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Dennis & Faye Janson have been active missionaries in the Puerto Vallarta area for over twelve years and teaching English at Casa Hogar.

The children in my class (13) are starting to use the English they have been taught. The other day one of the 6 year old said "Dennis, please come here please." in perfect English. Of course, once the others saw me go directly to the girls it has now become a popular sentence. Hehe. We have seen so many wonderful changes in all the children but are continually faced with very terrible stories of abuse. Faye & I see our main reason for being in both locations is to show each child Jesus love.

The children are placed in the facilities by DIF (Social Services). They are either found living on the streets under bridges begging for food, or have run away or thrown out of the homes because a boyfriend doesn't want to provide for them i.e. to many mouths to feed or a parent has physically abused them in some way.

Faye and I want to thank the many volunteers we get each year to help at Casa Hogar Orphanage. They are the main reason for the success of the teaching of English. Because there are always new children to teach it forces me to neglect the other children if I don't have volunteers for the newcomers.

Our volunteers come from Canada, Mexico & the United States. We get individual, couples and church teams looking to bless the kids. We have folks coming on vacation and spending an hour with us and they are forever changed. I encourage you to bring your children so they can not only react with our children but also see how wonderful the life is that their own parents are providing for them. They will come away with a new realization of life in other countries and an appreciation of their own.

Encourage your church mission teams to contact us and the Lord will provide them with information that may well change the lives of all who visit the orphanage. Even after 12  years the Lord continues to not only bless His Will, His Way Ministries but also continues to grow us as well.

About Our Work at His Will, His Way Mexico

Here is an update on the important work we do here in Puerto Vallarta at Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz Orphanage

We are very excited this year with the results finally showing through as the children learn English. My little ones are now even making sentences in English and also asking questions in English.

My children range in age from 6 to 12 years old and come from very difficult circumstances. Some have never been to school and are struggling with their own language. But because we are consistent in our methods of teaching we are even overcoming that problem as they love to teach me Spanish in return.

Because we constantly reward them with love and positive feedback, they are now eager to show their work and receive stars and 100% on their papers.

I started a new thing this year where I draw a little funny or unusual face on their papers and they just love to compare with others.

The program is really blossoming because of the many volunteers we are now receiving.

The Mexican government does not support any of the orphanages or homes for the girls or boys in need. If it weren't for the many generous gringos here I think they would starve. The businesses here help when they can, i.e. Costco provides some fruit, vegetables and bread that is outdated, but it is not near enough to feed the kids.

I am so proud of the Rotary Club here as it is supporting the children's schooling with uniforms, books, registration fees even up to and including college.
Thanks everyone for your prayers, support and encouragement.

How You Can Help His Will, His Way Mexico

1. Mail a Check
You can contribute to the missionary of your choice by sending a check in the mail. If this is your preferred method, write your missionary’s account number in the memo section of your check, make the check payable to Shepherd’s Staff, and mail it to:

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators
6739 Academy Rd. N.E. #320
Albuquerque, N.M. 87109

2. Pay with Your Personal Bank
Many banks offer an online bill payment option. By choosing this option you are able to set up a date each month when you would send an online support check for a missionary with funds from your checking or savings account. To ensure that the gift is processed correctly make sure to include the missionary’s account number in the memo section of the check and make the check payable to Shepherd’s Staff.

3. Online Using the SSMFI Website
You can donate online through Electronic Checking from your personal checking or savings account, or by using your Credit/Debit card. You have the option of making a one-time donation or setting up an automatic recurring (monthly) transaction. For donors having no clear preference between using Electronic Checking or a Credit/Debit card, it is preferred that you use Electronic Checking. Credit/Debit card processing fees paid by Shepherd’s Staff are significant.

Our account name and number is Janson, Dennis and Faye #607 which needs to be on your check or correspondence.

Shepherd's Staff telephone number is: (505) 248-9849. Email is or visit Shepherd's Staff.

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