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Mundo Ceiba Vallarta is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability practices and cares about the environment.

We also promote development, research and implementation of technology alternatives and friendly environment.

At Mundo Ceiba, we blanket the idea of a social change through citizen participation. We know that in this way citizens can acquire a new way to see the environment and thus avoid the negative impact such as generation of waste, alterations in the environment, air pollution, soil and water, excessive use of the automobile, among others.

Our mission is to contribute to social change from an environmental perspective through the development of programs, including the care, protection and conservation of the environment.

Our vision is to become a benchmark of social participation for the care of the environment and sustainable development.

• We believe the citizens should collect rainwater for watering plants and cleaning your home.

• We strive to let our citizens know that recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees.

• We stress the importance of checking for plumbing leaks which can generate losses of 800 litres of water a day.

• We believe in trash separation, at least for organic and inorganic categories and using the organic materials for gardens and plants.

• We believe in refilling water bottles at least five times instead of using a new one each time.

• We stress the importance of disconnecting your cell phone charger since it will still pull power when connected.

Your donations are welcome and needed to continue our work in making Puerto Vallarta a better place to live.

Please contact us for donation information by direct deposit to Banamex, by PayPal or bank transfers.

Projects at Mundo Ceiba Vallarta

At Mundo Ceiba, we believe that educating the society is one of the most important tasks to achieve a visible change in our society. The creation of a Cultural Center of Sustainable Development (CCDS)) is included in our work plan for 2010-2013.

Objectives of the Project:

• Encourage conservation and utilization of natural resources.
• Restrain ecological damage caused by the implementation of building systems that are harmful to the environment.

Why Green Building?

The limited resources and the growth of the population make it necessary to a sustainable development. Where resources are limited, for example, it is necessary to optimize them in order to achieve an economic, social and cultural development as harmonic as possible with a view to future. Otherwise, we would be severely damaging the future for the next generations.

In simple terms, the challenge of this century is how to develop human capital (socio-economic, cultural and equitably) while it preserves and protects the natural capital.

Practices of the CCDS:

• Carry out actions of dissemination to promote the use of new technology.
• Encourage the use of innovative technologies to ensure care for the environment.
• Promote the exchange and transfer of technologies with international agencies.
• Boost the completion of courses, seminars, workshops and other educational activities, formal and informal, to promote sustainable development.
• Promote agreements for cooperation and technological exchange with various universities and institutions with a view to efficient management of energy.
• Continue with the work of research and technological development of sustainable energy in the process.

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