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In 2010 and 2011, Dr. Malcolm Macartney and a team from McKenzie Veterinary Services participated in 3 spay and neuter clinics in the small seaside towns of Guayabitos and La Penita in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Some 575 dogs and cats were sterilized and many others treated for other medical conditions.  

The team from McKenzie Veterinary Services works alongside PEACE Mexico's M*A*S*H (Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital) veterinary team and volunteers from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR).

Since 2006, about 2500 pets and strays have been spayed and neutered at clinics sponsored and organized by JBAR. The difference the work of JBAR has made in the lives of animals and people in these communities is truly remarkable.

The cruel and indiscriminant practice of using poison bait to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats is now much less common in this part of Mexico. For many Mexicans, spaying or neutering, treating skin diseases, parasites and basic veterinary care for their pets is not accessible or affordable.

The Mexican pet owners at the clinics were very happy and deeply moved that we would come down from Canada to help their community. For us, the clinics were amazing experiences that combined long days of hard work and lots of fun with other volunteers from Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Adopt a Dog from Mexico

Would you like to adopt one of the dogs we bring back from Mexico? All of the dogs we brought back with us on our last mission have been adopted!

If you would like to adopt a dog that we will bring back from our next trip to Mexico send us an email at

The adoption fee of $250.00 is to cover costs associated with spaying and neutering, transportation to Canada, vaccinations, blood tests, deworming, deflea/tick and medication for treatment of tick borne diseases.

All funds collected are donated back to Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue in Mexico to continue their year round foster homes and treatment costs for the sick and injured animals and spay/neuter clinics.

Stories of dogs we have adopted from Mexico:

Each of the 3 times we have sent teams to volunteer a the spay/neuter clinics in Mexico we have brought back about 6 dogs.  As many of these dogs have been adopted by staff members at our vet clinic, we have been able to watch the transition these dogs have made to adapting to their new life in Canada.  Without exception these dogs have become loving, trusting companions who are easy to have around.    


Chichito was adopted by our receptionist Carrie. Carrie and her family have wanted to have a dog in their house for a long time but were unable to due to severe dog allergies in family memebers. Chichito has fit into their family without a sneeze and also fits under Carrie's desk. Ask Carrie to introduce you to Checheto the next time you come to the clinic!     


No one would ever have predicted that Margie would have a dog in her life! Here she is with Canela who has adapted well to a life filled with biking, kayaking, hiking and best of all...sleeping under the covers!

Karin, one of our Animal Health Technicians, fell in love with Frankie in Mexico. He was so small that he fit into her pocket, after a while he fit into her purse...and he kept growing and now fits into her car. Don't you think he is one of the most engaging dogs ever?

Miss Winky...

It is hard to remember when Miss Winky and Sandy were not a duo. Sandy is the Hospital Manager at McKenzie Vet and Winky keeps a watchful eye on everyhing that Sandy does. Miss Winky is discriminatling; always careful when she first meets someone and rewards those who become her friends with joy filled greetings! There is a story behind how Miss Winky came to have her name. Come on in and ask Sandy to tell you Miss Winky's story.

How You Can Help the Mexi-Can Vet Project

In addition to the many people who volunteer at our clinics in Mexico, Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue donates about $1,200 per clinic to cover the cost of the Mexican veterinarians working with PEACE Mexico.

Click the button above to make a donation to the McKenzie Veterinary Services PayPal account.

McKenzie Veterinary Services donates $3,000 to cover the flights, supplies, and meals for the volunteer team members.

We are asking for your help by donating money to the Mexi-Can Vet Project for us to purchase additional supplies or give to Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue so they can fund these clinics.

Donations of additional funds would provide additional funding, surgical and medical supplies and manpower, to not only sustain these clinics but increase the number of animals spayed or neutered and treated at each clinic and throughout the year.

We have been fortunate to have had a great response from our local veterinary supply companies.  Bayer Animal Health, Pfizer, Borderlink Veterinary Supplies, McCarthy and Son Service, Elanco and Boeringer have each contributed much needed medicines and surgical supplies. We are very grateful for their support in the past and into the future.

Cheques may be written to "Mexi-Can Vet Project"

Send to:
McKenzie Veterinary Services
3888 Carey Rd.
Victoria B.C. V8R 4C9   

or, you can make a donation with Paypal above.

You can also donate directly to Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue or PEACE Punta de Mita.

Help us to help the dogs & cats & people of Mexico.

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