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Families at the Dump

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

A tribute to all the amazing FAD volunteers who are truly making a difference. (Families at the Dump)

The Families at the Dump mission was formed with the objective: "to provide physical, educational, medical, spiritual and emotional support to the families living in the landfill or garbage dump in Puerto Vallarta or surrounding areas."

In 2006, the mission discovered that whole families were living and working in the city dump overlooking the resort of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.  They knew of no other way of life as some families had been living there for many generations.  Their children were not registered and were not able to obtain birth certificates as they had no official address, so the children could not go to school.  Their futures were bleak.

The mission project started by bringing water, food and clothing. The mission named the road at the base of the dump "Hope Road", assigned each home an address and got the children registered so they could go to school.  Today, all of our "Families of Hope" no longer live in the dump itself!

Thanks to the generous sponsorship and donations from our supporters, the children attend daycare, preschool and public school, learn computers and English and through our homework assistance program our first two high school graduates have entered university.  Regular medical treatment is provided. Soccer teams were organized and participation is enthusiastic.

While many adults have continued to work in the city garbage dump as registered self-employed "recyclers", microloans to start up businesses are being made available to those wanting to expand their horizons. Several of the women have started up their own businesses and are doing well.

About Families at the Dump

In 2006, the mission discovered that whole families were living and working in the city dump overlooking the resort of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico.  They knew of no other way of life as some families had been living there for many generations.  Their children were not registered and were not able to obtain birth certificates as they had no official address, so the children could not go to school.  Their futures were bleak.

In 2006, a mission statement was developed together with the developer of Paradise Village Resort, and with input from many visitors and tourists in Puerto Vallarta.

In the mission statement, it stated: "to provide physical, educational, medical, spiritual and emotional support to the families living in the landfill or garbage dump in Puerto Vallarta or surrounding areas."

At the start of this mission, water and food were delivered weekly to the families that work in the garbage dump.  Breakfast was given to the children that live at the base of the dump as well.

As the mission started to develop relationships with the families, it became apparent that the families wanted their children educated so they no longer have to be dependent on working at the dump throughout their lives.

The mission moved forward in 2007 to meet with these families to collect data on the number of families that are within the mission and to identify the number of children not attending school.

The mission met with the directors in the public school system to find ways of getting the children into the school system, and the directors agreed to work with the mission to ensure that every child had an opportunity to receive education.

The mission named the road at the base of the dump "Hope Road" and numbered each shanty to create an address for each of the children so they could register for their birth certificates.

The mission then introduced the school sponsorship program. In August of 2007, thirty children were sponsored into the public school system and started school, many for the first time.

In 2008 the mission moved forward to provide nutritious breakfasts for 90-100 children every morning along Hope Road. Also, at the community center, a lunch program was introduced to provide nutritious lunches for the children attending school.

The mission delivered 175-200 Dispensa bags that consist of much needed food items every Friday. This Food Bag consists of beans, rice, potatoes, tuna, and a variety of other items which were changed regularly for variety. The mission also delivered sandwiches, fruit and water to all recyclers and their families on Wednesday mornings.  The mission also distributed bottled water to all recyclers 5 days a week.

The mission project distributed donated clothing, shoes, and school supplies to the registered recyclers’ families and families from the surrounding communities.

The mission established a Daycare Center which provided a safe place for the mothers to leave their children when they went to go work in the recycling center. The Daycare Center provided training to the mothers in caring for their children and to develop their work skills.  Volunteers willingly contributed to supervise the children and train the mothers.

The mission works directly with 225 registered recyclers and their families who live at the base of the city dump and in the village of Majesterio. The mission developed strong personal relationships with the registered recyclers and their families as well as with the committee governing the registered recyclers. This committee was also instrumental in helping the mission provide programs and services. Their input was essential so that we respected the traditional and cultural differences of their people.These relationships provided the mission with an intimate and unique insight to assist the families and recyclers at the city dump. Home visits and family assessments were an integral part of this program.

In 2009 the governing committee for the registered recyclers has been the driving force in making changes with the Committee of Registered RecyclersMexican government to create a better and safer working environment for all the recyclers and their families. This committee has been instrumental in removing the children under the age of 14 from working at the city dump. Only children 14yrs and older attending school can work in the dump. The mission continues to work and advocate with this governing committee to create a better living environment for all the registered recyclers and their families.

In 2009 a new government was elected and came into power in July in the city of Puerto Vallarta and the mission continued to work with this new government to advocate for the families to create a safe working environment and also for them to get better pay for the recycleable materials that they collect at the city dump.

The mission also established a communications system with the regional hospital together with the community health programming to arrange for vaccinations for all children and also tetanus shots for all the recyclers. This working relationship with the local health program has been very beneficial for the families as we have seen by the changes in the children's health.

Also in 2009, the Preschool program was introduced to prepare the three-year olds for attending kindergarten.  The English and Computer classes for the children and adults were established.

In 2009 the mission established a theme called "Education Heroes" to push forward the importance of education for children and adults.  250 children found sponsors and enrolled in the public school system.  Many of these children moved on from primary to secondary school levels.  Some of these students have now completed secondary school and moved into university now.

The medical program was introduced with local doctors that visited the community center on a weekly basis.  The physicians were alternating between a pediatrician and a general practicioner for the adults.  Visiting optometrists also come and do eye tests. The mission has a working relationship with the medical clinic to do all the laboratory work for medical and diagnostic testing. The mission can directly refer people that need x-rays or other emergency medical care.

The mission also introduced evening programs.  Three evenings a week, the center was opened and activities were provided for the children.  This included the formation of soccer teams and tournaments were organized for them at the beach of Paradise Village Resort.  Music and Dancing lessons were also organized to teach them their local cultural tradition music and dances.

In 2010 the mission is moving in a different direction, as many of the families are becoming semi self-sufficient.  A lot more emphasis will be placed on education for both children and adults.  To assist the adults in finding alternative work, some adults have already been enrolled in job training programs. Through the micro-loans program, many of the families are starting to generate income by means of home-based businesses.

The establishment of a Food Bank has also changed how the mission provides assistance to the families as the recyclers or their families can come to the centre of their own free will and on their own schedule to pick up food as necessary.

We have introduced a co-op store where the mission buys articles to resell to the families at cost to teach them to manage their own money.  Our Food Bank dispenses basic nutritious necessities for sustenance, whereas most of the articles in the store are non-essentials, such as cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, sweet treats which encourages them to make their own money in order to afford these extras.

The mission has also introduced incentives for the children and parents that excellent attendance and performance in the public school system.  A scholarship fund has been established for secondary school and university students.

This allows the mission to move the families towards total self-sufficiency and independence in the future and also to prepare them to move into the new housing development that is currently in the final planning stages.  The families are now living at the base of the dump along Hope Road, no longer in the dump itself, but we still have more work to do so that they have clean, modern, sanitary homes to live in.

Volunteering With Families at the Dump

We consist of a core group of dedicated volunteers, assisting the families dependent on the Puerto Vallarta City Dump. We are not receiving compensation of any kind. Some costs are incurred for translation and education. Although administration costs continue to rise, we will strive to maintain an acceptable percentage in this area.

If you would like to visit the site, please contact us.

While visiting, you can assist with the breakfast program for the children living at the base of the PV city dump and assist in distributing bottled water to the recyclers while they are working. You can visit our center and see and hear about our programs for the next season!

Space is limited to 10 visitors in the van, please contact us to make sure you can come out to visit.

We are currently assessing and developing our programs for the upcoming seasons. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

If you are planning to be in Vallarta for an extended length of time and would like to volunteer, please contact us.

We can meet with you, discuss your interests, the opportunities we may have and find a fit for you. Personality, talents, interests, motivation and availability will all be taken into consideration. Spanish is an asset, however not a necessity. Transportation is available by local bus to the mission site.

How You Can Help Families at the Dump

Our mission is funded solely by the generous donations of individuals and businesses. Without your support the mission would be unable to fund these programs. Without our help, the children and young adults would never have the opportunity to pursue their education and their dreams.

Please consider donating today.  You can designate your donation amount to a specific program, for a scholarship, school sponsorsip, or the mission will designate donated funds to where the greatest need is currently.

Please visit our website to make a donation.

Wish list:

To assist one child with school supplies you could bring a backpack with
• 6 lined notebooks
• package of pencils
• package of blue/red/black pens
• ruler
• erasers
• scissors
• sharpener
• pencil case
• geometry set
• calculator
• Spanish dictionary
• pencil crayons
• whiteout
• colored markers
• construction paper.
• white polo shirt (kid's size small, medium or large)
• tennis shoes, size 12, 13, 1, 2, or 3 (boys or girls)

To assist recyclers working in the dump you could bring
• bandanas
• baseball caps
• adult runners
• headlamps (found in Canada in Dollarama)

To assist the activity room you could bring
• beads
• craft supplies
• white glue
• paints
• playdough
• coloring books
• tissue paper

To assist the food service room you could bring
• plastic cups
• plates
• bowls
• forks
• spoons

To assist the daycare room you could bring
• age appropriate toys (1 yr – 5 yrs)
• diapers
• baby bottles
• bottle brushes
• diaper rash cream
• baby oil
• q-tips
• baby shampoo
• baby food
• powdered milk (Nido, NAN 1, NAN 2,)

To assist the computer/english programs you could bring
• lined notebooks
• pencils
• pens
• learning games for the computer
• computers
• small items to use for incentives/motivation/reward

Last updated: June 24, 2019 · Charity ID: 516

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Help Support 'Shoe that Grows' for Kids in Vallarta

Children's Shelter of Hope Foundation

Micaela’s latest dream is to raise money and purchase 50 pairs of these shoes for children living in the vicinity of New Beginnings/Sendero (near the old dump), and to bring them to Puerto Vallarta via family and friends when she visits in February.

December Headliner Events to End the Year 2016 in Riviera Nayarit

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The December events include the 4th Taste of Nuevo Vallarta and the 16th Chili Cook-Off, the 2nd Gran Fondo Riviera Nayarit, the XXIII Baja Ha-Ha / 5th Sailors’ Splash, the 27th Anniversary of the Bahia de Banderas, the V World Beach Polo Cup, the 11th Sinergiarte Festival and the Pee Wee League.

'Sewing Seeds' Graduates Third Class of Students

Sewing Seeds

Volcanes Sewing School and Volcanes Sewing Workshop are equal opportunity employers, we are inclusive to gender and age equality and welcome anyone who wants to learn how to sew and work in our workshop.

Puerto Vallarta June Newsletter from American Legion Post 14

American Legion Post 14

Greetings from sunny and warm Puerto Vallarta. Please enjoy the latest newsletter from American Legion Post 14. Feel free to pass this newsletter along to friends, relatives, and other Vets.

Small-Town American Physician and Company Bring Patient Care to Vallarta's Poorest

Advocate Tribune

After a few trips to Puerto Vallarta, Dr. Carter and his wife Hazel wanted to find a way to help while they were in Mexico. Hazel came across an organization that was working to help the people in one of the poorest areas of Puerto Vallarta.

American Legion Post 14 Vallarta April Newsletter

American Legion Post 14

This is the first of a series of Newsletters I hope to publish on a fairly regular basis over the next few months. The purpose of these Newsletters is to inform, encourage, and entertain. All suggestions are welcome.

Solidarity Foundation Helps the Puerto Vallarta Families at the Dump

Drake University Newsroom

For those families who live near the city dump in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, even the most humble of these goals have traditionally been out of reach.

Appnovation Partners with the Isa Mundo Foundation in Puerto Vallarta

PR Web

Volcanes is a low-income neighbourhood situated in the mountains about 30 minutes away from downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The school is not equipped with computers and teachers struggle with large class sizes.

PV's Sister City Santa Barbara Seeks Funding for Volcanes Sewing School

Santa Barbara/PV Sister City

This program prepares us to apply for the community of Volcanes Sewing Business Building 3x1 Project in Puerto Vallarta for low income mothers so that they can acquire employment skills, earn wages and help their children to remain in school.

The Great Chili Cook-Off and Taste of Nuevo Vallarta Fundraiser

Vallarta Yacht Club

The Chili Cook-off is an invitation for commercial and non-commercial teams (including non-profit organizations) as well as local restaurants to challenge each other to create the most popular chili.

Retired Priest's Efforts Raise Nearly $100,000 for Vallarta's Poor

Mexico News Daily

An education program in a poor neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta has come a long way in five years, largely because of the tireless fundraising efforts of one man.

Cool Events in Riviera Nayarit to Celebrate the Year's End

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

These include the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Chili Cook Off & Taste of Nuevo Vallarta, the Anniversary of Banderas Bay, the Sinergiarte Festival in San Pancho and the Baja Ha-Ha/Sailors’ Splash.

Canadian Priest Looks for Support to Help Puerto Vallarta Students

The Guardian

Arsenault has been travelling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - part vacation, part philanthropy - since 2010, bringing with him donations to help support the students at Volcanes School in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Sewing Seeds Opens School for Families at the Dump

Vallarta Today

Sewing Seeds provides sewing machines for the school, plus materials, along with the training. When the three classes are complete, the sewing machines are left to teach many more students for years to come.

Toys for Tots & Families at the Dump Benefit Big Time from Nuevo Vallarta Fundraiser

Vallarta Yacht Club

Families at the Dump and the Navy League's Toys for Tots programs each received a check for 33,790.00 pesos as a result of the 2nd annual "Taste of Nuevo / 14th annual Cruisers Chili Cook-off."

Project in Mexico Benefits Impoverished Puerto Vallarta School

Hays Post

That first year, faculty members from FHSU, with local parents and the colonia council, cleaned and painted the old building, installed electricity and lighting, and the after-school program began.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Fundraisers, Open House at American School, Vallarta-Nayarit Classic Rock Festival, Sailors Splash, Children of the Dump and Chamber Orchestra Concerts, Farmers Markets every day, and so much more.

Support an Angel: Give a Child a Future in Puerto Vallarta

Gay PV

Come and enjoy the bilingual Christmas show and purchase your own angel to help support these wonderful children during Christmas time! Free concerts on December 5, 6 and 13 in Old Town Vallarta.

International Friendship Club Home Tours Support Cleft Palate Surgery Program

International Friendship Club

Enjoy the beauty of Puerto Vallarta by touring some of its most architecturally interesting homes. Our Home Tours showcase four unique homes each week ranging from small, traditional style casas to multi-million dollar beachfront condos and villas.

Fort Hays Students Launch Campaign to Support Primary School in Puerto Vallarta

Fort Hayes State University

The Volcanes Community Education Project is a non-government funded English and computer program free of charge for students in the community of Volcanes in Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico also known as Families at the Dump.

2nd Annual Taste of Nuevo Vallarta & 14th Annual Chili Cook-off

Vallarta Yacht Club

On December 6, from 4:00 - 8:00 pm, the Marina Nuevo Vallarta malecon will be the location of the 2nd year of this great event. Net proceeds will all go to charity, evenly split between Families at the Dump and the Navy League.

Vallarta Yacht Club Awards Dee Cokerham with Jim Ketler Service Award

Vallarta Yacht Club

This award is given annually to the person that has displayed active and positive support for the mission and goals endorsed by the Vallarta Yacht Club to benefit the greater Banderas Bay Community.

Amazing Grace Church Celebrates Third Season

Amazing Grace Christian Church

Our big news concerns the authorization we received in January from the Mexican government to form a legal not-for-profit foundation. AGM is the entity that will now provide the physical support to the families located in Colonia Majisterio and Bosques de Progreso.

World Housing Launches One-for-One Real Estate Gifting Model at Vallarta Dump

Yahoo Finance

Currently, World Housing is involved in three landfill communities based outside Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Manila, Philippines; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. As World Housing grows, the goal is to expand its areas of influence to include other communities.

Jazz Singer Armi Grano Headlines Families at the Dump Fundraiser

Vallarta Yacht Club

Join us at the Vallarta Yacht Club on February 3 for the dinner show concert featuring famed jazz vocalist Armi Grano to benefit Puerto Vallarta's Families at the Dump. Armi is one of the finest jazz singers on the contemporary jazz music scene today.

Vallarta Yacht Club Chili Cook-Off & Taste of Nuevo a Huge Success

Vallarta Yacht Club

Chefs from 30 restaurants joined forces with chili-cooking locals to offer 400 hungry visitors samples of dishes ranging from ceviche to grilled beef to chicken mole to waffles a la mode and much more. Plus, of course, chili!

Winnipeg Family to Spend Their Winter Holiday Helping PV's Children

Winnipeg Free Press

The Liscum's trip to Mexico in January is more than a Winter holiday. They will travel to the Puerto Vallarta area to help out people much less fortunate in creating better futures for the children.

Vallarta Yacht Club Christmas Open House

Vallarta Yacht Club

Please join us for a great holiday party on Monday, December 2 at the Vallarta Yacht Club. Bring your favorite holiday appetizer or dessert to share, enjoy some eggnog and help decorate our Christmas tree.

Vallarta Yacht Club Announces Chili Cook-Off and Taste of Nuevo Vallarta

Vallarta Yacht Club

The Marina Nuevo Vallarta malecon will be the site of the first ever Taste of Nuevo Vallarta and 13th Annual Chili Cook-off, hosted by the Vallarta Yacht Club. It will be held on Saturday, December 7, with proceeds going to local charities.

Retired Priest Collecting Donations for Dump Kids' Education Program in Vallarta

Journal Pioneer

Father Eloi Arsenault floored everyone in the room when he returned to the community of Puerto Vallarta this year and reported that he’d actually managed to raise more than $11,000, thanks to the kindness of Islanders.

A Growing List of Charities Needing Assistance in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


Because of the overwhelming response from our local charities in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay about their needs for help and volunteers, we have put together a summary of how you can help.

Clean Out Your Closets for the Shoe & Clothing Drive Benefiting Families at the Dump

Vallarta Yacht Club

The Vallarta Yacht Club is holding their annual Shoe & Clothing Drive from May 15 - 22, so it's Spring Cleaning for a great cause! Bring your bags of used articles for all ages and all sizes to VYC and help make a difference in the lives of our Families at the Dump.

Nayarit and Tamaulipas States Sign Accord of Inclusive Social Policy


The Governor of Nayarit said that in the first stage, the National Crusade Against Hunger (Sin Hambre) will serve 15,000 people in the municipality of El Nayar, mostly belonging to the indigenous peoples of Cora and Huichol, with concentrations of greater social deficits.

Another Season at the Puerto Vallarta Garbage Dump

PVM City Paper

For the seventh consecutive year, a group of concerned tourists, Amigos del Magisterio, have organized a food drive to help this community. This year over 140,000 pesos were raised (about $11,500 USD). You can help!

DIF Vallarta Delivers Winter Clothing to Low-Income Families

Puerto Vallarta Government

With the arrival of the winter season in the hills and valleys of Puerto Vallarta, DIF, System for the Full Development of the Family, comes to the aid of the needy families in supplying them with warm clothing.

Hungry Kids in Puerto Vallarta Served up Hot Dogs and Hope

PVM City Paper

Every Wednesday and Friday, Will Horton loads his Dodge minivan with other volunteers (you can sign up at the PCC, or at Paradise Church on Sundays) and heads to Ley's or Sam's Club to buy enough food to cook and feed up to 150 hungry kids!

Vallarta Yacht Club's Toy Drive for Families at the Dump Continues

Vallarta Yacht Club

The Vallarta Yacht Club's annual toy drive to benefit the kids of Families at the Dump continues through December 23. Our Goal is to make sure that each of the 400 registered kids in this program receives a toy this Christmas.

La Luna Christmas Market in Old Town Vallarta

La Luna PV

This Holiday season, Chef Miriam Flores has something in mind for Christmas shoppers other than the mad scrambling to find the latest iPod, iPad or iPhone. The market will feature items that you can't find at big chain stores. These items don't require apps, upgrades or operating systems.

Provecho Vallarta: A Deck of a Deal!

Visit Puerto Vallarta

Provecho Vallarta is an incredibly fun, deliciously compact way to discover the best that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. A deck of cards - like playing cards. Each of the 52+ cards feature an incredible business and is also a 100 peso gift certificate.

Join the Vallarta Yacht Club Toy Drive for Families at the Dump

Vallarta Yacht Club

Put a smile on a child's face by bringing your toys to the Vallarta Yacht Club beginning on December 1, 2012, and continuing daily through December 23. An extra item in your shopping cart can help make this Christmas a memorable one.

Vancouver Firm to Shoot Family Portraits for Vallarta's Families at the Dump

North Shore News

As part of their trip, the team from Brandfx plans to make use of their skill set and shoot portraits for approximately 75 Puerto Vallarta families involved with Families of Esperanza, printing and framing them for their subjects to take home.

Canadian Raising Funds for the Children of Vallarta

Journal Pioneer

The joy he saw on the faces of Mexican children last Christmas was more than enough reward for Fr. Eloi Arsenault, an Egmont Bay resident who is raising money for the Volcanes Community Education Project in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Fall Cleaning: Our Local Banderas Bay Charities Count On It


Now that the weather is getting cooler, go through your closets, empty the storage building and clean out the garage. Everyone knows there are things you have stashed that you are never going to use. Pull it out and pass it on to someone that can do good with it.

VYC Clothing Drive for Families at the Dump

Vallarta Yacht Club

Time to clean out your closets and help some folks. Vallarta Yacht Club is holding a 2 week drive beginning on May 15, collecting used clothing, especially shoes, for Families at the Dump.

8th International Altruism Festival

CasaMagna Marriott Resort & Spa

CasaMagna Marriott Resort & Spa is once again the proud sponsor of the 8th International Altruism Festival in Puerto Vallarta. This gastronomic and cultural event creates awareness among the population to support those who need it the most.

January News from Families at the Dump

Families of Esperanza

As we enter the next 4 to 5 years of the mission, you will see more focus on Education and Life Skills. Preparing the families who will enter this unprecedented project will be a priority over the next year.

Dia del Nino Is a Big Deal for Orphans in Mexico


Besides Mother’s and Father’s Day, children have a very special day too. Dia del nino, or children’s day, is an annual celebration held on April 30 throughout Mexico.

Musician Carlos Santana on Helping, Healing and the Song Inside Us All

Las Vegas Weekly

Santana sat down with the Weekly to discuss his charity work, his return to the House of Blues and motivation after more than 40 years as a world-renowned guitarist

One Humanity? Millions of Children Tortured, Smuggled, Abused, Enslaved

Inter Press Service

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary general, summarized the world future generation situation just ahead of World Humanitarian Day: “Children continue to be tortured, maimed, imprisoned, starved, sexually abused and killed in armed conflict.”

Poll Ranks Family as No. 1 for Most Young Mexicans

Mexico News Daily

The family has long been a cherished institution in Mexican society and a poll of young people aged 12-29 indicates that it will remain so for some time to come.

Curbing Early Childhood Stunting Could Save Mexico $18.5 Billion a Year

ZME Science

Developing countries stand to lose $177 billion each year due to delays in the physical development of children. Researchers say every dollar invested in curbing stunting could yield three-dollar return once these children reach a more productive adulthood.

Mission Trip to Chiapas, Mexico Childrens' Choir


Watch 400 kids from the mountains from the Chorros Chiapas, Mexico singing for the Lord.

More Than 21 Million Mexican Children and Adolescents Live in Poverty


About 21.4 million children and adolescents, of a total of 40 million people, are currently living in poverty in Mexico and of them, 4.6 million are in extreme poverty.

Latin American and Caribbean Nations Join Efforts at Mexico Conference to Eradicate Hunger


Delegations from Latin America and the Caribbean have arrived in Mexico City to attend the 34th regional conference of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

John Irving Tells the Story of a Mexican 'Dump Kid' Who Learns to Read

Off The Shelf

Novelist John Irving, author 'A Prayer for Owen Meany' and 'The World According to Garp', discusses Juan Diego, the lead character in 'Avenue of Mysteries' who is a self-taught reader raised in one of Mexico’s dumps.

National Aid Programs Guarantee Food for 4.5 Million Needy Mexicans

Agencia EFE

Some 4.5 million Mexicans living in poverty benefit from government programs that put food on their tables, President Enrique Peña Nieto said while leading a World Food Day ceremony.

More Than Half of Mexican Children Live in Extreme Poverty Conditions: Unicef

El Universal

More than half of the 40 million children and teenagers who live in Mexico are under poverty and some 4.7 million of them are under extreme poverty conditions, according to Unicef, that urged the authorities to make indigenous children a priority.

Living Water Restores Dignity for Community at Oaxaca Garbage Dump

Mission Network News

Extreme poverty forces Dionila Pasos, a single mother of seven, to live and work in a garbage dump near Oaxaca, Mexico. But today, Dionila and her kids have safe, clean water pumped right into their home, thanks to Living Water International.

86,402 Seconds in Mexico Changed an Impoverished Community for a Lifetime


International philanthropist Mallory Brown and NFL player Mike Martin traveled to Mexico and changed one community's future with a 24 hour Crowdrise fundraiser.

UN Recognizes Mexico for 'Notable Progress in the Fight Against Hunger'

The News

Mexico and 12 other countries were awarded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for their advances against hunger, after achieving the international objectives before the 2015 deadline.

Seventy Percent of Mexicans in Oaxaca State Suffering from Chronic Malnutrition

Al Jazeera

President Enrique Pena Nieto declared a national campaign to end hunger shortly after taking office one year ago. His country has one of the highest rates of poverty and malnutrition in the world.

Las Patronas: Nearly 2 Decades Helping Migrants Make Their Way Through Mexico

BBC News

Nineteen years ago, the Romero Vazquez sisters were standing at the side of the railway tracks with their grocery bags, waiting to cross. Little did they know that the approaching train would change their lives.

World Hunger Day Marked as Millions Survive on Less than $1.50 a Day

The Voice of Russia

Millions of people around the world survive on a income equivalent to less than $1.50 a day and there are an estimated 800 million people who are undernourished. World Hunger Day was launched by the charity The Hunger Project to mark progress towards ending hunger and poverty.

Here's What Happens to Kids When They Get to Eat Before School Every Day


If you feed kids breakfast before school, they have a much better chance of doing well for their entire lives.

Despite Support Programs, 53.8% of Children Under Age of 18 Live in Poverty

La Jornada

It is estimated that 53.8 percent of Mexican children under the age of 18 years old live in poverty. 12.1 percent of these children face extreme poverty.

If You Had to Live in a Mexican Dump, Wouldn't You Try to Flee, Too?

Diocese of Salt Lake City

The Nogales, Mexico, dump is not only a workplace, it is home for more than 100 people who live in shacks cobbled together from the garbage that surrounds them. It is a neighborhood with men, women, children, grandmothers all working the same job – sorting garbage for materials to sell.

It is Possible to Eliminate Mexico's Hunger, Says Enrique Pena Nieto

Presidency of the Republic

After stating that, “We must all ensure that Mexico is a country without hunger,” President Enrique Pena Nieto confirmed that it is possible to end the hunger that unfortunately afflicts millions of Mexicans.

UNICEF Report Reveals Shocking Cost of Malnutrition and Outlines Unprecedented Chance to Defeat It

Stunting is low height for age in children. A new report by UNICEF reveals the high prevalence of stunting in children under 5, but also outlines the tremendous opportunities that exist to make it a problem of the past.

Government Considers Enlisting Troops in Mexico's Fight Against Hunger

Inter Press Service

The Mexican government is considering using the armed forces to collect socioeconomic data from the low-income households that will benefit from the National Crusade Against Hunger.

Eric Odell's 'The Road to Juan's House'

New Age Marketing 101 TV

The Road to Juan's House is the story of Juan Boca Negra who lives in a shack village on the outskirts of a Mexico City dump with his brothers and sisters. It is a story of hope as he receives education so that one day he can leave his shack in the garbage dump for a better life.

United Nations Reports the Majority of Poor in Mexico are Children


More than 20 million children and adolescents in Mexico are estimated to live in poverty, and five million of them in extreme poverty, the United Nations Children’s Fund reported in a joint study with the Mexican Government.

Organizations Fighting Food Waste

Statistics from the Natural Resources Defense Council state that 40 percent of the food in the U.S. goes uneaten. There are several organizations joining the fight to maximize these resources instead of just dumping them in the garbage.

We invite you to add your charity or supporting organizations' news stories and coming events to PVAngels so we can share them with the world. Do it now!

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Feeding Mexico is a unique blend of community awareness through the posting of local news and events, formal introductions to the charities and their needs, online fundraising, social networking and giving back. Ready to change the world? Join us.

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