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Our primary purpose is to support the needs of children and families living in the Bay of Banderas (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) area through direct cash grants and donations of needed equipment or items.

Beyond seeking funds and donations for basic needs and projects identified by our Board of Directors, this corporation will be concerned with potential future needs such as funding for...

•  Medical and dental check-ups and emergencies

•  Specialized medical treatment

•  Improved hygiene

•  Educational needs including, but not limited to, classrooms, equipment including computers, and hiring trained personnel and tutors to assist with homework, computer skills and/or English instruction

•  Future building expansions

•  Placement of teenagers in safe environments

•  Scholarships to support children with tuition, transportation and associated costs to attend schools that will provide for a better future - such as a private school, secondary and preparatory schools, trade schools or vocational training.

The Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation is a small, compassionate, “grassroots” organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children living in the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico. We’re truly grateful to have earned the trust of our donors and to know that as a team we’re making a difference.

Donate today so we can promise these children a brighter tomorrow!

Childrens Shelter of Hope Foundation Projects

The past several years have been difficult times for Mexico with the struggles from worldwide economic concerns, the dramatic drop in the exchange rate of the peso, constant reports of violence, major drops in home sales and rentals, a slower high season marked by less tourists coming and less money being spent, and the Swine Flu epidemic (which thankfully has not been found anywhere in the Puerto Vallarta area, but has created LOTS of concern).

However, I am happy to report that the children at the Refugio and Pasitos continue to be healthy, happy, and a major delight in our life here. Life goes on and we MUST stay focused on planning for the needs to make their future as bright and productive as possible. All of this takes the help of many volunteers here in PV, but also YOUR help and donations as well.

Our Foundation continues to play a major part in financial support for the Refugio and Pasitos de Luz.  For several years now we have concentrated mainly on raising funds to cover basic needs, staff salaries, utilities, food and medical bills - the basic bones which allow these special places to operate and offer excellent care to the children.

We currently donate $4,500 US per month to the Refugio. In addition, we have paid for private school tuition for those most in need, school uniforms, shoes, and electricity; provided funds for several medical issues; been instrumental in getting the playground equipment at the Refugio repaired; furnished supplies for the toddler stimulation center; participated actively in the fundraising events; sponsored and arranged several different outings for the children; and coordinated visits for MANY people wishing to help or volunteer.

At Pasitos de Luz, we provide $2,000 US each month which is used to pay staff members who care for these special needs children and also for food and cleaning supplies.  We also sponsor fundraising events.

In addition, again co-sponsored dental clinics with the LDS Dental Society to provide free services at the Refugio, Transition Home, Casa Hogar, and for lots of children living in the communities of Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca.

With the help of the Punta de Mita Foundation, we have renewed the restrooms in the six elementary schools of La Cruz and Punta de Mita. We have also hired a janitor to clean those restrooms at the beginning and end of each day.

We've been busy and we appreciate your support and feel that we are making a difference in the lives of the children.

As you read all the doom and gloom in the news about Mexico, please remember that we can help make a difference.  All it takes is love and support.  Please send a donation if you can to help these children continue to succeed.

Just Show Up to Volunteer

Roger Maut, one of the volunteers helping on a regular basis at the Refugio says "Just Show Up..." My wife Rena taught me this phrase from a class that suggested arriving without an agenda or history allows a degree of PRESENCE that can be helpful.  It also summarizes a suggestion our first day at the Refugio several years ago.

Good advice: Just go where you are drawn, or see a need, or just sit and in a couple of minutes the children will come, they are not afraid.

I missed raising my two sets of children as did many Americans on the fast-track. Twelve hours per day in the R&D lab of Hewlett-Packard then Agilent Tech. In retrospect, it was more self-indulgence than necessity. But this was or is the norm.

Now the Refugio children teach me more about human behavior and myself than a 4-year psychology degree from Stanford. AND to have your heart touched (may I say healed) by one of these youngsters. Just one look (of many) causes me to melt.

My great designs and inventions bring little lingering reward. Like a junk yard of rusted auto bodies, it does not compare with the lingering satisfaction, good feelings and memories of time spent with my wonderful little friends at the Refugio.

Friends at home comment, "You and Rena are so generous for sharing your time at the Refugio!" I respond, "thank you AND these beautiful children bring me far greater gifts than I could ever offer." Their charm, their resilience, their play, their tricks, their love, their unabashed authenticity, and joy, and spontaneity bring me LIFE itself! THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH should come have a drink."

Currently, several different organizations send volunteers on a daily basis for a period of 1 to 3 months.  The Original Volunteers, primarily a UK gap year project, is one of the volunteer programs at the Refugio and Pasitos.

Visitors and short-term volunteers are encouraged to come during lunch times (approximately 10:00 am  to 2:00 pm) when extra help is needed in serving meals and clean up.

For more information about visiting or volunteering, please contact Refugio administrator Sol Martinez Maciel at or Foundation president Chris Amo at

How You Can Help the Childrens Shelter of Hope Foundation

TaxDeductible Contribution:


If you wish to claim a charitable contribution for USA tax purposes, make your check payable to Children's Shelter of Hope Foundation. The foundation is a US 501(c)(3) tax deductible charity.

Mail checks to:

PO Box 594
Gig Harbor, WA  98335 USA

Or, when you visit the shelter, you may also leave cash or a check in the donation box just inside the front door of the Refugio.

Join Our Donors: When you visit the Donors Page, you will note that contributions in any amount are appreciated.

The Children's Shelter of Hope Foundation in Action page keeps you informed about the progress which your donations enable.

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