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What can be greener than not using your car, healthier than moving around town on top of your bike, and cooler than making of the city your own playground? Puerto Vallarta has eveyrthing to be a bike-friendly city, but somehow it is not, yet...

Important cities around the world are looking back to the old bike for solutions on transit, contamination and obesity. Paris, Barcelona and Mexico City, to name just a few, have their own public rental-bike system. Amsterdam, Madrid and London have kilometers and kilometers of bike lanes.

Of course, those are big cities, with big problems that pushed them to look for solutions. But, why do we have to wait for the troubles to appear, in order to start thinking in a progressive way? There is nothing more progressive than embracing bikes as part of our city.

Can you imagine the whole Banderas Bay with a bike lane? Going from Boca de Tomatlan to Sayulita on your bike and without risking your life fighting against buses and all that crazy stuff happening on our streets?

Well, there is a group of bike-lovers, residents of Puerto Vallarta, who have that dream and are starting to organize and pushing initiatives to make Vallarta a bike-friendly place. The movement is  called: "Vía Recreactiva Vallarta. Iniciativa Ciudadana" (Vallarta Recre-Active Way. A Citizens' Movement).

They talk about "recovering public spaces" for hmm... the public! And yes, that's the whole point. The city is our city, and cyclists in Vallarta feel like their city is a bit anti-them (not to talk about bus drivers). So, they are pushing to get some roads closed on Sundays, just like in Guadalajara, Morelia and many cities in the continent. The idea is to have for a few hours on Sundays, a family-oriented space for the community, focused on sports and exercise.

Sadly, there are not enough public spaces especially designed for cyclists, and the cobblestone streets don't help. I mean, it is great to have cobblestone streets, it gives the place an air of a forgotten era, but just imagine the same picture with less cars and more people moving around in a greener, smoother and quiet way.

Let's build a bike culture in Puerto Vallarta. It would be great to be able to go to work on your bike, it just feels so good to feel... the wind hitting you in the face, you feel so alive when that happens, the stress is gone and the vibes are good.

Haven't felt that? Go get a bike.

The cycling revolution is here, let's be part of it!

If you love bikes and Vallarta, you can join the movement and help make our town a bike-friendly one.

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is one of the best favors you can make you own and the environment of which we are part.

The physical and aesthetic benefits are many in reducing stress and making us happier people.

Riding a bike not only helps to keep us healthy and in shape, but it is even fashionable. Recently the streets of cities have been filling with cyclists, on their bicycles of various types and designs, rid of traffic jams and stressful traffic, in addition to being healthy.

Bicycling contributes to improve and prevent back pain, eliminates stress, burns many calories and also helps to strengthen and sculpt legs and buttocks.

Various studies have shown that people who ride their bike regularly visit the doctor fewer times per year, and improves your immune system, defenses, and state of health in general,  with daily exercise which means riding a bike.

Now that you have some details of the benefits of riding a bike, see if you can motivate and enthuse others with this healthy and ecological way to mobilize.

• 10 minutes of cycling a day: significantly improves the joints of your whole body.
• 20 minutes of cycling a day: helps to strengthen the immune system.
• 30 minutes of cycling a day: improves the heart capacity.
• 40 minutes of cycling a day: enhances lung capacity.
• 50 minutes of cycling a day: helps to reduce body weight.
• 60 minutes of cycling a day: helps to eliminate and prevent stress.

Keep in mind, you should only ride your bike with precautionary measures and to improve your health and physical condition to the rhythm of the pedal!

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