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Mundo Ceiba Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

Mundo Ceiba Vallarta is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainability practices and cares about the environment.

We also promote development, research and implementation of technology alternatives and friendly environment.

At Mundo Ceiba, we blanket the idea of a social change through citizen participation. We know that in this way citizens can acquire a new way to see the environment and thus avoid the negative impact such as generation of waste, alterations in the environment, air pollution, soil and water, excessive use of the automobile, among others.

Our mission is to contribute to social change from an environmental perspective through the development of programs, including the care, protection and conservation of the environment.

Our vision is to become a benchmark of social participation for the care of the environment and sustainable development.

We believe the citizens should collect rainwater for watering plants and cleaning your home.

We strive to let our citizens know that recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees.

We stress the importance of checking for plumbing leaks which can generate losses of 800 litres of water a day.

We believe in trash separation, at least for organic and inorganic categories and using the organic materials for gardens and plants.

We believe in refilling water bottles at least five times instead of using a new one each time.

We stress the importance of disconnecting your cell phone charger since it will still pull power when connected.

Your donations are welcome and needed to continue our work in making Puerto Vallarta a better place to live.

Please contact us for donation information by direct deposit to Banamex, by PayPal or bank transfers.

Projects at Mundo Ceiba Vallarta

At Mundo Ceiba, we believe that educating the society is one of the most important tasks to achieve a visible change in our society. The creation of a Cultural Center of Sustainable Development (CCDS)) is included in our work plan for 2010-2013.

Objectives of the project

• Encourage conservation and utilization of natural resources.

• Restrain ecological damage caused by the implementation of building systems that are harmful to the environment.

Why green building?

The limited resources and the growth of the population make it necessary to a sustainable development. Where resources are limited, for example, it is necessary to optimize them in order to achieve an economic, social and cultural development as harmonic as possible with a view to future. Otherwise, we would be severely damaging the future for the next generations.

In simple terms, the challenge of this century is how to develop human capital (socio-economic, cultural and equitably) while it preserves and protects the natural capital.

Practices of the CCDS:

• Carry out actions of dissemination to promote the use of new technology.

• Encourage the use of innovative technologies to ensure care for the environment.

• Promote the exchange and transfer of technologies with international agencies.

• Boost the completion of courses, seminars, workshops and other educational activities, formal and informal, to promote sustainable development.

• Promote agreements for cooperation and technological exchange with various universities and institutions with a view to efficient management of energy.

• Continue with the work of research and technological development of sustainable energy in the process.

Last updated: August 16, 2017 · Charity ID: 209

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World Day to Combat Desertification – Land Has True Value

IPS World Desk

The 2018 World Day to Combat Desertification focuses on how consumers can regenerate economies, create jobs and revitalize livelihoods and communities by influencing the market to invest in sustainable land management.

World Environment Day Highlights Deadly Cost of Plastic

Inter Press Service

On June 5th, World Environment Day will be hosted under the banner of “Beat Plastic Pollution,” aiming to raise awareness and civic engagement alongside creating a global movement to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

Resort Construction Along the Ameca River Affects Native Crocodile Habitat

Vallarta Tribune

The nesting, swimming, & recreational zone of the areas endemic species including the river crocodile have been severely impacted in the last year due to the construction activities done by the local hotels around the banks of the Ameca River.

Puerto Vallarta Ramps Up Ecological Offerings

Fideicomiso de Turismo de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with ecological diversity and beauty. Banderas Bay shelters numerous diverse ecosystems, including tropical lagoons, rainforests, mangroves, pristine beaches, waterfalls, and spectacular mountains.

Will Two Wheels Conquer Mexico City Gridlock Grind?

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Set up by Amsterdam-based advocacy group CycleSpace, the international "bicycle mayor" scheme wants its representatives to help coordinate city resources better and work with authorities and businesses to make cycling safer and more accessible.

How Mexico City Cyclists Are Using Bicycles to Aid Earthquake Victims

Cycling Tips

Amid the chaos of last week’s quake in Central Mexico, bicycles have become the missing link, allowing supplies to reach those in need, and averting the paralyzing traffic jams across the city.

Garbage Patch Bigger Than Mexico Found in Pacific

National Geographic

A research team has discovered a plastic garbage patch in the South Pacific Ocean estimated to be bigger than Mexico.

Tour Shows the Horrors of Pollution in State of Jalisco

Agencia EFE

A group of activists has created what they call a Horror Tour of the Mexican municipality of El Salto, in order to raise awareness of the pollution in the Santiago River, which has caused countless deaths over the past few decades.

Overfishing Threatens Gulf of California Ecosystem

Science Times

According to the collection of data by the researchers, overfishing is stretching the fishing capacity of the region that supplies 75% of fish for Mexico.

Fishermen in Nayarit Lobby for Mangrove Protection

Al Jazeera

Mexico has the fourth highest number of mangroves in the world and millions depend on them for their livelihoods. Fishermen have joined a government fight to stop mangroves from being destroyed.

World Landmarks Go Dark for 10th Annual Earth Hour

News Talk

Major landmarks across the globe turned off their lights for sixty minutes Saturday night to mark Earth Hour, a worldwide event that aims to draw attention to climate change caused by the burning of coal, oil and gas to drive cars and power plants.

Mangrove Alliance Announced at World Ocean Summit

The Yucatan Times

Environmental groups plot course to reverse loss of mangroves during World Ocean Summit last week in Bali.

How a Teenager Is on Track to Plant a Trillion Trees

National Geographic

Felix Finkbeiner is 19 - and Plant-for-the-Planet, the environmental group he founded, together with the UN’s Billion Tree campaign, has planted more than 14 billion trees in more than 130 nations.

CleanSeas Campaign Declares War on Ocean Plastic

Inter Press Service

The #CleanSeas campaign is a global movement targeting governments, industry and consumers to urgently reduce the production and excessive use of plastic that is polluting the earth’s oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health.

With Oceans in Danger, Cabo Pulmo Shows the Way

Al Jazeera

A world ocean summit is being held in Bali, where experts are trying to find how we can enjoy our oceans without destroying them. One village in Mexico could point the way.

Biosphere Reserves in Mexico Expand Conservation

Island Conservation

In December, Mexico announced the establishment of three new biosphere reserves that will conserve over 2.7 million acres, 21 islands, 97 islets, and the surrounding marine areas. The Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve will protect islands and the marine environment along the Baja California peninsula.

Securing a Bold and Prosperous Future for Our Ocean

National Geographic

The ocean is powerful, but not invincible. It is rich, but not inexhaustible. For humans to thrive in the coming centuries, we will have to be smarter about how we approach the 70 percent of our planet the ocean covers.

Mexico Tourism Board Supports Continued Protection of the Country's Biodiversity

Mexico Tourism Board

The thirteenth annual Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Cancun was the setting for the launch of Mexico Tourism Board’s new campaign focused on the country’s biodiversity and its wealth in terms of nature, culture and gastronomy.

Mexico Creates 4 New Protected Biological Reserves

The Associated Press

Mexico's president signed decrees creating four new biological reserves and five other protected areas this week, setting aside about 160 million acres for environmental conservation.

Forests, Locals Harmed in Mexico's Avocado Boom

Agence France-Presse

From toasts to sushi... Avocados are everywhere. But in Mexico, the fruit’s top exporter, illegal farming is destroying the environment and putting people’s health at risk.

Journey Into the Incredible Cloud Forests of Mexico

Atlas Obscura

Discover why the pristine cloud forests of Mexico - threatened by coffee, logging and climate change - are so special and learn why it's so important to conserve the wild places of the earth.

Home to 4.7 Million Vehicles, Mexico City Celebrates World Car-Free Day


Mexico City, known for its love affair with cars, marked World Carfree Day on Thursday by reclaiming a small part of the capital from the millions of vehicles that circulate daily.

Vertical Gardens Raise Green Awareness in Mexico


Mexico City seeks to combat pollution and improve its urban landscape with a project modifying hundreds of pillars supporting elevated roads with vertical gardens.

LatAm Environmentalists Are an Endangered Species


Murders over land disputes have been on the rise worldwide, but the problem is especially severe in Latin America. Conflict over surging development in the region’s remote corners is a driving factor.

Pollution Turned This Jalisco River Into a Toxic Hell


After years of watching the authorities fail to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem, desperate locals are now intensifying their calls for action.

Farmers in Mexico Are Giving Nighttime Firefly Tours to Preserve Their Forests


Fireflies’ annual mating ritual is one of nature’s most stunning events, and a small farming community in Mexico wants tourists to see it.

Seeds Smuggled from Mexico May Cause Extinctions

CCTV America

When we think of global threats of extinction, exotic animals usually come to mind. But many rare plants also are at risk of disappearing forever.

2015 Was the Worst Year on Record for Killings of Land and Environmental Defenders

For the new report On Dangerous Ground, Global Witness documented 185 killings across 16 countries – by far the highest annual death toll on record and more than double the number of journalists killed in the same period.

'Go Wild for Life' on World Environment Day 2016

This year’s theme for WED – Go Wild for Life – encourages you to celebrate all those species under threat and take action of your own to help safeguard them for future generations.

Closing the Gaps in Fight Against Wildlife Trafficking in Latin America

Inter Press Service

Because of their biological wealth, Mexico, Central America and the Amazon rainforest – which is shared by Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela – are the main sources of trafficked plant and animal species in the region.

REDD+ Needs Clarity - Not Confusion - in Chiapas

EcoLogic Development Fund

An introduction to the Lacandon indigenous group and their history as strong forest stewards in Mexico’s Lacandon Jungle.

Man Marries Tree in Mexico to Raise Eco-Awareness


For an eighth time, Peruvian actor and environmental activist Ricardo Torres has symbolically married a tree as part of an ecological awareness campaign to urge others to care for the environment.

Mexican Indigenous Environmental Activist Named Prisoner of Conscience

Amnesty International

A Mexican man unfairly imprisoned in what appears to be a punishment for his peaceful activism against illegal logging must be released immediately and unconditionally, Amnesty International said as it named him a “prisoner of conscience.”

175 States Sign Landmark Deal on Climate Change

The Associated Press

The historic agreement on climate change marked a major milestone on Friday with a record 175 countries signing on to it on opening day. But world leaders made clear more action is needed, and quickly, to fight a relentless rise in global temperatures.

Why the World Needs Women on Earth Day & Beyond

The Huffington Post

On Earth Day, we have to ask: who owns the Earth? Who is making the decisions that are fundamental to the health of our planet? The answer is not necessarily women.

World Water Day Highlights the Need for Safe Water


March 22nd marks World Water Day, and this year, we look at how using water wisely is everyone’s business.

Why This Is a Breakthrough Year for the Environment

Environmental Defense Fund

While data suggests that 2015 will likely go down as the hottest year on record, this has also been a year when we’ve made extraordinary environmental progress in five key areas. We have the numbers to prove it.

Vallarta Activist Has a Lot to Say About Climate Change

Vallarta Saludable A & P

Olympic skier and climate activist Suzy Chaffee joins the calls of millions around the world to ensure binding agreements on climate change by the 200 world leaders during the COP21 2015 Paris conference.

COP21: People Power for Global Climate Protection

Deutsche Welle

Across the planet, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets over the weekend for protests at innumerable locations - to demand meaningful action for moving on from fossil fuels and stopping climate change.

Latin America Seeks Decisive Role at COP21 in Paris


About 25% of the world’s arable land, 22% of its forests, and 31% of fresh water are found in Latin America. The sustainability of development in the region will determine the future of all of us.

Kid Environmentalists Derail a $900M Mixed-Use Development in Cancun Mangroves


A group of kids in Cancun, one of Mexico’s hottest resort towns, has stopped the razing of dozens of hectares of mangrove forest for a massive development - for now.

Trade Is Exploding in Illegal Latin American Wildlife


Millions of tropical birds, sharks, sea cucumbers, totoaba, queen conch, sea turtles, caimans and a vast number of other animals are falling victim to wildlife trafficking.

SEMARNAT Again Rejects Coastal Project That Threated Cabo Pulmo National Park

Natural Resources Defense Council

In a win for Mexico's coral reefs, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources once more issued a resounding "NO" to the massive Cabo Cortes coastal tourism project that threatened Cabo Pulmo National Park.

'Paz Paz Bus' Is Taking a Message of Ecological Awareness to Rural Mexico

Al Jazeera

Driving through the most remote regions of Mexico, the artists driving the "Paz Paz Bus" are working to transform the struggling rural communities in Mexico.

Wildlife Still Struggling Five Years After BP Oil Spill

Nature World News

As the five year anniversary of the infamous BP oil spill approaches, a new report has revealed that 20 species of wildlife are still dealing with the damage from the disaster's aftermath, with dolphins dying in high numbers and abnormal fish being born.

8% of the World's Natural Resources in Danger

Television del Sur

UNESCO’s danger-list includes Mexico’s butterfly reserve and elephants and serves as a call to conservation of world heritage sites.

Study: Global Warming Worsening Watery Dead Zones

Associated Press

Global warming is likely playing a bigger role than previously thought in dead zones in oceans, lakes and rivers around the world and it’s only going to get worse, according to a new study.

EcoBici Registers 19 Million Trips in Mexico City

Television del Sur

Mexico City’s environmental secretary announced that this month it had clocked 19 million trips taken in the Federal District using the Individual Transport System EcoBici.

Monarch Butterflies Expected to Rebound in Mexico

The Associated Press

Mexican officials from the World Wildlife Fund are expressing their optimism that the monarch butterfly population may soon rebound, as the deforestation of their wintering habitats is showing signs of having significantly slowed

Protesters Take to the Streets to Sound Alarm on Climate Change Across the World

Radio Australia

An international day of action on climate change brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets of New York City, easily exceeding organizers' hopes for the largest protest on the issue in history.

Thousands Gear Up for the People's Climate March


On Sunday, Sept. 21, a climate march through midtown Manhattan will kick off a week of high-profile climate events in the Big Apple.

Tourist Videos Police Throwing Turtle Eggs Into the Sea in Manzanillo

Mexico News Daily

It’s turtle season on many Mexican beaches, which brings thousands of sea turtles ashore to lay their eggs — and numerous thieves to steal them. But it’s not often you see someone tossing them away.

Are Jellyfish Going to Take Over the World? Scientists Have an App for That


Scientists are turning to the smartphone-carrying masses to gather data on the mysterious sea creature.

Teenager Invents a Machine That Could Solve One of Ocean's Biggest Problems

Mic Network

Boyan Slat, a 19-year-old from the Netherlands, designed a floating structure that could mop up 70,000 metric tons of plastic from the northern Pacific Ocean. Talk about being a boy genius.

Naked Cyclists Take to Mexico City Streets Demanding Cycling Rights


Cyclists in Mexico City have bared all for World Naked Bike Ride day to protest against car culture and to campaign for more rights for cyclists.

World Oceans Day 2014: World's Most Polluted Seas Revealed


According to World Wide Fund for Nature, more than 80% of marine pollution is caused by land-based activities that cause oil spills, fertilizers and toxic chemical runoff and the discharge of untreated sewage.

Bamboo Bikes: Charting a Path to Sustainability

Responding to Climate Change

Parked conspicuously in a conference’s exhibition hall in Cancun this week, between cubicles screening videos of case studies and offering piles of reports, was a rugged bicycle that was turning more heads than spokes.

Imagine Having to Learn to Ride a Bike on Mexico City's Mean Streets


From blocked-off cycle lanes along main avenues, to fixies in every shade of neon you could ever want, to public rent-a-bike schemes, and even critical mass groups, this city is moving on two wheels more than ever.

LatAm Nations Agree to Combat Climate Change

Agencia EFE

Participants in the 19th Latin American and Caribbean Environment Ministers Forum, held in Los Cabos, Mexico, agreed to promote a program of regional cooperation on climate change in areas of common interest.

GM Mexico Improves Environment One Tree at a Time

GM Mexico

Four facilities in Mexico demonstrated their commitment by organizing several tree planting events in 2013 where more than 8,000 trees have been planted by GM employees.

New Mexican Law Protects All Coastline Nesting Grounds of Sea Turtles


Mexico had recently passed a law that provides protection to the nesting grounds of the sea turtles. In the past, only those considered as sanctuaries and reserves are protected by the government but now, all sites are covered.

Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change

Every year on April 22, more than one billion people take part in Earth Day. Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge the amazing planet we call home and take action to protect it.

Earth Hour 2013: Dare the World to Save the Planet

Millions of people around the world switch off their lights for Earth Hour at 8.30pm (20:30) in their local times on March 23. For 2013, Earth Hour invites you to do more than switch off. We want you to dare the world to save the planet.

Bicycles Defend Their Place in Mexico City's Concrete Jungle


There are 32,500 users of the Ecobici transportation system, who have used the bicycles some 4.7 million times so far. Ecobici now has 168 stations and 2,380 bicycles in the central and western parts of the capital.

Celebrate Sustainability During Follow the Frog Week

Rainforest Alliance

To let consumers know how they can support a healthier future for people and the planet, the Rainforest Alliance has launched its second annual week-long campaign that encourages individuals and businesses to celebrate sustainability by taking even one small step toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Developers Resubmit Controversial Plan for Massive Mexican Resort Near Endangered Reef

Associated Press

Developers have resurrected plans for a massive beach resort near a sensitive coral reef in Mexico's Gulf of California, just two months after authorities rejected a similar plan amid protests by environmental groups.

Mexico Government and Pronatura Noroeste Team Up to Protect Whale Sanctuary


The Mexican government and the Pronatura Noroeste organization signed an accord to improve protection of a Pacific coastal lagoon that serves as a refuge for gray whales.

Jason Taylor and the Art of Reef Conservation

New York Times

Jason deCaires Taylor has found a way to blend a love of diving and coral reefs with his art — which he crafts on dry land and then lowers into the seas.

Building Sustainable Global Research Partnerships

Guardian UK

A UK-funded conservation project in Mexico has involved local landowners, universities and a Grammy award-winning band to achieve a triple bottom line of sustainability.

WWF Applauds Mexico's Ecological Efforts

The News

The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, praised the participation of businesses, citizens and federal and local governments in environmentally friendly actions as a part of its Earth Hour campaign.

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