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Deep Blue Conservancy is a multinational nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of marine life and ecosystems impacted by human activity.

We focus on using education, scientific research and technology to protect and preserve our oceanic heritage for future generations.

We formed Deep Blue Conservancy as a US 501(c)3 corporation so that we are able to apply for corporate grant opportunities from our guests and other like-minded individuals.

These tax-deductible grants and individual contributions allow us to continue our research, the results of which are ultimately transformed into educational programs and marine and coastal conservation efforts.

We work in association with Ocean Friendly Tours in presenting responsible whale watching adventures.

Click the button above to make a donation to the Deep Blue Conservancy PayPal account.

Oscar Frey from Ocean Friendly Tours, Deep Blue Conservancy and The Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Forum believe in responsible tourism and are dedicated to responsible whale watching and the protection and preservation of the Humpback whales and giving back to our community.

"Respectful" is a keyword when it comes to describing Ocean Friendly Tours whale watching excursions. Led by a marine scientist & his specialized, bilingual crew, discover the marvels of the whale world on board the customized fiberglass boats.

You will be able to listen to the whale's tonal singing with their hydrophone and speaker system. Your day on board will bring lifelong memories.

How You Can Help

Our wish list indicates items that can be purchased for our immediate research needs and usage.

We need funding to finish our new record of whale songs and to edit the new Catalog of Humpback Whales of Banderas Bay. We will use the record of whale songs to raise funds and create awareness.

Deep Blue Conservancy has partnered with Ocean Friendly Tours as another resource for our research, education and conservation programs. We hope you'll book your Whale Watching Tour with Ocean Friendly Tours.

Since Deep Blue Conservancy is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, all of your gifts are fully tax deductible.

Information about our tax exempt status can be found on the About Us page.

If you would rather make a monetary donation please continue to our Donations page.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Last updated: January 4, 2022 · Charity ID: 210

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Less Speed = More Lives: Cindy Returns to Bahía de Banderas

Quadratín Jalisco

Since 2002, the group that conducts research on humpback whales in the Banderas Bay region began to record the arrival of a female whale they named "Cindy." She is the ambassador of the campaign "Less Speed = More Lives" since she survived a collision with a boat in 2011. Read more >>>

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