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Our Navy League of Puerto Vallarta supports the following key activities:

Sponsor Community Social Projects — Each visiting ship and crew is offered the opportunity to participate in a community social project to help the local citizens of Puerto Vallarta and to improve the understanding of our two cultures. These generally involve the painting of a school, orphanage or home for disadvantaged or abused minors as well as routine repair and maintenance work.  Almost all ships find the time to devote a morning to such worthwhile projects.

Arrange Transport of Donated Goods from the U.S. — Ships are encouraged to pick up donated medical goods in San Diego before departure for Puerto Vallarta. These goods are distributed to needy local charities and institutions.  We have our own warehouse on the Navy Base in San Diego, California, where we receive dedicated medical and educational donations from groups such as "Bridges Across Borders". The Navy League in San Diego assists in the coordination of complicated logistical arrangements.

Greet Visiting Ships — We welcome up to 15 Naval Ships and Coast Guard Cutters each year, providing in-port advice, recreational activities and Navy League sponsored social events. We are proud to have Puerto Vallarta recognized by 3rd Fleet and the Coast Guard as the friendliest, safest and most popular port destination in Mexico.

Sponsor Toys for Tots Programs — We sponsor the local Toys for Tots program operated worldwide by the U.S. Marine Corps. This involves raising the funds to purchase toys. In 2010, we raised enough money to purchase 11,000 toys for distribution to needy children on Dia del Reyes Magos and Dia del Niños in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding counties. We have worked with Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) Puerto Vallarta to install two playgrounds in the county and as funds allow, will identify locations in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding counties.

Coordinate with Sector Naval XII — We work with the local Mexican maritime contingent to aid mariners and their families with programs for recreation and to improve the local marine environment.

Student Mentoring — Some of our members serve as mentors and advisors to National Honor Society students at the local American School.

Youth Programs — We work with the Vallarta Yacht Club to help with the "Junior Sail" program which keeps young people (ages 8 through 13) off the streets and lets them participate in local, national and international yacht racing competition.   

Our membership includes men and women National and Foreign residents from many countries who reside permanently or part-time in Puerto Vallarta. The Puerto Vallarta Navy League provides an opportunity to socialize as well as "give back" to our local community.

Click here to make a donation to the Navy League.

The Puerto Vallarta Navy League Welcomes You

The Puerto Vallarta Navy League is a civilian organization dedicated to supporting the sea services of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other friendly countries, and leveraging this support to assist the well-being of the citizenry of Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas.

We want everyone to know that the United States of America is a maritime nation and that its national defense and economic well being are dependent upon strong sea services. We invite and welcome ships of the U.S. and other friendly sea services to Puerto Vallarta and promote goodwill and joint projects with the Armada of Mexico.

The Puerto Vallarta Navy League welcomes you to our lovely bay.

Recent visits have included USCGC Active, USCGC Alert, USCGC Aspen, USCGC Chase, USCGC Hamilton, USCGC  Morgenthau, USS Benfold, USS Curts, USS Higgins, USS Hurricane, USS Jarrett, USS McClusky, USS Monsoon, USS  Princeton, USS Shiloh, USS Squall and USS Steadfast.

The following activities are for your consideration:

• ComRel activities – working parties for painting, minimum 7, maximum 30
• Deep Sea fishing trips - US$ 65
• Discounts – stores and restaurants listed give rebates with military I.D.
• Golf – Marina or Vista Vallarta courses (3 world-class courses) – discounts with I.D. 50 % US$ 40 – US$ 110,   price time-of-day dependent
• Home-cooked meals – maximum of 2 per home
• Horseback riding – trips into the foothills of the Sierra Occidental mountains
• Spa – that perfect pampering after months of blue water excitement
• Surfing – we can help you find that perfect wave.
• Spouse/Significant Other – we can meet your special friend's plane at the airport and deliver him/her to the pier
• Spouse/Significant Other – we have arranged special discounts for mariners in local hotels
• Whale-watching (seasonal) - US$ 56

Email prior to your arrival, with level of interest. We will meet your ship on its arrival and outline the programs. Click here to make a donation to the Navy League.

Last updated: February 28, 2020 · Charity ID: 109

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