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Vallarta en Bici

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

What can be greener than not using your car, healthier than moving around town on top of your bike, and cooler than making of the city your own playground? Puerto Vallarta has eveyrthing to be a bike-friendly city, but somehow it is not, yet...

Important cities around the world are looking back to the old bike for solutions on transit, contamination and obesity. Paris, Barcelona and Mexico City, to name just a few, have their own public rental-bike system. Amsterdam, Madrid and London have kilometers and kilometers of bike lanes.

Of course, those are big cities, with big problems that pushed them to look for solutions. But, why do we have to wait for the troubles to appear, in order to start thinking in a progressive way? There is nothing more progressive than embracing bikes as part of our city.

Can you imagine the whole Banderas Bay with a bike lane? Going from Boca de Tomatlan to Sayulita on your bike and without risking your life fighting against buses and all that crazy stuff happening on our streets?

Well, there is a group of bike-lovers, residents of Puerto Vallarta, who have that dream and are starting to organize and pushing initiatives to make Vallarta a bike-friendly place. The movement is  called: "Vía Recreactiva Vallarta. Iniciativa Ciudadana" (Vallarta Recre-Active Way. A Citizens' Movement).

They talk about "recovering public spaces" for hmm... the public! And yes, that's the whole point. The city is our city, and cyclists in Vallarta feel like their city is a bit anti-them (not to talk about bus drivers). So, they are pushing to get some roads closed on Sundays, just like in Guadalajara, Morelia and many cities in the continent. The idea is to have for a few hours on Sundays, a family-oriented space for the community, focused on sports and exercise.

Sadly, there are not enough public spaces especially designed for cyclists, and the cobblestone streets don't help. I mean, it is great to have cobblestone streets, it gives the place an air of a forgotten era, but just imagine the same picture with less cars and more people moving around in a greener, smoother and quiet way.

Let's build a bike culture in Puerto Vallarta. It would be great to be able to go to work on your bike, it just feels so good to feel... the wind hitting you in the face, you feel so alive when that happens, the stress is gone and the vibes are good.

Haven't felt that? Go get a bike.

The cycling revolution is here, let's be part of it!

If you love bikes and Vallarta, you can join the movement and help make our town a bike-friendly one.

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one of the best favors you can make you own and the environment of which we are part.

The physical and aesthetic benefits are many in reducing stress and making us happier people.

Riding a bike not only helps to keep us healthy and in shape, but it is even fashionable. Recently the streets of cities have been filling with cyclists, on their bicycles of various types and designs, rid of traffic jams and stressful traffic, in addition to being healthy.

Bicycling contributes to improve and prevent back pain, eliminates stress, burns many calories and also helps to strengthen and sculpt legs and buttocks.

Various studies have shown that people who ride their bike regularly visit the doctor fewer times per year, and improves your immune system, defenses, and state of health in general,  with daily exercise which means riding a bike.

Now that you have some details of the benefits of riding a bike, see if you can motivate and enthuse others with this healthy and ecological way to mobilize.

• 10 minutes of cycling a day: significantly improves the joints of your whole body.
• 20 minutes of cycling a day: helps to strengthen the immune system.
• 30 minutes of cycling a day: improves the heart capacity.
• 40 minutes of cycling a day: enhances lung capacity.
• 50 minutes of cycling a day: helps to reduce body weight.
• 60 minutes of cycling a day: helps to eliminate and prevent stress.

Keep in mind, you should only ride your bike with precautionary measures and to improve your health and physical condition to the rhythm of the pedal!

Last updated: July 30, 2017 · Charity ID: 705

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Cyclists Get Ready to Ride to Generate Awareness on the Road

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The Riviera Nayarit CVB is backing an initiative of the citizens of Bahía de Banderas and Puerto Vallarta that seeks to encourage awareness and respect among all who transit the roadways.

Puerto Vallarta is Loving Bikes Right Now

Vacation Villas of Mexico

Bicycles have become very popular over the past few years in Puerto Vallarta, a place that was until a very short time ago, much easier to navigate atop a donkey.

Explore Puerto Vallarta on Weekly Bicycle Rides

Visit Puerto Vallarta

Bring your family and friends and enjoy touring Vallarta on a bike every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.

Puerto Vallarta Joins World Naked Bike Ride 2015


You are invited to be 'bare as you dare' as Puerto Vallarta joins the bicyclists around the globe for the 12th Annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) on Saturday, June 13, 2015 beginning at 3:00 pm.

First 'White Bicycle' Plaque Marks Fallen Cyclist Accident Site

The placement took place during the weekly night bike tour that takes place every Wednesday in Puerto Vallarta. It is a statement in support of the rights of cyclists to have a safe trip and also a reminder for motorists to respect the rights of the cyclists.

Full Calendar of Events for May in and Around Puerto Vallarta

Galeria Vallarta

May is one of our most beautiful and event filled months of the year and it is unfortunate that so many people leave for the north early and miss our celebrations.

Vallarta on Bike Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Vallarta Opina

One year ago, Vallarta en Bici was created changing the lives of many inhabitants. One of the most attractive activities is the night-time ride that takes place every Wednesday at 9:00 in the evening from the entrance of Marina Vallarta until you reach the arches on the Malecon and return.

Weekend Happenings Around Puerto Vallarta


Lots of activities going on in and around Puerto Vallarta this weekend. Join the crowd to watch Mexico go for the soccer gold against Brazil, experience the Corn Festival, help PEACE clean the beach, see Marsela at Teatro Vallarta, enjoy the Cocoa & Vanilla Celebration and more.

Eight Must-Do Weekend Events in Puerto Vallarta


Support the Open Air Library with an all-you-can-eat barbeque, visit Vallarta Botanical Gardens for the theatrical presentation by the Terra Firma Summer Campers, visit the Co-op Market, attend the Writers Group Meeting, walk or bike on Sunday at Via Recreactiva, and lots more.

Puerto Vallarta Wednesday Night Bike Ride

In Puerto Vallarta surprises are a constant factor in everyday life. A day planned for relaxing may end up with a big party or vice versa. And that's exactly what happened to me last Wednesday night.

Puerto Vallarta Gives Way to the Bicycles

PV Pulse

This Sunday morning will mark the beginning of the long-awaited Via Recreactiva in Puerto Vallarta. Closing roads on Sundays is an extended practice all over the continent, with the idea of recovering public spaces for citizens, promoting an eco-healthy culture.

Will Two Wheels Conquer Mexico City Gridlock Grind?

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Set up by Amsterdam-based advocacy group CycleSpace, the international "bicycle mayor" scheme wants its representatives to help coordinate city resources better and work with authorities and businesses to make cycling safer and more accessible.

How Mexico City Cyclists Are Using Bicycles to Aid Earthquake Victims

Cycling Tips

Amid the chaos of last week’s quake in Central Mexico, bicycles have become the missing link, allowing supplies to reach those in need, and averting the paralyzing traffic jams across the city.

Urban Bike By Chihuahua’s Green Code Is Made Almost Entirely Out of Paper


Is this Kickstarter project that promises a bike built primarily out of paper fact or pulp fiction? It is, in fact, for real, and it might be just what we need to address serious problems like pollution.

This City in Mexico Considers Bike-Share with a Twist

Next City

Every Wednesday evening, hundreds of cyclists ride through the winding streets and past colonial facades of Queretaro’s historic downtown. Riders huddle together; they’re accompanied by a police escort and a support van draped with a banner thanking drivers for their patience.

Hundreds of Naked Cyclists Take to the Streets of Guadalajara for World Naked Bike Ride


Protesters with a difference took to the streets of Mexico this weekend in an event where bicycles were essential but the dress code was clearly optional - because most of the participants were naked.

Hundreds Flock to Mexico City for ’Naked Bike Ride’


Hundreds of people stripped down to take part in Mexico City’s annual ’Naked Bike Ride’ to raise awareness over environmental issues.

Mexico City’s Ecobici to Offer Shared Electric Bikes

Mexico News Daily

Mexico City’s shared bicycle program is going electric: users will soon have 28 new stations from which they can check out one of the 340 new electric bicycles to be offered by Ecobici.

Introducing the First eBike That Fits in Your Backpack


No need to get the subway or spend money on parking, the carbon fiber S1 is easily folded in five seconds and is light enough to fit in a backpack. City travel can now be easy and fun.

Worldwide Bike Forum 2017 Is Rolling Into Mexico City


From April 19 to 23 the Worldwide Bicycle Forum will host various activities for mobility and sustainability and development of cycling in the world’s major cities.

Engineers Create a Treadmill Bicycle That Lets You Cycle to Work by Walking


Dutch engineers have created an the electric bike which lets riders get about by walking. Called Lopifit, it is a blend between a scooter, an electric bike and a treadmill.

Quiquica is Helping Central American Migrants in Mexico with Bicycles

CCTV America

Quiquica is a bicycle shop in the south of the capital city. The shop brings together the sport of cycling with the needs of the migrants.

The SkunkLock Bicycle Lock Makes Thieves Vomit


Two inventors from San Francisco have masterminded a bike lock that releases a noxious gas spray to make anyone who tries to steal it feel sick and struggle to breathe.

Home to 4.7 Million Vehicles, Mexico City Celebrates World Car-Free Day


Mexico City, known for its love affair with cars, marked World Carfree Day on Thursday by reclaiming a small part of the capital from the millions of vehicles that circulate daily.

Naked Cyclists Ride in Mexican Cities to Get Their Fair Share of the Road

Agencia EFE

Cyclists in Mexico have bared all for World Naked Bike Ride day to protest against car culture and to campaign for more rights for cyclists.

Thousands Ride for World Bicycle Day in Mexico City

New China TV

The purpose for the day’s ride was to foster the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation - for its many health benefits and its contribution to conserving the environment.

Paseo a Ciegas: A Sunday Bicycle Ride for the Blind In Mexico City


Sophie is one of hundreds of people who are blind and ride bicycles every Sunday in Mexico City. This unique experience is facilitated by a group of volunteers called Paseo a Ciegas, or Riding Blind.

Bicyclists Play 'Pothole Golf' in City Streets of Mexico

Golf Digest

To raise awareness of poor road conditions in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, a group of cyclists formed a mini golf game using the excessive amount of potholes on the streets. Word spread throughout the community and it's since turned into an annual event.

Hundreds Join World Naked Bike Ride in Mexico City

El Universal

Hundreds of naked cyclists took the streets of Mexico City to raise awareness of need for motorists to notice bike riders, during the 10th edition of the World Naked Bike Ride Day in Mexico.

Join This Guy Biking 5,000 Miles to Fight Parkinsons

Yahoo! Travel

Ever wanted to bike for a really good cause? Now could be your moment. The Michael J. Fox Foundation is hosting an extreme bike ride this summer called 'Tour de Fox.'

World Naked Bike Ride Grows as More Riders Bare Down on Convention

Digital Journal

The World Naked Bike ride just keeps getting more cheeky. The world-wide event, held at different times of the year depending on a city's weather zone - naturally, warmth is welcome - has added more cites this year, with the promise of more on the way.

Bike Race to Cross Baja California Coast to Coast

The Fulano Forum

This is one of the newest races in Ensenada, which was born out of a trip among friends and has become the challenge of "Crossing the Baja Mountain Bike 2015."

Catching the Best of Mexico from a Bicycle Seat

Exodus Travels

Idyllic beaches, astonishing archeology, colorful villages, delicious food and wonderful people: marvel the iconic sights of Mexico by bike.

See How Old Bicycle Parts Power a Green Economy


A Guatemalan group called Maya Pedal designs and builds “bicimaquinas,” pedal-powered machines engineered from reclaimed bicycle parts.

207 Miles: Arizona Cyclists Make 2-Day Trek to Mexico for a Good Cause


Bike riders from the group 207 Miles took off from Peoria Saturday morning to ride 207 miles to Rocky Point, Mexico. The two-day trek is all in support of raising money to build homes in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

Laura Bustos Teaches Women to Ride Bikes in Mexico

CCTV America

According to a 2012 study, at least 80 percent of the bicyclists in Mexico City are males. Many women in Mexico City grew up believing that riding a bicycle is a male activity, and many parents insist it is too dangerous for women to ride. Bustos aims to teach and promote bike riding among women of all ages.

Taxco, Mexico, Shines in Extreme Downhill Bike Video

Taxco, Mexico, is a quaint city but would still demand more than just a few hours to see it all. Then again, you could always fly through the city on a bike, leaping down from buildings and generally astonishing an enthralled crowd taking it all in.

EcoBici Registers 19 Million Trips in Mexico City

Television del Sur

Mexico City’s environmental secretary announced that this month it had clocked 19 million trips taken in the Federal District using the Individual Transport System EcoBici.

Watch Bikers Dash Across Mexico City in Illegal Alleycat Races

ABC News

There are few rules and no set race course in the dangerous bike races invented by Mexico City bike messengers.

The Cicloton: Mexico City Sunday Street Ride


Every Sunday morning, some of the biggest streets in car-flooded Mexico City are handed over to bicyclists, who roll in by the tens of thousands.

The Best Way to Get Around Traffic-Clogged Mexico City May Be on a Bike

PRI's The World

When I told people in Mexico City that I wanted to go cycling, they offered a strong word of caution; It’s really scary.

Mexico City Mayor Mancera Aims to Have World's Fourth-Largest Bicycle System

Latin American Herald Tribune

Mexico City will become the No. 4 city in the world in terms of bicycle use this year, with the number of users of the Public Bicycles System reaching 180,000 and 13.5 million trips being logged, Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said.

This Device Literally Reinvents the Wheel - Bicycling May Never Be the Same


Conventional wisdom says you can't reinvent the wheel. But that didn't stop Massachusetts-based start-up Superpedestrian from engineering a device that by and large does just that.

Bike Paths, Bus Rapid Transit Going Strong in Latin American Cities

Inter Press Service

Sustainable transport grew in the Latin American cities of Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro in 2013.

Aguascalientes to Host Para-Cycling Track World Championships in 2014

The city of Aguascalientes in Mexico will host the Para-cycling Track World Championships next April as the competition returns to the calendar following an absence in 2013.

Bicycle Use Booming in Latin America

Inter Press Service

A report, based on surveys and commissioned by the IDB’s Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative, found that between 0.4 and 10 percent of the population in the region use a bicycle as their main means of transportation.

Cycling World Cup Opens in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Prensa Latina

The most important athletes from around the world will take part at the event at the Domo Bicentenario in Aguascalientes, regarded by many specialists as one of the fastest tracks in the world.

Survivor of Violence in Mexico 'Pedaling for Justice' Across Texas

A cyclist on a 701 mile bike ride across Texas is “Pedaling for Justice” to raise awareness about Mexican citizens fleeing violence and seeking a safe haven in the US.

Attention Bicycling Groups: Philanthropy and Bicycling at Work at the Mexico Border

Rancho Feliz

Rancho Feliz is a philanthropist group that gives 94 cents of every dollar to the cause. One event coming up will give 10 tons of food and 1,000 warm blankets to 1,000 families in Mexico.

Cyclist Champions Immigration Reform on 2,200-mile NY-to-Mexico Ride

ABC News

Armando Rosales is making a run for the border. Well, a bike ride, actually: The amateur cyclist is pedaling from New York to Mexico to encourage Latino communities in the U.S. to get involved in the debate over immigration reform.

Hundreds of Cyclists Take Part in Naked Bike Ride to Protest in Mexico City


Cyclists in Mexico City have bared all for World Naked Bike Ride day to protest against car culture and to campaign for more rights for cyclists.

Car Sharing: The Next Big Thing in Traffic-Clogged Mexico City?

The Christian Science Monitor

Residents of this traffic-clogged capital warmed quickly to the city’s bike-share program, Ecobici. Now a new effort called Carrot wants people to share cars, as well.

Women Join Mexico City's Cycling Revolution

The Christian Science Monitor

The car still reigns in this megacity of 22 million people. But new bike lanes are driving more people to two-wheeled transportation – and women in particular are finding it liberating.

Congested and Polluted, Mexico City Promoting a Culture of Shared Car Use

Inter Press Service

In a megacity like the Mexican capital, plagued by air pollution and traffic jams, carsharing and carpooling initiatives offer obvious advantages in addition to the economic benefits enjoyed by users.

As Guadalajara Booms, Activists Fight to Find Space on Streets for Humble Bike

Al Jazeera

In Mexico's second-largest city, there is a committed group of activists striving to fight the choking onslaught of automobiles and make the streets safe for alternative and cleaner forms of transportation, specifically the bicycle.

Charity Miles Lets Charities Cash in when You Walk, Run or Bike


Charity Miles is an exercise app that works double-time, tracking mileage and raising money for different causes. All users need to do is turn up the volume and go.

Student Rides Around Australia to Challenge Mexico Stereotypes


A Mexican student has become the first woman to ride solo around Australia on a bike to challenge the stereotypes against her home country.

With Citizen Support, Mexico City On the Road to Cleaner Air

Guardian UK

Thanks largely to vehicle emissions, Mexico City was once the world's most polluted urban center. But over the past decade, a focus on sustainable alternative transport has persuaded a growing number of citizens to leave their cars at home.

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Adventure Holidays

Greener Ideal

Cycling holidays are growing in popularity. It is a great way of keeping ourselves fit and healthy and is good for the environment by reducing our transport emissions.

Documentary on Underground Bike-Messenger Racing

Boing Boing

Here's a trailer for "Line of Sight," a documentary on underground bike-messenger racing that uses helmetcams to capture some pretty insane examples of cycling skill.

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