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La Casa de los Ninos

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

La Casa de los Niños is an after school enrichment center for children, for primary and middle school age, who live in and around the town of Lo de Marcos. It is a place where children can study, get help with their homework, have access to a library and computers, play games, work on art projects, take English classes, learn about personal health and environmental protection, and most importantly, have fun!

In order to reach our goals, we have three maestros and a student helper from the local community. We also invite volunteers from the local community to coordinate activities; have established links with US universities who have sent volunteer teachers who share their knowledge with the children and staff; and we have solicited donations of monetary funds to meet expenses, purchase supplies, materials and equipment which are needed on an on-going basis.

La Casa was founded by two couples, Patti and David Martinez and Jim and Dulce Hendrich, who happened upon each other with a mutual goal of providing further resources and opportunity to the kids of Lo de Marcos.

La Casa also symbolizes a very personal mission for Patti and David. The Martinez's daughter and her young family were traveling to Mexico to begin an after school program for kids when they were hit and killed by a drunk driver in northern California. Patti and David took it upon themselves to continue their daughter's mission and now La Casa serves as memorial to their lives.

Dulce Heinrich had been tutoring kids in her home and thought that a place for kids to go after school to get help with homework and perhaps do art projects would be a good thing. We decided then and there that we would find a small place in town and call it La Casa de los Niños!

On December 12, 2005, we opened our doors and found 85 kids waiting to come in! Luckily, we had a number of volunteers recruited from the snowbird ranks that come down to Lo de Marcos and split everyone into groups and went off to various parts of town and the beach, as our small space couldn't manage that many kids.

We soon grew out of the small space and moved into a larger space within four months. We have had English classes, ongoing art classes, computers to use for homework, a great kitchen to bake and cook, a game room, sports activities, and most recently, the creation of a library.

Our kids have performed community service work, cleaned trash from the beach and streets, baked treats and delivered them to the senior center, educated others about the importance of recycling, and participated in bi-yearly spay and neuter clinics hosted by La Casa.

Before the creation of La Casa de Los Ninos, there was no learning, community center for kids, and the resources offered at their schools and homes were very minimal. La Casa has filled the void for a safe and enriching gathering place for elementary school kids in Lo de Marcos.

Now these kids have a sanctuary composed of thousands of donations from people across the globe. The building is filled with toys and games, art supplies, computers, educational materials, cultural decorations, a library of both english and spanish books, and a fully equipped kitchen. The compound also consists of a soccer field, flower gardens, patios and soon to be organic garden.

La Casa is open four days a week for two hours during the afternoon. Up to 60 kids attend every day of the year. This is only made possible through the kindness of its benefactors. La Casa is an non-profit organization that functions solely upon the generosity of others through their monetary donations, material donations and the gracious offering of their services as volunteers.

The daily inter-workings of the center is directed by the main instructor, Clara, and her assistant, Triny. These two fabulous women exemplify kindness, sincerity, trust, and joy through each and every one of their actions as the leaders of this phenomenal center. Their lesson plans celebrate the vibrant Mexican culture, cherish the youth and energy of these young ones, inspire the kid's senses with new experiences and challenge their minds to strive towards moral and academic excellence.

Click the button above to make a donation to the La Casa de los Ninos PayPal account.

La Casa de los Niños is a registered non-profit in the US and is supported by donations of money, supplies, materials, computers and furniture. Our expenses include rent, utilities, salaries for two teachers and the purchase of various materials and supplies. Our estimated yearly expenses are little over $10,000 US.

We have a number of fundraisers throughout the year, a golf tournament in nearby El Monteon, ice cream socials and bake sales in the states, and our Eternal Circle of Light ceremony held on the anniversary date of our family tragedy.

Donations are continually received via the Spencer Martinez Memorial Fund, c/o of Westamerica Bank, 800 Gravenstein Hwy, Sebastopol, CA 95472.

Last updated: August 19, 2017 · Charity ID: 514

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Ready to Shop? Tianguis Lo de Marcos Opens November 2nd

Galvan Real Estate & Services

You can meet new friends, say hello and reconnect with old ones, talk directly to the producers, buy great products, and support the local economy, all at the same time.

Eight Good Reasons to Visit Riviera Nayarit This Summer

Riviera Nayarit CVB

Every year this destination attracts more than 2 million travelers from all over the world, from families to backpackers, luxury travelers, and business travelers.

February Festivities and Events in the Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit CVB

The second month of the year brings cultural festivals, gastronomy, technology, music, art, community development, and athletic competitions to the Riviera Nayarit, not to mention the many traditional festivities celebrated in the coastal villages.

Join us at the 6th Annual Taste of Lo De Marcos Fundraiser

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Each year this annual Fundraising Event gets more and more popular and it's time to get the party stated!

Wine Bar & Tasting Room Grand Opening in Lo de Marcos

Galvan Real Estate & Services

El Vinatero will be offering a wide selection of Premium and Super Premium wines primarily vinted in Mexico but will also offer an assortment of Premium Wines and liquors from around the globe.

Tianguis Lo de Marcos Opens for the 2018-2019 Season

Galvan Real Estate and Services

The Tianguis Lo de Marcos, set in a lovely courtyard, provides a comfortable outdoor shopping experience with many unique vendors and lots of fun!

How You Can Help Migrant Children at the US-Mexico Border

People Human Interest

The latest US border-control policy has resulted in numerous immigrant parents being separated from their children at the border. Check out these heartbreaking photos of these migrant children and learn how you can help.

Tianguis Lo de Marcos Ready to Launch its Fourth Season of Saturday Markets

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Held each Saturday, November 4th to March 31st from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm, this weekly event expects to continue its growth and history of drawing visitors from around the Banderas Bay.

Galvan Real Estate Tropical Tidbits from South of the Border

Galvan Real Estate and Services

During the month of August, there are not as many clients in town so we take this as our opportunity to get out visiting all of the properties that we manage and those that we represent for Rental and for Sale.

Tropical Tidbits from Galvan Real Estate Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta

Galvan Real Estate and Services

This month we will start to see those Tropical rainstorms that we wait for all year long. There is nothing in the world that compares to the beauty and force of a rainstorm in the Tropics.

Galvan Real Estate: A Business Powered by the Talented People of Lo de Marcos

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Lo de Marcos is undoubtedly a small paradise disguised as a town, and it is this quaint yet appealing allure that helped us to make the decision to form our company here that much more simple.

Lots of Lots for Sale in Riviera Nayarit

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We have land for sale. Small, Medium and Large. What ever it is you want in the way of a piece of paradise… we probably have what you are looking for.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, Cooking Classes, Charity Bingo, Dinner Theater, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Taste of Lo De Marcos Social Event of the Season Rescheduled

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Due to an untimely February storm the Taste of Lo De Marcos has been set for the new date of Sunday, March 12th. Just like the Phoenix, the event regrouped, reorganized and is ready to take flight! So please come and join in the fun.

Taste of Lo De Marcos: Social Event of the Season

Galvan Real Estate and Services

In addition to the music, the event features food from restaurants located in the Pueblo of Lo De Marcos with meals and snacks ranging from casual to Five Star Dining and several Artisanal Booths with unique handcrafted items for purchase.

What is the Meaning of 'Posada' in Mexico?

Galvan Real Estate and Services

As we are in the holiday season, you might hear the word "Posada." Many people in Mexico are all too familiar with this term, but for our visitors many do not know exactly what this word means or what it entails.

The 3rd Season Opens with Flair at the Tianguis in Lo De Marcos

Galvan Real Estate and Services

It is recommended that you visit the Tianguis early during your stay because you will want to return again and again to explore this unique shopping venue just 15 minutes North of Sayulita in Riviera Nayarit.

Lots of Excitement Planned for Opening Day at the Tianguis in Lo De Marcos

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Returning to Lo De Marcos in Riviera Nayarit for its Third Season, Tianguis Lo De Marcos will feature the works of over 50 talented Artisans including growers of Organic Produce, Baked Goods and Priobiotic Foods.

What It's Like To Live in the Little Seaside Village of Lo de Marcos

Best Places in the World to Retire

Lo de Marcos is a small place. From our rental home, we were able to walk to the town square in a little more than five minutes, and to the beach in about three minutes.

Tianguis Lo De Marcos 2016-2017 Season Update

Galvan Real Estate and Services

The Tianguis Lo De Marcos is set in a lovely courtyard which provides a comfortable outdoor shopping experience with many unique vendors and lots of fun!

Galvan Real Estate and Services August Update on Riviera Nayarit

Galvan Real Estate and Services

During the month of August there are not as many clients in town so we take this as our chance to get out to visit all of the properties that we manage and those that we represent for Rental and for Sale.

Villa Rentals: A Great Alternative to All Inclusive - and Less Expensive

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Our Director of Fun and Good Times made a major announcement today in our office and as a friend of Galvan Real Estate and Services we wanted you to be among the first to hear

Rotary International Grant for Sustainability and Bird Conservation

San Pancho Bird Observatory

This grant allowed the implementation of a project focused on bird conservation and sustainable community development that reached over 100 participants (ages 12-47) at the community centers of seven coastal communities of the southern Nayarit coast.

Real Estate Spotlight - A Home in Paradise for $105,000 USD

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Casita Estrella is a shining star. That is the best translation for this home in a secure gated community in the quiet village of Lo de Marcos, Riviera Nayarit, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Add Aguas Termales Hot Springs in Riviera Nayarit to Your Bucket List

Galvan Real Estate and Services

South of the Border in sunny Mexico there is a paradise called Riviera Nayarit. High on a mountain up a rough road is a place worth visiting. The name is Aguas Termales De Nuevo Ixtlan and simply it is a hot springs park with nature’s hot water.

The Galvan Team is Committed to Lo de Marcos

Amigos de Lo de Marcos

Lo de Marcos is a gem of the Nayarit Riviera, and Galvan Real Estate and Services is vehement on sharing that treasure with the world.

Exceptional Growth Marked End-Of-Year 2015 for Riviera Nayarit

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The percentage comparison from 2014 to 2015 is as follows: 5.7% increase in revenue, 4% increase in occupation, 9.7% increase in room nights and 12.97% increase in passengers arriving by air.

Geocaching is Catching on in Riviera Nayarit

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

The Third Annual Taste of Lo de Marcos

Galvan Real Estate and Services

The event is planned and organized by Galvan Real Estate and Services each year in order to bring more attention to the town and to enable the donations that will keep Lo de Marcos as the jewel that it is.

1 Million Steps of Gratitude for La Casa de los Ninos - El Camino de Santiago

La Casa de Los Ninos

Through we will chronicle our Pilgrimage with insights and photos. We invite you to join us as we take these 1 million steps of gratitude.

Tianguis Lo de Marcos - Looking Forward to the Season Ahead

Galvan Real Estate and Services

The Tianguis Lo de Marcos will reopen its doors for the Season on November 7. The Saturday Lo de Marcos market is set in a lovely courtyard and is a comfortable outdoor shopping experience with many unique vendors and lots of fun!

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle - Hidden Tranquility

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Two world renowned towns exist a short distance from each other, Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita. People travel from around the world to visit these two vacation destinations. Hidden between these two stars is a small gem that is beginning to shine brighter, La Cruz.

Saturday on a Riviera Nayarit Beach

Galvan Real Estate and Services

We invite you to spend Saturday on the Riviera Nayarit. There are numerous beaches to choose from. From surfing waves in Sayulita to deserted sand dunes in Lo de Marcos. There is a place for every taste.

Careyes - One of Jalisco, Mexico's Literally Undiscovered Gems

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Careyes is a lifestyle and a magical one at that. Guests are graciously welcomed and the setting offers stunning clear Azul Water, pristine beaches and impressive Architecture at every turn.

Experience the Mexico of 10 Years Ago, Today in Lo De Marcos!

Galvan Real Estate Services

You are invited to experience firsthand the up and coming beach pueblo of Lo De Marcos. Lo De Marcos offers an alternative to the noise and congestion of other nearby coastal destinations.

Tianguis Lo De Marcos Has Extended the Market Closing Date

Galvan Real Estate & Services

With over 50 Vendors selling high quality merchandise, the Tianguis Lo De Marcos is a top location to view and shop for handcrafted items at reasonable prices. Now you can shop until April 4, 2015.

The 2nd Annual Taste of Lo De Marcos

Galvan Real Estate & Services

In addition to live music, the event will feature foods from many restaurants ranging from casual to Five Star Dining and several Artisanal Booths with handcrafted items for purchase. Join us on February 22.

Opening Day a Success at Tianguis Lo De Marcos

Galvan Real Estate & Services

Held each Saturday from November 1st to March 28th from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm in the charming Pueblo of Lo De Marcos at Luis Echeverria #9, this event is not to be missed.

Excitement Planned for Opening Day of Lo De Marcos Saturday Market

Galvan Real Estate & Services

Tianguis Lo De Marcos will feature the works of over 40 talented Artisans including growers of Organic Produce, and a Food Court with a handful of select providers selling an impressive selection of food items you are not likely to find elsewhere.

New Tianguis Saturday Market in Lo De Marcos

Galvan Real Estate & Services

With a keen eye towards organic produce, unique pieces of wearable art, one of a kind jewelry designs,impressive home decor items and homemade food items, Claudia Curtis the Market Coordinator has hand selected an impressive group of Vendors.

Camp Mexico Opens in Lo De Marcos for Tents or RVs

Galvan Real Estate & Services

Camping at Camp Mexico is a quiet, country experience. Choose from 25 sites. The RV sites include electricity. The Pueblo of Lo De Marcos offers dining, shops and stores where you can find everything you need during your stay.

Lo De Marcos in Riviera Nayarit Welcomes Tianguis, aka Farmer's Market

Galvan Real Estate and Services

Imagine being able to buy such items as Home Made Cookies, Custom Made Pinatas, Hand Blown Glass, Garden Fresh Produce and more, all in Lo De Marcos, Riviera Nayarit commencing in November 2014.

Taste of Lo De Marcos in Riviera Nayarit was an Unbridled Success!

Galvan Real Estate & Services

The 4 hour event was a lot of fun for the Vendors and attendees and generated over 3000 pesos which will flow through the pueblo of Lo De Marcos and included a donation to Amigos de Lo de Marcos A.C. and La Casa de los Ninos.

'The Customer is Always Right' at Galvan Real Estate in Banderas Bay

Galvan Real Estate and Services

In the ever changing world climate the shift seems to be moving towards smaller, family oriented and balanced companies with which to do business. Customers look for and expect personalized service from trained professionals with experience.

Let's Rally for La Casa de Los Ninos to Provide Needed Materials and Supplies

La Casa de Los Ninos

"La Casa" just moved to a new location and is offering new programs and more materials and supplies are needed! Funds donated will help buy a variety of arts & crafts materials, hand tools, board games, puzzles, books, sports equipment, and needed supplies.

A Growing List of Charities Needing Assistance in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


Because of the overwhelming response from our local charities in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay about their needs for help and volunteers, we have put together a summary of how you can help.

Lo de Marcos Fiesta Fundraiser

Amigos de Lo de Marcos

This two day event will begin with the Second Annual Walk-About on Friday and the Fundraiser Fiesta on Saturday, including a silent auction, raffles, bake sale, rummage sale, cold beer and marvelous margaritas.

Upcoming Events in Jaltemba Bay

Jaltemba Bay Life

Join the fun with the upcoming Jaltemba Bay fundraisers including their International Margarita Challenge, the famous Horseshoe Tournament, Mujeres a Mujeras Fashion Show, Golf Tournament for the children and other festivities.

One Quarter of Mexico’s Minors Living Without Parents

The News

Mexico’s Census of Population and Housing estimates that about a fourth of minors under 15 don’t live with their parents.

Amparo Rius Munoz Tells Story of the Child Refugees of Mexico’s Morelia

Al Jazeera English

The Mexican city of Morelia has marked the 80th anniversary of the arrival of a group of child refugees whose story has become legend. Amparo Rius Munoz is one of the few survivors still alive to tell the tale.

Dia del Nino Is a Big Deal for Orphans in Mexico


Besides Mother’s and Father’s Day, children have a very special day too. Dia del nino, or children’s day, is an annual celebration held on April 30 throughout Mexico.

Musician Carlos Santana on Helping, Healing and the Song Inside Us All

Las Vegas Weekly

Santana sat down with the Weekly to discuss his charity work, his return to the House of Blues and motivation after more than 40 years as a world-renowned guitarist

One Humanity? Millions of Children Tortured, Smuggled, Abused, Enslaved

Inter Press Service

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary general, summarized the world future generation situation just ahead of World Humanitarian Day: “Children continue to be tortured, maimed, imprisoned, starved, sexually abused and killed in armed conflict.”

Lady Gaga Serenades Kids at Mexican Orphanage


Lady Gaga seemingly can’t pull herself away from charitable causes. She performed an emotionally-charged a capella version of her smash song “Born This Way” at a Mexican orphanage over the weekend.

Curbing Early Childhood Stunting Could Save Mexico $18.5 Billion a Year

ZME Science

Developing countries stand to lose $177 billion each year due to delays in the physical development of children. Researchers say every dollar invested in curbing stunting could yield three-dollar return once these children reach a more productive adulthood.

Mission Trip to Chiapas, Mexico Childrens' Choir


Watch 400 kids from the mountains from the Chorros Chiapas, Mexico singing for the Lord.

Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete Helping Poor Children in Mexico

Children International

Miss Universe highlights unseen poverty in her hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico and supports Children International and their efforts to help poor children.

Lawsuit to be Filed Against Mexico for Alleged Abuses Against Disabled

ABC News

Disability Rights International has announced that it will move forward in its lawsuit against the government of Mexico for "allowing egregious human rights abuses against children and adults with disabilities to continue unabated."

More Than 21 Million Mexican Children and Adolescents Live in Poverty


About 21.4 million children and adolescents, of a total of 40 million people, are currently living in poverty in Mexico and of them, 4.6 million are in extreme poverty.

Teenage Pregnancies in Mexico Considered Epidemic


Teen pregnancy has reached an epidemic level in Mexico, with about 400,000 cases each year accounting for 20 percent of pregnancies across the country, according to an expert.

'Nobel Prize for Child Advocates': World of Children Award Announces 2015 Honorees

World of Children

Five extraordinary individuals who have dramatically improved the lives of children around the world will be honored in New York City on November 5 by World of Children Award.

Standardized Adoption Law Sought by Green Party to Reduce Number of Children in Orphanages

Mexico News Daily

According to data released by the national statistics institute, Inegi, there are over 30,000 children and teenagers living in state orphanages in Mexico. And the Children’s Rights Network warns there are another 29,000 living without the care of either relatives or institutions.

Meet Sarah, an Amazing Mother from Utah Who Volunteered in Mexico


Sarah Baldwin Brown is an amazing mother from Utah who volunteered on the UBELONG program in Merida, Mexico. She worked at the caregiving project for two weeks and proved to be a proactive and loving volunteer.

Mexico City Bans Cages, Restraints on Neglected, Disabled Children

ABC News

ABC News traveled to Mexico City, Mexico, with Disability Rights International recently as the advocacy group investigated the conditions of state-funded facilities where children, some of them with disabilities, are left to grow up.

From a Broken Family in Mexico, Martin Nunez Creates a Home for Kids He Never Had

CCTV America

Ciudad Juarez is the biggest border town in Mexico. This city of 1.5 million people has been seeing a big growth in industry in recent years, but it also has had a reputation for being a center of violence and crime. Many young people consider criminal activities the only way out of poverty.

World Vision Campaign Seeks Sponsors for Mexican Boys and Girls on Children's Day

The News

This April 30, World Vision wants to offer more children the opportunity for a secure and happy environment for their development. Through the campaign, “Patrocina Una Historia 2015,” the organization is seeking 8,000 new sponsors for Mexican boys and girls.

Random Acts - Shoes and Shirts for Casa de Jesus Orphanage in Juarez, Mexico

In February, Random Acts was able to provide funding for the purchase of new shoes and shirts for the girls and boys at the Casa de Jesus orphanage in Juarez, Mexico.

Song of Thanks from the Children of Akumal, Mexico


The children of Centro Comunitario Otoch Paal sing a Mayan song of thanks to all of the people that donated diapers, wipes, school supplies and toys.

Cowboy on Charity Ride from Alaska to Mexico

Calgary Herald

Cowboy Len Crow is riding from Alaska to Mexico to raise money for orphans in Mexico, Guatemala, Cambodia, India, and the Philippines.

Casa Hogar is a Big Winner at Bisbee's Black & Blue Tourney in Cabo San Lucas

Mexico News Daily

Hurricane Odile left a huge mess after it struck Cabo San Lucas on September 14, but it wasn’t enough to prevent its richest sportsfishing tournaments from going ahead.

Thinking About a Volunteering Trip to Baja, Mexico? Check Out Corazon de Vida Foundation

NBC News

It might be time for you to plan your next vacation, but you want to do more than lie around on a beach sipping drinks. If you have wondered about volunteering abroad, it's a great way to to give back to communities who could use a helping hand.

Operating in Vacuum of Legislation, Many of Mexico's Orphanages Black Holes for Children

Inter Press Service

Homes for orphans or children in vulnerable situations in Mexico lack the necessary state regulation and supervision, which leads to scandalous human rights violations.

Claudio X. Gonzalez Guajardo on Mexico's Little Children: The Invisible Ones


The scientific evidence is conclusive: there is no better investment, in terms of human capital development, than what is done in the first stage of life.

International Day for Street Children: If the Whole World was Listening, What Would You Say?

Consortium for Street Children

This year, the fourth International Day for Street Children will take place on 12th April, providing a platform for millions of street children around the world to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored.

Despite Support Programs, 53.8% of Children Under Age of 18 Live in Poverty

La Jornada

It is estimated that 53.8 percent of Mexican children under the age of 18 years old live in poverty. 12.1 percent of these children face extreme poverty.

Violins in Baja: Couple's Mission in Mexico Combines Faith and Service

The Los Angeles Times

In 1979, Hans and Nancy Benning began working at a Mexican orphanage built by friends. Thirty-four years later, they're still going back.

Universal Children's Day Is a Global Celebration of Service to Children

The United Nations' Universal Children's Day is an occasion to promote the welfare of children and an understanding between children all over the world. It is held on November 20 each year.

World Day Against Child Labor: No to Domestic Work!

International Labour Organization

Hundreds of millions of girls and boys throughout the world are engaged in work that deprives them of adequate education, health, leisure and basic freedoms, violating their rights.

In Mexico, Some Kids Choose Life on the Street to Escape Abuse


"Dia del Nino" is a big date in the calendar of a professional clown: making people laugh is the order of the day. But for Angel, a clown working at one Mexico City's busiest traffic intersections, it's bittersweet.

UNICEF Report Reveals Shocking Cost of Malnutrition and Outlines Unprecedented Chance to Defeat It

Stunting is low height for age in children. A new report by UNICEF reveals the high prevalence of stunting in children under 5, but also outlines the tremendous opportunities that exist to make it a problem of the past.

United Nations Reports the Majority of Poor in Mexico are Children


More than 20 million children and adolescents in Mexico are estimated to live in poverty, and five million of them in extreme poverty, the United Nations Children’s Fund reported in a joint study with the Mexican Government.

REDIM: Mexico Gov't is Passive in the Face of the Increase in Violent Deaths of Its Youth

La Jornada

The executive director of the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico criticized the federal government for still not taking steps to avoid the "alarming" number of murders, suicides and other violence against minors.

As Mexico Ramps Up Against Child Abuse, NGOs Urge Supporting Small-Scale Efforts

The Christian Science Monitor

Child rights advocates are pressing Mexico to reform arcane laws and a dysfunctional system of child protection. And at least one program is offering hope for a model of care.

Watch: Mexican Children Abandoned by Families Because of Disabilities

Attitude Pictures Ltd

Abandoned by their families because of their disabilities; Attitude TV goes to Mexico, where they discover why so many children are institutionalized.

Documentary 'When Home is the Street' Chronicles Hardships of Homeless Youth


Reintegrating street children and youth into society requires deep and consistent love and compassion, both to help them escape poverty and to allow them to let go of feelings that they are unloved and unwanted. A new film documents this delicate transformation.

Nonprofits: Steal This Film From Tiffany Shlain For Your Own Purposes


Tiffany Shlain is turning into a fairy godmother for nonprofits in need of new ways to get out their messages. Her latest film, Brain Power, could help childhood development-related nonprofits solicit donations, volunteers, and anything else they might need.

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