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At the institution of social assistance for our visually impaired members of Puerto Vallarta, Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahia, we are working daily and with our volunteers on a timely work plan aimed at fulfilling our mission.

Our actions include the computer workshop with students of various levels, the Braille workshop with two levels to learn, the course of mobility and daily life, our adapted sport called "Goal Ball", the formation of our musical group and the implementation of music and English classes.

The project Agora aims to provide training for people with visual disabilities and offering them work in an enterprise as receptionists, reservations service, masseurs or musicians.

Patricia Garcia, Administrative Director of Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahia, announced at a press conference the details of the campaign "I know my eyes".

"With this campaign, we are asked to continue our support with simple actions and in kind. We need families or companies with computing skills or equipment to join our efforts."

Our teachers, Alejandro Castillo and Pearl Martínez, are responsible for carrying out knowledge to all persons who come to the institution in its different specialties and today, we ask for your financial support and/or in-kind, in helping our visually impaired citizens to live better and more productive lives.

The continued growth of our institution has continued with our professionalization process and wanting to achieve the recognition of society and the authorities, as suggested by the State of Jalisco, in receiving the recognition of the Jalisco Institute of Social Welfare (IJAS) and the associated resources provided by the institution.

The economic support by the Eagles Wings Foundation and the Vallarta DIF System speaks of the seriousness of our organization.

It is known that there are at least 500 people with visual impairment in Puerto Vallarta and only 30 are within the institution.

The support they receive is free of charge, but we need your support and equipment to continue our work.

Support from our society will help people with visual disabilities to maintain and improve their lives and obtain dignified work.

How You Can Help Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahia

To continue our work with the visually impaired, our organization is in need of the following equipment:

• Toilet paper
• Windex
• Kleenex
• Paper towels
• Bleach
• Liquid soap
• Mops
• Brooms
• Cleaning cloth rags
• USB memory sticks
• Bond paper sheets
• Punches    
• Mugs    
• Dish Set
• Glasses
• Children's school supplies
• White paint
• Three office chairs
• Desk
• Filing cabinet
• Braille paper
• Computer cleaner
• Computer covers
• Blank CDs

The dishes, mugs and glasses are used for the workshops and daily activities.

Bond paper, rulers and punches are used to teach Braille.

Memory sticks and blank CDs are used for the computer classes.

Last updated: February 22, 2020 · Charity ID: 415

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