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Horizonte de Paz Clinica de Rehabilitacion

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

We were established in 2010 as a haven for hope and light for those suffering from addictions and a unique and safe place where the needy addicts can go to receive support and help.

Our shelter helps fight addiction and other self-destructive behaviors through the increase of level of consciousness creating reality both internally and externally, and helping the addicts to stay focused on returning to be a productive member of society.

We are a clinic where our members can help channel their emotions so they can then go out and face the world with a civic conscience, realizing what is good and what is bad. One of our important values is to believe in family unity as the main foundation of the individual so they can maintain, sustain and evaluate for themselves and know they have a 24/7 support system.

If our incoming addicts are in need of physical and/or psychological help, they are provided with evaluations so we can better help them.

We realize that those in need of help do not always have the pesos required to enter the shelter, so we have established a working program where they can pay when they are able to get enough recovery to go out and work at whatever occupation they may have had in the past, or we give encouragement and help in creating a new way to establish this goal.

We help them in every way to repay the entry fee, not only because we need it to keep our doors open, but because it gives them a new pride to know that they are back in a world of reality and are handling their responsibilities.

Those that arrive to our shelter without resources realize that the doors are always open and we are there to help with their obsessions, pain and anxiety and we welcome them with open arms in the hope that they can obtain peace after addiction.

We encourage our members to start with a short-term goal, which would be staying sober, finding a job and changing their focus.

We do not receive government assistance and rely on contributions from our generous benefactors, such as Mr. Guillermo Wulff, and hope to have others that wish to become involved.

In the last couple years, we have changed our shelter from just four bare walls, where incoming members slept on the floor, to comfortable beds with mattresses and linens - we now even have a roof.

We owe a great amount of praise to our recovering members who constantly work with us in improving our environment and it is rewarding to see the glow of pride on their faces associated with their efforts.

We want to be an example for those addicts in recovery and let them realize that they can change their life when they don't know how to do it by themselves.

We want the addicts out there to know that there is a solution and we can help them. We are the first door, a way out, an alternative, and a way to stop their self-destruction.

It has been a lot of work but everything is going better and the clinic is helping a lot of people to be sane and to be free of drugs and alcohol.

Last updated: October 14, 2019 · Charity ID: 418

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Health and Wellness Free Soul Festival at Marina Vallarta

Travel Pulse

Puerto Vallarta will be at the center of the Health and Wellness world this weekend when it hosts the Free Soul Festival through Sunday.

14th Puerto Vallarta International Festival of Altruism


This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 6, 2018, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

13th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 20 Local Vallarta-Nayarit Charities


This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 14, 2017, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

Vida Fest Vallarta: Fifth International Festival of Comedy, Circus and Arts

Vallarta Opina

Vida Fest is an event that has a very particular mission focused on attending to a phenomenon that has been growing every day, the subject of suicide, and how to respond to the difficult daily hardships with a smile.

Eagle Wings Foundation Presents Major Donation for 32 Altruistic Organizations

Vallarta Opina

This year resources of 2,591,200 pesos were granted to 32 associations by the Eagle Wings Foundation with the support of Villas Group Resort, which was recognized by the Mayor and the President of DIF.

Puerto Vallarta June Newsletter from American Legion Post 14

American Legion Post 14

Greetings from sunny and warm Puerto Vallarta. Please enjoy the latest newsletter from American Legion Post 14. Feel free to pass this newsletter along to friends, relatives, and other Vets.

12th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 20 Local Vallarta-Nayarit Charities


This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 8, 2016, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Dinner Theater, Live Concerts, Charity Bingo, Bucerias Festival, Fundraisers, Vallarta Cup, Sobriety Under the Sun, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Puerto Vallarta Men's Chorus to Perform at Benefit Dinner for Rehab Center

Puerto Vallarta Mens Chorus

No Way Jose will host the benefit dinner on March 20 for Horizonte de Paz, the Puerto Vallarta Men's Residential Rehabilitation Center for alcohol and drug abuse. The PV Men's Chorus will provide the entertainment.

President Obama's Second Inaugural Celebration

Democrats Abroad

Democrats Abroad is sponsoring this event to witness the swearing in, inaugural speech and parade on January 21. All proceeds will be given to support the good work of Paradise Community Center.

Puerto Vallarta has 19 Recorded Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Vallarta Opina

The State of Jalisco has 250 rehabilitation centers on record, of which 19 are located in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta. Sixty-nine of the centers are recognized at the federal level according to the Secretariat of Health Jalisco.

Fall Cleaning: Our Local Banderas Bay Charities Count On It


Now that the weather is getting cooler, go through your closets, empty the storage building and clean out the garage. Everyone knows there are things you have stashed that you are never going to use. Pull it out and pass it on to someone that can do good with it.

Eagle Wings Deliver 1.5M Pesos to Local Charities

Puerto Vallarta Convention and Visitors Bureau

Alas de Aguila continues to improve lives of vulnerable Vallarta residents through various civil associations as part of their commitment to work together to lend support to a greater number of people.

Philanthropy Strategy Vallarta

The city assured the Altruistic Network that during in the next session of City Council, there will be a vote on the proposal to ensure full support for the associations of the region which will be assessed by the Commission for Social Assistance.

CDMX to Host World Para Swimming and World Para Powerlifting Championships

Paralympic Games

It is the first time that Mexico City will stage a World Championships for either sport, with the swimming competition taking place 2-7 December and the powerlifting events being contested from 2-8 December.

While Fighting a War on Drugs, Mexico Has Become a Drug Consumer Nation

The Fulano Forum

The illegal business is no longer to just pass the drugs over the border nor the illegal landing strips for airplanes to bring in cocaine from Colombia and Bolivia.

Life-Saving Drug to Reverse Overdoses Should Come Over the Counter

Human Rights Watch

The US federal and state governments are taking insufficient action to ensure access to the life-saving medication naloxone to reverse opioid overdose, resulting in thousands of preventable deaths.

US and Mexico Pledge to Bolster Efforts to Combat Deadly Tide of Fentanyl


The United States and Mexico pledged to step up efforts to beat the growing threat of fentanyl, a synthetic opiate up to 50 times more lethal than heroin blamed for the deaths of thousands of people in recent years.

Mexico Is Finally Catching Up to States in the US on Marijuana Legalization


On Dec. 13, Mexican senators overwhelmingly voted to legalize medicinal marijuana, eight months after president Pena Nieto proposed a review of national drug policy. The bill must now pass Mexico’s lower Chamber of Deputies, but is already being heralded by lawmakers.

Addiction Epidemic in US Creates Black Tar Heroin Boom in Mexico


In Mexico, a profound change is occurring in the drug trade. Where cartels once focused on smuggling marijuana and cocaine to the United States, they are now turning more and more to a new product: heroin.

Global Commission Reports the War on Drugs Is Failing, It's Time to Decriminalize


The decriminalization of drugs would be a welcome change to mitigate the disastrous effects of decades of the failing war on drugs.

Tough-Love Drug Rehabs in Mexico Have 'Kidnapping Teams' to Help Addicts Recover

Fox News Latino

An extreme form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Mexico is beginning to attract U.S. citizens, many of whom believe that a tough-love treatment may succeed where 12-step programs have failed.

Report Links US Pharmaceutical Drug Lobby to Spreading Opioid Epidemic

InSight Crime

A new report sheds light on how the US pharmaceutical industry has poured millions of dollars into an effort to stop public health measures aimed at curbing over-prescription of opioid drugs, indirectly feeding the US heroin epidemic and Mexico's deadly boom in heroin production.

Counterfeit Pills Laced with Deadly Opioid Infiltrating Drug Market, DEA Says

The Guardian

The illegal drugs look like known prescription painkillers and contain high amounts of fentanyl as law enforcement says problem is expected to escalate.

Relieving Pain and Fighting Addiction: We Have to Come to Grips with the Challenge


The use of opium-based analgesics to treat pain is quite a conundrum. Can we find a better way?

In Latin America, 'We Should Never Have Dealt with Drugs as a Criminal Issue'

Epoch Times

In Latin America, there is a growing number of thought leaders and political leaders who think the abuse of drugs is a health issue, rather than a criminal issue.

Amid Heroin Epidemic, the US Focuses on Stopping Drugs at Mexican Border


A sea of vehicles enters San Diego every day from Mexico. Any one of them could be carrying drugs. Sidney Aki, port director for San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports, tried to describe the challenge.

Groundbreaking First-Ever Study Reveals Effects of LSD on the Brain

The Fix

The crowdfunded study could have potential implications for LSD to eventually become a viable option for treating addiction and depression.

Mexico's Catholic Church Greenlights Medical Marijuana, Nixes Recreational Use

PanAm Post

The Mexican Episcospal Conference declared it is in favor of the medical use of marijuana, though noted the harmful effects addiction can have to society over longer periods of time.

World Health Commission Calls for End of Drug War

The Daily Caller

An international commission of medical experts is calling for global drug decriminalization, arguing that current policies lead to violence, deaths and the spread of disease, harming health and human rights.

New Documentary Shows What a Humane Approach to Addiction Actually Looks Like

The Huffington Post

"Frontline" cameras spent a year chronicling not only the quiet devastation of the opioid epidemic but also the attempts of police officers and social workers, public defenders and prosecutors, to save the lives of addicted people without locking them up.

Mexico City Develops Standards for Treating Female Substance Abusers

Global Press Journal

Olga Badillo Gonzlez opened the Crisol Amor y Esperanza rehabilitation center after working at another coed facility. She says she opened her own center after seeing first-hand the need to support women and provide them with specific care. Almost always, rehabilitation is aimed at men.

Author Sam Quinones' 'Dreamland' Chronicles America's Opiate Nightmare

The Seattle Times

Since it came out in April, “Dreamland” has made several publications’ Year’s Best Books lists, and Angus Deaton, Nobel Prize-winning professor of economics at Princeton, who called it “as fast-paced and compelling as any thriller.”

Even Greater Rise in Overdose Deaths for 2014 Confirms Drug Policy Failure

Hudson Institute

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control confirms the even greater opiate mortality toll than that which has already catapulted the drug overdose crisis into the headlines.

A Divided Country Readies for Mexico's 2016 Domestic Drug Policy Debate

InSight Crime

The stage is now set for a 2016 drug debate between Mexico's courts and the Pena Nieto administration, with the two sides currently at odds over drug policy. Popular opinion, however, appears to favor the administration.

DEA: Mexican Cartels Increasing Heroin Production


Mexican transnational criminal organizations have significantly increased opium production and shifted their operations to expand heroin trafficking in recent years.

Drugs, Booze and Anxiety Raise Death Rates Among White Middle-Aged US Citizens

New Scientist

A heady mix of booze, drug addiction and financial anxiety is dragging white, middle-aged people in the US to an early grave.

DEA: Heroin 'Clearly More Dangerous' Than Marijuana


After announcing last month that marijuana was “probably not” as dangerous as heroin, the DEA went and huddled up with the team and returned to the public with a bold stance on marijuana’s danger relative to heroin.

Rito del Pasesito: Viral Video Challenge Encourages Mexican Teens to Snort Cocaine

The Fix

A truly morbid version of the ice bucket challenge is starting to go viral throughout Mexico, only this variant challenges teenagers to snort cocaine.

Middle America Is Waking Up to a Mexican Cartel Heroin Nightmare


The face of heroin abuse and addiction in America has changed dramatically in the last few years, and Mexican cartel drug traffickers are making sure those deadly little “balloons” filled with black-tar venom get into the hands of Middle America’s youth.

How the Prescription Painkiller Fentanyl Became a Favored Street Drug

Delaware Public Media

Fentanyl is a favored painkiller because it acts fast. But it's also 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine. The powerful drug has made its way to the streets and increasingly is being used to cut heroin - resulting in a deadly combination.

In Mexico, Illicit Poppy 'Gardens' Feed Growing US Demand for Heroin

The Los Angeles Times

Small "gardens" are feeding the growing appetite for heroin across the northern border. The bulk of the drug sold in the United States now comes from Mexico.

Missing: People, Funds in Tijuana's Unprecedented Homeless Relocation Effort

Four months ago, Tijuana’s mayor put hundreds of homeless migrants into drug rehabilitation centers across the city. The move was unprecedented, and raised human rights concerns.

Attorney General Arely Gomez Gonzalez Says 'Criminalization of Drug Users Intolerable'

La Jornada

According to the National Addiction Survey, almost six million Mexicans have tried illegal drugs at least once. Of this number, almost 400,000 are under 18.

LatAm Countries Mull Failure of US-Led War on Drugs, Planning to Change Course

Xinhua News Agency

On the UN-designated International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Latin American countries mulled the failure of the hardball tactics in fighting drugs, planning to change course in the drug war.

Rising Threat of Synthetic-Drug Smuggling Across Mexico's Borders

Prensa Latina

Criminal groups created new synthetic drugs that simulate the effects of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, and are threatening to smuggle them into Mexico, experts say.

Dreamland: How America Got Addicted to Heroin

Al Jazeera

More than half a million Americans now use heroin every year. For many of those users, their addictions began with painkillers like OxyContin.

Native Americans Use Sweat Lodge Ceremonies to Recover from Heroin Abuse

Fronteras Desk

The recovery program combines western practices like the 12 steps with traditional indigenous healing ceremonies. Ken Lewis said the God talk wasn’t working. It was the sweat lodge that gave him the hope he so desperately needed.

Home-Brewed Heroin? Scientists Create Yeast That Can Make Sugar Into Opiates

The Guardian

Researchers have managed to reproduce the way poppies create morphine in the wild, but warn that the technology needs urgent regulation.

Commissioner Against Addiction Says Mexico Is Open to Cannabis Debate

El Universal

The national commissioner against addiction, Manuel Mondragon y Kalb, said that Mexico is open to the dialog in the field of decriminalization, regulation and legalization of cannabis, and that each one of those topics is clearly different from the others.

Alcoholism Shortens Lifespan By Nearly a Decade, Long-Term Study Finds

The Fix

Most are fully aware that heavy drinking is hard on the body, but a new study revealed alcoholism actually reduces one’s lifespan by an average of 7.6 years.

Heroin Deaths Nearly Triple in US Over 3 Years, White House Blames Mexico

Sputnik News

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of heroin related deaths in the US nearly tripled between 2010 and 2013, and the White House has pointed the finger south of the border.

How an Enterprising Mexican Town in Nayarit Turned the US Heartland on to Black Tar Heroin

In fascinating detail, Sam Quinones chronicles how enterprising sugar cane farmers on the west coast of Mexico created a unique distribution system that brought black tar heroin to the veins of people across the United States.

Tijuana Officials Mandate Drug Treatment for Hundreds of 'El Bordo' Homeless

Hundreds of people who were living in makeshift homes in a Tijuana river canal are now in rehabilitation centers across the city. Most were deportees who turned to methamphetamine and heroin after losing hope of returning to the U.S.

UN Debates on Drugs: 'There Must Be No New Thinking and No New Ideas'

The Huffington Post

The statement above is not necessarily one that you might expect from an intergovernmental forum on a hot topic of international policy - except perhaps when that policy is about drugs.

A Legal Drug That's 50 Times More Powerful Than Heroin Blamed for Spike in Fatal Overdoses

Business Insider

Federal drug enforcement officials last week issued a nationwide alert about the dangers of fentanyl, a powerful opioid often used to increase the potency of heroin and blamed for an “alarming” spike in deadly overdoses.

Street Heroin Is Cheaper Than Oxycontin, and Overdoses Are Increasing

Epoch Times

The opioid drug OxyContin was changed to make it harder for people to abuse, but the modification had limited value. People may have simply switched to the less expensive but just as dangerous drug heroin.

Heroin: Following the Trail from the Poppy Fields of Mexico to the Streets of America

Al Jazeera

Over the past month Al Jazeera followed the heroin corridor from colorful poppy fields in the remote mountains of southern Mexico to Martinsburg, West Virginia - one small American town ravaged by addiction and overdoses.

Tijuana Pharma-Cartels Rake It in with US Addicts

El Universal

Tijuana is a paradise for lovers of controlled drugs. The three main avenues of the tourist area of the city have 49 drugstores. All of them offer products such as strong painkillers, muscle relaxants, antidepressants and sedatives 30, 50, even 70% cheaper than in the United States.

Poppy Production in Mexico Rises to Meet Growing North American Heroin Demand

Insight Crime

As criminal groups in Mexico rush to meet the growing demand for heroin in the United States, InSight Crime looks at the production chain from poppy farms to heroin laboratories.

Pena Nieto Urges Mexico Authorities to Make a Common Front Against Addictions

Presidency of the Republic

President Enrique Pena Nieto urged the country’s state and municipal authorities, together with the government, to make a common front in order to reverse the growing trend of higher addictions among the population, especially the most vulnerable sector: adolescents and children.

Global Drug Survey Ranks How Bad Trips on LSD and Magic Mushrooms Compare

The Guardian

The Global Drug Survey tells us a lot about how drug use differs from country to country and one of those metrics is how people feel when doing drugs.

Technology Fuels Fight Against Cocaine Use in Mexico

USC News

Projection mapping aims images and text onto buildings, delivering health missives to habitual users.

Here's What Happened to Teen Drug Use in the US After States Legalized Marijuana


It's on the decline. That's the takeaway from the 2014 Monitoring the Future study, which tracked drug use among more than 40,000 eighth, 10th and 12th graders across the United States.

End Mexico's Drug War: No to Criminalization, Yes to Medicalization

La Jornada

It's time for Mexico to use the moral authority granted by its nearly 100,000 dead and 22,000 missing to decriminalize drugs and invest in their medicalization.

Heavy Drinking Increases a Woman's Injury Risk More Than a Man's

Reuters Health

Heavy drinking increases the risk of being injured, and far more so for women than men, researchers say. In a review of emergency department admissions in 18 countries, they also found that violence was involved in twice as many drinking-related injuries as were traffic collisions, falls or other causes.

Crystal Meth Makes Comeback in Gay Communities

Edge on the Net

Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of methamphetamine use in the gay community; some have even called it an epidemic.

Mexico's Jalisco State May Legalize Medical Marijuana By Year's End


One state in Mexico is currently in the process of legalizing the medical use of marijuana. The state of Jalisco, which borders the Pacific Ocean in the central part of the country, will most likely have a plan in place by the end of the year.

Mexico's Carlos Slim Launches Global Campaign to Hire Workers with Disabilities

Bloomberg News

Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecommunications billionaire who ranks as the world’s second-richest person, is pledging to hire workers with disabilities and asking others to join him.

Proceso News Item Highlighting Juarez Drug Activity Removed from Facebook

Mexico News Daily

The giant social media site shut down the Facebook page of Mexican newsmagazine Proceso for five hours after it published a photo showing a man injecting himself with heroin.

World Leaders Submit Report for the Legalization and Regulation of Drug Use

Fox News Latino

A commission of former world leaders call on governments from around the globe to end the criminalization of drug use and possession, making it the most distinguished group of high-level leaders to call for such drastic changes in global drug policy.

Fighting Addiction with San Judas, Mexico's Patron Saint of Lost Causes

AJ+ Labs

Saint Judas Tadeo, the patron saint of lost causes, has a ton of young adult fans in Mexico City. In a place where violence, drugs, and despair can be a way of life for some, San Judas comes to the rescue.

30% of the Patients in Mexican Social Security Hospitals Have the 'Shakes'

The Fulano Forum

Hector Sanchez de la Vega said that at least 30% of the patients hospitalized in his medical facilities of that institution suffer from "Delirium Tremens" and this comes fundamentally from addictions to alcohol and drugs.

Ibogaine Called a 'Cure' for Heroin Addiction

Jake Smith tells his story to NBC about how bad his heroin addiction was and why he decided to try Ibogaine treatment in Mexico to order to overcome his addiction.

The War-on-Drugs Human Catastrophe: Hannah Hetzer Calls a Spade a Spade

PanAm Post

Since 2006, prohibition-fueled drug trafficking in Mexico has resulted in approximately 100,000 homicides and thousands of disappearances. Sadly, Central America has become the region with the highest homicide rates in the world, and 25 percent of all US incarcerations are now linked to drugs.

Treating Mexican Drug Addicts Doubles Since 2000

Prensa Latina

The number of Mexican citizens who have received medical care or treatment by the Juvinile Integration Centers (CIJ) due to his addiction to drugs increased 81 percent from 2006 to 2013, a new report reveals.

Narconon Residential Drug Rehab Wing for Women Opens in Tijuana


In early April 2014, with festivities and drug education lectures, Narconon Tijuana in Baja California opened services for adult women to augment its existing service to adult men.

Is Brain Restoration Therapy 'Too Good to Be True' for Addiction and Disease?

The Fix

Could megadoses of energy-giving NAD - which allegedly relieves withdrawal symptoms, flushes out stored drugs in the body and replenishes balance in the brain - really be the cure-all for addiction as well as many other diseases and mental health disorders?

Could a Reality TV Show Really Help Get Latin America Off Drugs?


If a reality show can reduce teenage pregnancies, why couldn't you make one to do the same for drugs? That was one of the ideas put forward at a forum on drug policy in Panama.

Narconon Helping Indigenous in Mexico Escape from the Nightmare of Drug Abuse


Indigenous Indians from the jungles of Oaxaca and the mountains of Veracruz, Mexico recently attended Narconon First Step workshops to learn how to use simple, but effective rehab tools such as vitamins and minerals, communication and orientation exercises.

Heroin Overdoses Pose 'Urgent Public Health Crisis': US Attorney General

The Washington Post

Attorney General Holder has called attention to the Justice Department's unprecedented efforts to combat heroin and prescription opiate abuse.

Translating Intervention Programs Can Take More Than a Change of Language

Prevention Action

When transferring an evidence-based intervention program across national frontiers, a simple language translation may not be enough. Results from a substance use prevention program in Mexico suggest that wider cultural adaptations are necessary to maximize effectiveness.

Addiction Recovery: There's an App for That

The Fix

You might not know it yet, but your best friend and worst enemy in recovery may be the same tool you use everyday - your smartphone.

Do Efforts to Crack Down on Prescription Drug Abuse Drive Users to Heroin?

The Fix

Nearly 80% of recent heroin initiates started by misusing prescriptions. What are we doing about it?

Heroin's Back, But Prescription Opiates Are Still a Much Bigger Problem


Heroin use is on the rise in rural and suburban counties all across the U.S. In the latest federal survey of drug use found the number of people who used heroin recently nearly doubled in the last five years. At the same time, the use of prescription opiates has also risen.

Alcohol Consumption Cause of Nearly 80,000 Deaths Per Year in the Americas


A new study has measured the number and pattern of deaths caused by alcohol consumption in 16 North and Latin American countries.

The Double-Edged Drug: Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side

The New York Times

In demand in clinics and on the street, 'Bupe' has become both medication and dope: a treatment with considerable successes and also failures, as well as a street and prison drug bedeviling local authorities.

Mexican Teen, First Case of Krokodil Use in Jalisco

The Huffington Post

Public authorities in Mexico shared details of a gruesome case of the flesh-eating drug krokodil, the first to be officially reported in the state of Jalisco.

Methamphetamine Gains Foothold in Mexico Over the Past Decade

Yuma Sun

A little over a decade ago, methamphetamine use was so low in Mexico that it didn’t even show up in yearly drug statistics. But statistics belie the true nature of methamphetamine’s threats to society.

Time for Intervention: Drug Overdoses Are Killing More People Than Cars, Guns

The Huffington Post

The world can be a dangerous place, but even with all the bad drivers, treacherous heights and violence, more people are dying from drug overdoses than from any other cause of injury death, including traffic accidents, falls or guns.

Study: Cocaine Rewires Brain After Just One Use

The Huffington Post

A new study at UC San Francisco's Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center has revealed that cocaine may rewire the brain and drastically affect decision-making after just one use.

Narconon Mexico and Police Forces Build a Partnership to Reduce Drug Abuse


Police forces in Guanajuato and Queretaro welcome Narconon drug education classes and training to help reduce drug use by local youth.

The Ayahuasca Project: The Jungle Prescription


The Jungle Prescription is a documentary film about ayahuasca and its encounter with the West - as played out through the story of two doctors, their patients, a team of scientists, and group of indigenous shamans.

Wearable Robot Allows Disabled to Stand and Walk

Al Jazeera

For the millions of people suffering from some form of paralysis, the only mobility option remains a wheelchair. Now, engineers have developed a wearable robot which allows people with paralysis to stand and walk.

Drug Addiction and Suicide on the Rise in Mexico

La Jornada

Violence, kidnappings and witnessing aggression and deaths, along with illegal drug use, has caused a 30 percent rise in the prevalence of mental illness, stated the director of the National Psychiatry Institute.

Can Virtual Reality Software Tools Treat Addiction?

Popular Science

The idea is that people will develop coping strategies, then take those strategies back to the real world. With coping mechanisms in their tool kits, users will get better, faster. But just because someone says no in a fake world, does that mean he'll say no in real life?

As Mexico's Traffickers Ship Drugs North, They Leave Addicts in Their Wake

The Christian Science Monitor

Exponential growth in the trafficking of drugs through Mexico – destined for the large consumer market to the north – is leaving a growing number of addicts in its wake.

Safer Streets: Mexico City Targets Drunk Drivers, Reduces Traffic Accidents

Nine years after its introduction, the Conduce Sin Alcohol (Drive Without Alcohol) program has reduced the number of accidents and deaths on the streets of Mexico City.

Embassy Sponsors US Experts to Offer Tips on Drug Abuse in Mexico

The News

The U.S. Embassy this week sponsored the visits of several experts to speak about drug abuse prevention, family therapy and drug treatment courts. The experts were invited to participate in Mexico’s largest annual conference on the prevention and treatment of drug abuse.

United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of People with Disability (December 3) is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992. The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.

Tijuana in First Place in Mexico for Hard Drug Use in National Addiction Survey

According to the survey, 10 percent of the border population is addicted, where there is a confluence of deportees and migrants and in a vulnerable state; young people and children and many more.

Intermational Symposium Meets on Drug Addiction Treatment, Strategies

Prensa Latina

Experts from several countries are in Chile through Wednesday to discuss the advances in scientific investigations regarding treatments and pharmacological strategies against drugs.

Health Department Reports Country's Rising Drug Use Has Stabilized

Associated Press

The Health Department's 2011 national addictions survey says 1.5 per cent of Mexicans aged 12 to 65 admitted to using illegal drugs at least once, compared to 1.4 per cent in 2008, the last time the survey was conducted.

Visions Theater Company: From Church Basement to Big Screen

The Fix

A long-running play about addiction and recovery that has reached thousands of addicts has become a movie.

Online Treatment and Therapy Sessions From the Comfort of Your Home

The Fix

A new online rehab offers "shame-free" treatment via video conferencing, its CEO tells The Fix. But it's not for everyone.

YouTube Videos Spread Recovery Hope

The Fix

Young People in Recovery is a series of stories told by young men and women about their new lives in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day

Commemorating those who have met with death or permanent injury as a result of drug overdose, International Overdose Awareness Day also acknowledges the grief felt by their families and friends.

Scientists Can Now Block Heroin, Morphine Addiction

Medical Xpress

The team from the University of Adelaide and University of Colorado has discovered the key mechanism in the body's immune system that amplifies addiction to opioid drugs.

Why Addiction Treatment Is a Disaster

The Fix

If addiction is a medical disease, why have we abandoned it to untrained counselors, unproven treatments and unaccountable programs?

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