fisherman when they return from their day's catch. On a regular schedule the fisherman will be allowed to pull up to Punta Sayulita's dock to sell fresh fish directly to our Owners and their Guests at Punta Sayuilta, as well as to our chefs at the Beach & Surf Club.

Community Organized Beach Clean-Up Events:

Every two months Punta Sayulita organizes the Sayulita Beach Clean-Up events on Saturday mornings so our resident and tourist volunteers can patrol the Sayulita beaches and streets to gather garbage and recyclable items. In addition to collection efforts, education is big part of the event whereby literature and pictures are displayed about the importance of environmental protection, recycling and keeping Sayulita clean.

The Beach Clean-Up events have become a very popular community social event which has served to empower the "I can make a
difference" trait in all of us. So successful have these event become, that other towns in the region have reached out to Punta Sayulita to assist in designing and implementing their own Beach Clean Up events.

Beach Dog-Waste Bag Dispensers:

As part of the Beach Clean-Up events, Punta Sayulita also implemented the location of biodegradable dog "poop bag" dispensers on Sayulita's beach in order for dog owners to responsibly pick-up after their pets.

Trash & Recycling Container Program:

Punta Sayulita, along with the aid of local carpenter Javier Bernal, implemented the program and construction of trash and recycling containers made from recycled wood that have now been located in various areas throughout the village of Sayulita and on the beach where no such containers existed before.

Many local businesses and residents have now sponsored the construction of additional containers to continue the growth of the program.

Environmental Awareness & Education Programs:

Periodically, Punta Sayulita utilizes its Beach House for community events and educational presentations with topics ranging from environmental awareness, social causes and spiritual well being.

Events held to date include...

  • Ocean Reef Symposium Night by the international Reef Check Organization
  • Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Presentation
  • "Movie Night" at the Punta Sayulita Beach House screening of award winning documentary movies including: The Cove, No Impact Man, End of the Line, and more.
  • Inspired Living Discussion with Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., Director of Spiritual Programming
  • for the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona.
  • "Sea Voices" presentation and book signing – (Punta Sayulita is proud to be a sponsor of this coffee table book that features the likes of Jack Johnson, Jason Maraz, Ziggy Marley, Pierce Bronsan, Ted Danson, Captain Paul Watson and many more, that raises awareness for ocean protection and conservancy).

Community Organization Contributions:

  • Punta Sayulita actively contributes donations, sponsorships and resources to the local Sayulita organizations such as
  • Punta Sayulita Longboard & Stand Up Paddle Classic (organizer and lead sponsor of this annual 2-day surf competition that attracts internationally renowned professional surfers, emphasizes environmental awareness and raises money for local environmental and social charities).
  • SayuLimpia (Sayulita's recycling program)
  • Sayulita Youth Surfing Contest (an annual surf contest to promote the sport of surfing to local youth)
  • Costa Verde International School (Mexico’s first "green" elementary school located in Sayulita)
  • Grupo Pro Sayulita (non-profit Sayulita community action group)
  • Sayulita Animals (animal shelter and spay and neuter program)
  • Adan Hernandez (top local professional surfer sponsored by Punta Sayulita)

Last updated: February 21, 2020 · Charity ID: 120

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