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Juvenile Integration Center

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

Life on the Streets of Mexico City - Media Voices for Children shot this interview with fifteen-year-old Clara on the streets of Mexico City. It took a lot of time and effort to track her down and get her to trust them enough to talk to to the cameras. (Media Voices for Children)

Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C. (CIJ) works with programs and projects of prevention, treatment, social reintegration, research and human resources development (HDR) in the field of addictions for juveniles.

Through the years, the institution has extended its structure, programs and services based on a shared commitment with the society and a renovated spirit day by day.

What is CIJ?

Centros de Integración Juvenil, A.C. (CIJ), Juvenile Integration Centers, is a non-profit civil association incorporated into the Health Sector.

The association was founded in 1969 with the aim of addressing drug use among the young. At that time, this was just an emerging public health problem.

The pioneering work and vision of an organized community group, headed by Madam Kena Moreno, who was interested in countering drug abuse and raise awareness of various walks in the country about this problem, materialized with the establishment of the Center for young drug addicts, which later added efforts of various agencies and people, including federal authorities and the community in general.

CIJ has over 40 years experience and activities are aimed at the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and scientific research on the drug consumption in Mexico. With the passing of the years, the institution has expanded its structure, programs and services, based on a commitment shared with society and a renewed spirit day by day.


Provide prevention and treatment services to address drug use, based on scientific knowledge and to train specialized human resources.


Continue providing quality services in prevention, treatment, research and training in the field of addictions at national and international levels in response to existing epidemiological trends.


Contribute to the reduction of demand for drugs with the participation of the community through programs of prevention and treatment, based on the evidence to improve the quality of life of the population.

CIJ is an agency of the State, and since September of 1982 has been regulated by the Minister of Health and has been subject to the regulations issued by the federal Government for the parastatal entities.

Since October 2, 1973, CIJ is constituted as a Civil Association under the rule of a General Assembly of Partners and a National Board of Trustees, composed of leading figures in the community with great interest in the institutional work. The General Assembly of Associates is the supreme organ of the Association, consisting of active and honorary members.

The management, administration and legal representation of the Association is in charge of the National Board, the executive organ of the General Assembly of Associates.

Treatment and Rehabilitation at Juvenile Integration Center

For treatment, it is only necessary that the person with the drug, alcohol or tobacco problem to come to the CIJ facility Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.

If the consumer refuses to attend CIJ, we recommend that family and friends attend guidance meetings.

To receive care in the CIJ considers the following clarifications:

1. You or any family member consumes alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

2. Preferably, an appointment should be made via telephone, but even without an appointment, you can go to request attention and someone will assist you.

3. It is asked that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

4. The initial consultation fee is 15 pesos. If you are not able to pay this amount, someone will assist you.

After the initial meeting, you will be provided a calendar of appointments for the future.

The CIJ has health personnel specialized in the care of smoking, alcoholism, and other addictions. CIJ has five essential services:

Early Intervention: For young people who are beginning to consume alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. The intention is to prevent them from developing an addiction and help to acquire healthy lifestyle habits. The intervention is brief and includes psycho-social therapies. Young people and their parents come to the consultations.

Basic External Consultation: For people who have problems of abuse or dependence on alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. The aim is that people stop the consumption of these substances. Consultations are one or two times per week, approximately one hour in length. There are also services for family members. Schedules are flexible.

Intensive External Consultation: For those who have a problem of drug dependence. People attend the CIJ for at least three days a week for four hours or more per day. They participate in therapies and medical and psycho-social rehabilitation workshops. Treatment can last from one to three months, according to the recovery of the individual.

Hospitalization: Residential treatment in a therapeutic community model is an efficient and effective modality for chronic patients who have not had success with other modalities, this is because the subject is kept in an environment protected, highly structured and staffed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, under medical supervision and psychotherapy and psycho-educational activities with cognitive behavioral approach whereby the patient relearns to communicate and to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Maintenance and Addiction with Methadone: The program of maintenance and addiction with Methadone, which is supported in the public policy of reduction of health consequences, having the following clinical objectives:

  • Interrupt the cycle of intoxication - withdrawal;
  • Dramatically reduce consumption of other illicit, opiates and other drugs;
  • Reduce the risk of death by overdose;
  • Reducing behaviors of risk and transmission of threatening as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C infections;
  • Reduce antisocial behavior (criminals);
  • To encourage adherence to treatment.

Last updated: September 27, 2019 · Charity ID: 419

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Sixteenth Race Against Addictions by Youth Integration Centers

CIJ Puerto Vallarta

Substance dependence is a disease that impacts the whole society and not only the people who suffer from it, so actions must be promoted to promote healthy lifestyles, in which families and society in general participate.

'New Drugs and its Impact on Young People' by CIJ

Juvenile Integration Center

The consumption of psychoactive substances is one of the most relevant public health problems in our society, in which multiple variables are involved that are more complex than their comprehension and analysis.

Puerto Vallarta Hosts 'Drug Use: Risks and Consequences' Conference

Juvenile Integration Center

As part of the closure of the event, some of the attendees were involved, providing diverse opinions against drug use, due to the serious consequences they have on the general population, and thus is considered a public health problem.

Vida Fest Vallarta: Fifth International Festival of Comedy, Circus and Arts

Vallarta Opina

Vida Fest is an event that has a very particular mission focused on attending to a phenomenon that has been growing every day, the subject of suicide, and how to respond to the difficult daily hardships with a smile.

'How I Protect Myself from Drugs' Contest by Juvenile Integration Center

Juvenile Integration Center

Artistic expressions such as literature and drawing stimulate the brain processes, cognitive and affective, as well as creativity and imagination.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Dinner Theater, Live Concerts, Charity Bingo, Bucerias Festival, Fundraisers, Vallarta Cup, Sobriety Under the Sun, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Juvenile Integration Center Puerto Vallarta Reports on Marijuana Comsumption

Juvenile Integration Center

It is noteworthy that at the national level, cannabis use was 70.3 per cent in 2008 and rose to 87.4 per cent in 2014, a 17 percent increase in just six years.

Juvenile Integration Center of PV Joins Mexico's Race Against Addictions

Juvenile Integration Center

In Puerto Vallarta, the Sports Meeting will begin at 8:00 am on June 28 at the Agustín Flores Contreras Sports Arena (across from the Sheraton) as 55 cities across Mexico race simultaneously.

World Day Without Tobacco Events from Vallarta's Juvenile Integration Center

Juvenile Integration Center

In efforts to strengthen prevention and treatment of smoking, key activities took place in Puerto Vallarta to commemorate World No Tobacco Day in conjunction with our Juvenile Integration Center (CIJ).

Vallarta JIC Director Beatriz Barron Hernandez: Express Your Feelings

Juvenile Integration Center

Is your kid having changes in his/her attitude? Does he/she get angry or sad all of a sudden? Do you know why?

Vallarta's Juvenile Integration Center Offers Advice and Smoking Cessation Sessions

Juvenile Integration Center

Most people who have had success quitting smoking had at least tried once and not succeeded in the past. Try not to see those tries as failures but as a learning experiences.

International Volunteer Day at Juvenile Integration Center Vallarta

Juvenile Integration Center

On December 5 International Volunteer Day, CIJ recognizes the participation, the commitment and the effort of each and every one of the volunteers in the whole country and who are part of their Volunteers Network.

Invitation to Attend Drug Addiction Action Meeting by the Youth Integration Center of PV

Juvenile Integration Center

Join the Juvenile Integration Center of Puerto Vallarta on August 7 at CasaMagna Marriott for an action meeting and discussion of focused services to the attention of addictions.

'Race Against Drugs' in Vallarta a Huge Success

Juvenile Integration Center

In conjunction with the "Race Against Drugs" there was also a "Health Fair" held at the Puerto Vallarta Sports Stadium with participation by CIMUSIDA Primary Center for Addictions in Puerto Vallarta, the Municipal Women's Institute and CIJ.

Health Fair and Race Against Drugs at Vallarta's Sports Stadium

Juvenile Integration Center

The Juvenile Integration Centers invite you to the national race against addictions. On Sunday, June 29 a simultaneous race will be held in 31 states of Mexico to promote healthy lifestyles.

Run the Race for 'International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking'

Juvenile Integration Center

The Juvenile Integration Center of Puerto Vallarta invites children, youths and adults of all ages to participate on June 29 at the Sports Stadium in the walk and race against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

Juvenile Integration Center Director in Puerto Vallarta Discusses 'No Tobacco Day'

Juvenile Integration Center

Dear readers, I again take over this space that kindly has been offered to me by PVAngels with the object of sharing scientific and relevant information about the prevention and treatment of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs use.

Charities Announced to Benefit from Vallarta's 2013 Altruism Festival

U.S. Consular Agency Vallarta

Twenty-four of our local charity and non-profit organizations in Banderas Bay have been announced to participate and benefit from Puerto Vallarta's largest fundraising event of the year to take place on Sunday, May 5.

9th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 24 Local Charities


This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2013, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

In OECD Member Nations, Mexico Ranks Number One in Teenage Pregnancy

El Universal

Mexico ranked first in teenage pregnancy, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The organization indicates that the figure increased from 30 to 37 per 1,000 between 2005 and 2011.

Did You Know That in Mexico Smoking Is Practiced from an Early Age?

Cigarette consumption is a problem that affects a large number of people in the world, but in Mexico this practice is carried out from an early age.

Health Officials in Mexico Step Up Efforts to Increase Teen Pregnancy Awareness

Al Jazeera

Around 214 million women in developing nations, who want to avoid getting pregnant are not using contraception. Mexico has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancies in the world.

New Laws Aim to Improve Protection for Vulnerable Youths and Promote Participation in Society


The Mexico City government has published the regulations for the Young People’s Rights Law in Mexico City, which seeks to strengthen the development of young people.

Mexico City Street Life: Program Helps Young People Rebuild Their Lives

TRT World

Job training programs are helping more than 15,000 homeless youth in Mexico to leave the street life behind to become cooks and bakers.

MS13 Gangsters Use Guns, Money & Marginalization to Turn Teenagers Into Killers


The Mara Salvatrucha gang, also known as MS-13, started in Los Angeles but has expanded throughout nearly the entire country.

Facing an Increasing Crisis in Security, Mexican Teenagers Face Prison Without Trial

The World Weekly

Last week, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that teenagers aged between 14 and 18 who are thought to have committed severe crimes will go to prison before the trial.

This Mexican Telecom Ad Will Tug at Your Heartstrings and Creep You Out

Fast Company

Mexican mobile company Movistar’s ad is a cautionary tale that will make you second-guess who’s on the other end of that text.

Over 1M Mexican Minors Tasked with Hazardous Jobs

PanAm Post

An estimated 2.48 million Mexican children and teenagers work, of which 2.22 million perform work that is illegal, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography’s Child Labor Module.

A Lost Generation of Young Mexican Girls Robbed of Innocence and Education

The Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of young girls across Mexico are being driven into relationships and marriages with older men, denying them a childhood and an education, new research reveals.

Watch the Anti-LGBTQ Bullying Video That Got a Teacher Suspended

The Huffington Post

A North Carolina teacher was suspended from her job after parents were reportedly angered by an anti-LGBTQ bullying film she played for students.

Suicide Is on the Rise Among the Young People of Mexico's Ciudad Juarez

BBC News

The city's high levels of violence have had long-term psychological effects on its residents, especially its youth.

Physicians to Receive Training as Part of Anti-Suicide Campaign in Mexico


Specialists from Mexico's Ministry of Health will train physicians on how to prevent suicide, one of the main causes of death in young people between 15 and 29 years old.

LatAm's 2nd Largest Child Labor Force Is in Mexico

Al Jazeera

A study released by UNESCO last year says the children who don't attend school are mostly working. The report reveals that at least 21 percent of all Mexican youth between the ages of seven and 14 drop out of school.

Tough-Love Drug Rehabs in Mexico Have 'Kidnapping Teams' to Help Addicts Recover

Fox News Latino

An extreme form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Mexico is beginning to attract U.S. citizens, many of whom believe that a tough-love treatment may succeed where 12-step programs have failed.

MTV's 'Beyond the Wall' Installation Shows the Faces of Millennial Immigrants


A 10 foot by 35 foot wall going up in New York City's Herald Square is part of MTV's Elect This campaign, which helps Millennials get involved in politics. According to a press release from MTV, Millennials are particularly concerned with immigration.

More Than 1500 Friendly, Exclusive Services for the Health Care of Mexico Youth

Secretaria de Salud

Dr. Pablo Kuri Morales, Mexico's undersecretary for disease prevention and health promotion, said that "we promote the culture of prevention within a framework of respect of human rights, equity and interculturality."

Bullying a Problem for a Majority of Young People: U.N.


On International Youth Day, a new poll highlights prevalence of bullying and its devastating impact on young people.

Teenage Rape Victim Denied Abortion in Sonora After Judge Rules Attack Was 'Consensual'

The Telegraph

A 13-year-old rape victim from northern Mexico has been denied her legal right to an abortion after a judge ruled that the sex was consensual.

Kids of Fallen Mexican Police Are Using Art to Cope


A Mexico City-based plastic artist is trying to help raise awareness about fallen police officers and the pain endured by the loved ones who are left behind.

The Fight Club: A Boom in Mexican Women Learning Self-Defense

France 24 English

In this edition, France 24 reports on how self-defense classes are becoming necessary in Mexico as the rate of femicide continues to rise.

New Smart Jewelry Under Development in Mexico Improves Women's Safety


Pepper spray and stun guns are not the only tools women can use to protect themselves from violence. Another more sparkling option, a panic button designed as jewelry, is under development in Mexico.

Budding Young Priest Calls Troubled Mexican Youth to 'Gang of Christ'

Thomson Reuters

On the troubled fringes of the northern Mexican city of Monterrey, an aspiring Catholic priest is using his faith to reach out to young gang members and at-risk youth and bring them into his "Gang of Christ."

Uprooted in Mexico: The US Children 'Returned' to a Country They Barely Know

The Guardian

At least half a million American citizens have enrolled in Mexican schools since 2010 amid a wave of deportations and voluntary repatriations.

Mexico Faces a Tough Test to End Torture of Women by Police and Military

Amnesty International

Amnesty International visited the only federal prison for women in Mexico to conduct interviews for this report; and the appalling stories of abuse just kept coming.

World Population Day - LatAm Development Depends on Investing in Teenage Girls

Inter Press Service

Investing in education for teenage girls in Latin America is regarded as the way forward for them to become future drivers of sustainable develpment in their societies.

Meet CNN Hero Jeison Aristizabal Who's Redefining 'Disabled' in Colombia


Since 2001, Jeison Aristizabal has dedicated his life to giving thousands of young people with disabilities 'like himself' a brighter future in Colombia.

'Lost Generation' Lifestyle Leads to Crime and Violence in Mexico and Beyond

CCTV America

A shocking study by the World Bank shows the high number of Latin American youth who drop out of school and rarely find work. They are a demographic between the ages of 15 through 24 and nicknamed the “Ninis.”

Door of Hope Unites Latino Children with Migrant Parents at US-Mexico Border

Chronicle of Social Change

Imagine you are a five-year-old child and you are unable to hug your mom or dad. A wall divides you from their warm embrace. Never again are you to feel their touch or have the daily experience of their love.

Raised in Hell: The Children Haunted by Juarez's Vicious Drug War


We have a lot of children who are very damaged, who are resentful and angry, and now we have teenagers who are committing high impact crimes, says Jose Luis Flores, director of The Network for Children's Rights in Ciudad Juarez.

Child Labor Affects More Than 2M Children in Mexico

Prensa Latina

Of the 2.5 million children working currently in Mexico, 46 percent only receive food and a place to live as payment.

How Tacos Saved a Suicidal Mexican Teen's Life

teleSUR English

Two police officers in Mexico City have become famous on social media after talking a young man out of committing suicide - by using tacos.

Man on Fire: A Former Federal Agent Puts the Breaks on Global Child Trafficking

Human trafficking generates $32 billion a year off the backs of more than 27 million people - and nearly two million of them are children. Former CIA and Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard is on a global crusade to save each and every child, and bankrupt the entire trafficking system.

As Mexican Families Leave United States for Home, Film Focuses on the Children

The New York Times

“Una Vida, Dos Paises,” a film by Tatyana Kleyn and Ben Donnellon, sheds light on various problems people encounter after they return to Mexico.

CIDAC Reports Abuse and Institutional Failures Plague Mexico's Juvenile Prisons

InSight Crime

New research has uncovered worrying shortcomings and human rights abuses in Mexico's juvenile detention centers, suggesting the system criminalizes rather than rehabilitates young offenders and risks exacerbating rising youth crime.

Teenage Pregnancies in Mexico Considered Epidemic


Teen pregnancy has reached an epidemic level in Mexico, with about 400,000 cases each year accounting for 20 percent of pregnancies across the country, according to an expert.

3.5 Million Breaths Come Together at World Festival to Create a Culture of Peace

The Huffington Post

If it was reported that 50,000 kids in Mexico were at the brink of the biggest intervention the Mexican government has ever undertaken to turn around hopelessness, despair, addiction and enslavement to a culture of drugs among youth - would that make a compelling headline?

Out of School Youth, Unemployed Latino Teens Can Spell Doom for the Economy

Latinos Health

There's a new threat to the Latin American economy, and it comes in the form of "ninis," which is short for "ni estudia ni trabaja," alluding to Latino youth aged 15 to 24 who are neither studying nor working.

Child Labor and the Peril of a Lost Education in Mexico

Al Jazeera

According to the National Statistics Institute, 2.5 million children are working in Mexico. A 2013 World Bank report says 870,000 working children are below the age of 13.

World Bank Reports One in Five Young Latin Americans Do Not Study or Work


According to the report, young people from poor families form part of a vicious circle of broken homes, academic failure, and lack of access to the jobs market that can push them into crime.

Domestic Abuse Towards Men on Rise in Mexico City


From January 2014 to November 2015, 6,503 complaints were filed from men who claimed to have suffered psychological and physical abuse at the hands of a wife, partner or other female relative.

How Exposure to Acts of Violence Affects the Mental Health of Children in Mexico

Tech Times

A new study in the United States explained that exposure to acts of violence and terror negatively affects the mental health of children, making them more likely to have greater levels of emotional and behavioral problems.

Fighting Human Trafficking in a Mexican Town Built on Sexual Exploitation


Combating violence against women, promoting gender equity alongside safe migration, and access to economic opportunity are all important elements of fighting the root causes of human trafficking in Mexico.

Mexico's Homeless 'Rat Kids' Sniff Glue to Forget the Things They Do for Food


Left destitute by the death or abandonment of their parents, children from across the republic make their way to the capital in search of a better life. But when the city of 24 million people turns a blind eye to their plight, many end up living in the shadows.

These Former Gang Members are Fighting to Keep Young Mexicans Out of Cartel Life


At a high school in Ecatepec - one of Mexico's most violent municipalities on the outskirts of the capital - an initially rowdy classroom of teenagers soon settles down to listen with rapt attention as former gang member Williams Cucuiy tells them his story.

'Ninis' Are a Growing Social Problem in Latin America

The News

In Latin America, close to 22 percent of people between the ages of 15 and 29, some 30 million people, are unemployed and not in school. They have been given the derogatory name of “ninis,” since “ni” means neither or nor in Spanish.

DEA: Heroin 'Clearly More Dangerous' Than Marijuana


After announcing last month that marijuana was “probably not” as dangerous as heroin, the DEA went and huddled up with the team and returned to the public with a bold stance on marijuana’s danger relative to heroin.

Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo: Empowering the Poor in Mexico by Teaching Them Self-Help

CCTV America

Dr. Susan Pick is a social psychologist who has used her expertise to change the behavior of Mexico’s marginalized. By teaching them what she calls “life skills,” she helps boost their feelings of self-worth and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

Rito del Pasesito: Viral Video Challenge Encourages Mexican Teens to Snort Cocaine

The Fix

A truly morbid version of the ice bucket challenge is starting to go viral throughout Mexico, only this variant challenges teenagers to snort cocaine.

Middle America Is Waking Up to a Mexican Cartel Heroin Nightmare


The face of heroin abuse and addiction in America has changed dramatically in the last few years, and Mexican cartel drug traffickers are making sure those deadly little “balloons” filled with black-tar venom get into the hands of Middle America’s youth.

Human Rights Organizations Point Out Endless War Against Mexican Youth

La Jornada

Fifty youth groups and human rights organizations say that amid a growing lack of opportunities for young people, the criminalization, prosecution and execution of this population sector are widespread events characteristic of this presidential administration.

Mexico's Young Hitmen Are Both Victimizers and Victims, Experts Say

Fox News Latino

Some 5,000 young men are imprisoned in Mexico after being convicted of serious crimes, with 22 percent of them serving time for murder, a high number that obscures an even more painful reality.

US-Mexico Border Is Home of High STD Rates Among Minors in Sex Trade

Justin Caba

A recent study conducted at the San Diego School of Medicine has revealed an alarming number of female sex workers with STDs in two Mexican cities on the border of the United States who started their current profession before the ages of 18 and even 16.

Latin America Tackles Informal Labor Among Youth

Inter Press Service

The 56 million young people who form part of Latin America’s labor force suffer from high unemployment, and many of those who work do so in the informal sector.

Missing: People, Funds in Tijuana's Unprecedented Homeless Relocation Effort

Four months ago, Tijuana’s mayor put hundreds of homeless migrants into drug rehabilitation centers across the city. The move was unprecedented, and raised human rights concerns.

Heart of Darkness: The Growing Danger to Women and Girls in Central Mexico

Agence France-Presse

Many women live in fear in central Mexico, due to a high number of female murders and disappearances. It's a situation that gets worse because of the high levels of impunity.

Attorney General Arely Gomez Gonzalez Says 'Criminalization of Drug Users Intolerable'

La Jornada

According to the National Addiction Survey, almost six million Mexicans have tried illegal drugs at least once. Of this number, almost 400,000 are under 18.

LatAm Countries Mull Failure of US-Led War on Drugs, Planning to Change Course

Xinhua News Agency

On the UN-designated International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Latin American countries mulled the failure of the hardball tactics in fighting drugs, planning to change course in the drug war.

Rising Threat of Synthetic-Drug Smuggling Across Mexico's Borders

Prensa Latina

Criminal groups created new synthetic drugs that simulate the effects of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine, and are threatening to smuggle them into Mexico, experts say.

From a Broken Family in Mexico, Martin Nunez Creates a Home for Kids He Never Had

CCTV America

Ciudad Juarez is the biggest border town in Mexico. This city of 1.5 million people has been seeing a big growth in industry in recent years, but it also has had a reputation for being a center of violence and crime. Many young people consider criminal activities the only way out of poverty.

Labor Treaty Raises Minimum Worker Age in Mexico

The News

An International Labor Organization convention to raise the minimum employment age in Mexico from 14 to 15 was ratified by Labor Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida this week.

Mexico City is Most Youthful Latin American City

Nearshore Americas

In a study conducted by Youthfulcities, Mexico City took the top regional spot, after the research scored the city particularly highly in terms of civic engagement and employment.

12 States Approve the General Law for the Rights of Children and Adolescents

The News

The project seeks to broaden cooperation and coordination between federal authorities, the Family Development Agency and states for the protection and restoration of children’s and adolescent’s rights.

6-Year-Old's Murder Has Many in Mexico Seeking Answers to Youth Violence

The New York Times

The case has caused a wave of anguish: A 6-year-old boy in northern Mexico murdered and a group of five adolescents, who the authorities said were playing a game of “kidnap,” apprehended for the crime.

Study Shows 'Millenial' Youth in Mexico Are More or Less Conservative

La Jornada

Born between 1980 and 2000, they like sports, social networking and watching TV. They also enjoy art, music and languages. They are the so-called millennial generation.

Supreme Court Orders Private School to Compensate Child Victim of Bullying

Gulf News

Mexico’s Supreme Court ordered a private school on to give $33,000 in compensation to a seven-year-old boy who was bullied by other students with a teacher’s approval.

Commissioner Against Addiction Says Mexico Is Open to Cannabis Debate

El Universal

The national commissioner against addiction, Manuel Mondragon y Kalb, said that Mexico is open to the dialog in the field of decriminalization, regulation and legalization of cannabis, and that each one of those topics is clearly different from the others.

More Than 124K Children in Mexico Do Domestic Work

Prensa Latina

Two out of ten Mexican children and teenagers involved in domestic labor are between 5 and 13 years old and many work in order to attend school, feed themselves or getting dressed.

Infographic - Mental Health of Affluent Teens: The Challenge of Prosperity


Based on research by Dr. Cheryl Rampage, the following infographic describes the challenge of prosperity when it comes to the mental health of affluent teens and suggests a methodology that parents can apply to raise healthy and successful children.

Why Do So Many Young People in Mexico and Central America Hook Up in Parks?

Pacific Standard

Parks in Latin America serve a number of purposes. They provide a green respite in an otherwise concrete jungle. They’re a space where anyone from the wealthy to the homeless can rest their legs. And, for young couples, they’re the most popular place to hook up.

Tijuana Officials Mandate Drug Treatment for Hundreds of 'El Bordo' Homeless

Hundreds of people who were living in makeshift homes in a Tijuana river canal are now in rehabilitation centers across the city. Most were deportees who turned to methamphetamine and heroin after losing hope of returning to the U.S.

Street Heroin Is Cheaper Than Oxycontin, and Overdoses Are Increasing

Epoch Times

The opioid drug OxyContin was changed to make it harder for people to abuse, but the modification had limited value. People may have simply switched to the less expensive but just as dangerous drug heroin.

Media, Poverty, Lack of Policies Blamed for Mexico's Rise in Teen Pregnancies

El Universal

Experts in the field say that there are countless reasons for which people under 18 decide to exercise their sexuality without prior knowledge, leading to a high number of pregnancies in specific areas of Mexico City.

Poppy Production in Mexico Rises to Meet Growing North American Heroin Demand

Insight Crime

As criminal groups in Mexico rush to meet the growing demand for heroin in the United States, InSight Crime looks at the production chain from poppy farms to heroin laboratories.

Stop Telling Women to Smile: What Street Harassment Looks Like in Mexico City

A new Fusion feature Tatyana Fazlalizadeh on a six-day trip to Mexico City, where she speaks with local women about their experiences with street harassment, sketches their portraits, and wheat-pastes hand-drawn posters depicting the women responding to their harassers across the city.

Doctors Go Door-to-Door to Reach More of Mexico's Teenage Mothers

Al Jazeera

Doctors in Mexico are going to new lengths to make sure pregnant teenagers get the attention they need. More and more Mexican teenagers are having babies, and many of them are foregoing pre-natal care.

Pena Nieto Urges Mexico Authorities to Make a Common Front Against Addictions

Presidency of the Republic

President Enrique Pena Nieto urged the country’s state and municipal authorities, together with the government, to make a common front in order to reverse the growing trend of higher addictions among the population, especially the most vulnerable sector: adolescents and children.

Technology Fuels Fight Against Cocaine Use in Mexico

USC News

Projection mapping aims images and text onto buildings, delivering health missives to habitual users.

Among Guadalajara's Poor, One Woman Is Dedicated to Creating Second Chances

Al Jazeera

Otilia Arellano has spent most of her 50 years living on these streets. But today she is building a different way to live.

Here's What Happened to Teen Drug Use in the US After States Legalized Marijuana


It's on the decline. That's the takeaway from the 2014 Monitoring the Future study, which tracked drug use among more than 40,000 eighth, 10th and 12th graders across the United States.

Victims of Sex-Trafficking Find Sanctuary in Tijuana's Garden House

The Globe and Mail

La Casa del Jardin is one of three group homes for victims of child sex-trafficking in the country, and the only one that exists along the border between Mexico and the United States, where the need is high and growing.

Rights Group: Tolerance of Child Sex Crimes in Latin America Thwarts Convictions

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Latin America must tackle a social tolerance of children being sold for sex work and the growing online sex trade to boost low conviction rates for child sex trafficking, a rights group said.

End Mexico's Drug War: No to Criminalization, Yes to Medicalization

La Jornada

It's time for Mexico to use the moral authority granted by its nearly 100,000 dead and 22,000 missing to decriminalize drugs and invest in their medicalization.

Government Enacts General Law for Boys, Girls and Teenagers Rights in Mexico

The News

With the implementation of this law the federal government reaffirms its commitment to human rights that are indispensable for a society to live in harmony and its commitment to development through equality, said Pena Nieto.

With Mexico in Turmoil, Government Ferries Reporters to Youth Crime-Prevention Program

Fox News Latino

The federal government has started to publicize its anti-crime initiatives in an effort to show it is proactive - to the point that it’s offering press tours for foreign media members to see the programs in action.

Rock Climbing Saves Kids from Mexico's Drug Gangs


Escalando Fronteras aims to provide a structured outlet for kids from Monterrey to find a positive way to spend their time while building life-skills through rock climbing.

Women Crossing the Line: Defensoras in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala

Nobel Women's Initiative

In 'Women Crossing the Line: Defensoras in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala' we meet women activists from the region who have stood bravely to demand an end to violence, and promote women's rights.

UN: 1 in 3 Human Trafficking Victims a Child, Crime Goes Mostly Unpunished

The number of children among human trafficking victims has increased from one in five to one in three over the last decade, according to a newly-released UN report. It also says the number of convictions for the crime is “extremely low.”

For Thousands of Migrant Children, Hell Is Between Guatemala and the U.S.

Latin American Herald Tribune

68,541 minors were detained between October 2013 and September 2014 by U.S. authorities while trying to cross the border illegally. Authorities have no statistics about how many minors making that trek fell into the hands of people traffickers, sexual exploiters and drug rings in Mexico.

Rights Group Warns Mexico Children Increasingly Recruited by Organized Crime

Agence France-Presse

The grim report from a human rights body comes as Mexican authorities are scrambling amid a massive scandal over 43 college students missing and feared dead.

Crystal Meth Makes Comeback in Gay Communities

Edge on the Net

Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of methamphetamine use in the gay community; some have even called it an epidemic.

More Than 5,000 Minors Arrested for Drug Related Crimes During Calderon's Administration

Television del Sur

During President Felipe Calderon’s administration more than 5,000 minors were arrested in Mexico for crimes related to drugs and organized crime.

Mexico's Jalisco State May Legalize Medical Marijuana By Year's End


One state in Mexico is currently in the process of legalizing the medical use of marijuana. The state of Jalisco, which borders the Pacific Ocean in the central part of the country, will most likely have a plan in place by the end of the year.

Comprehensive Sex Education: A Pending Task in Latin America

Inter Press Service

In most Latin American countries schools now provide sex education, but with a focus that is generally restricted to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases – an approach that has not brought about significant modifications in the behavior of adolescents, especially among the poor.

Mexico Senate Unanimously Approves Long-Awaited Child Protection Act

The News

Among the rights guaranteed are: the right to the protection of health and social security, education, rest, recreation, freedom of thought and awareness, religion and culture.

Congress Drops Jail Time for Journalists from Mexico's Child Protection Bill

PanAm Post

The Mexican National Congress has agreed to remove controversial portions of a new bill designed to protect children, including a provision which would have called for prison time for journalists who publish or disseminate information, images, or voices of children without the consent of their parents.

Workers in Mexico: Urgent Need to Improve Working Conditions of Youth

La Jornada

In Mexico there are almost twelve million young people engaged in a work activity. Of these, six out of ten are not under contracts that protect their physical and social wellbeing as much as their livelihoods.

Proceso News Item Highlighting Juarez Drug Activity Removed from Facebook

Mexico News Daily

The giant social media site shut down the Facebook page of Mexican newsmagazine Proceso for five hours after it published a photo showing a man injecting himself with heroin.

World Suicide Prevention Day: Most in Mexico Occur Among Young Unemployed

Prensa Latina

Most people who commit suicide in Mexico are unemployed youth, it was reported here on the occasion of the World Day for Prevention of Suicide.

World Leaders Submit Report for the Legalization and Regulation of Drug Use

Fox News Latino

A commission of former world leaders call on governments from around the globe to end the criminalization of drug use and possession, making it the most distinguished group of high-level leaders to call for such drastic changes in global drug policy.

Fighting Addiction with San Judas, Mexico's Patron Saint of Lost Causes

AJ+ Labs

Saint Judas Tadeo, the patron saint of lost causes, has a ton of young adult fans in Mexico City. In a place where violence, drugs, and despair can be a way of life for some, San Judas comes to the rescue.

6 Million Mexican Youth Involved in Drug Trade, Says University Researcher

Mexico News Daily

Young people in Mexico are excluded, marginalized and disadvantaged in spite of public policy and initiatives by governments, says a researcher at the Metropolitan Autonomous University.

45% of Young Mexicans Face Food Shortages, Mortality Rates and Rising Teen Pregnancies

Latin Post

About 44.9 percent of Mexicans ages 12 to 29 are in poverty and struggle with high youth mortality rates and increasing teen pregnancies.

Ibogaine Called a 'Cure' for Heroin Addiction

Jake Smith tells his story to NBC about how bad his heroin addiction was and why he decided to try Ibogaine treatment in Mexico to order to overcome his addiction.

Use of Narcotics and Illegal Substances Doubles in Mexico Over Last Decade

Prensa Latina

The national commissioner against addictions, Fernando Cano, has criticized the failure of the authorities to address the drug problem in Mexico, since over the last decade the use of these substances doubled.

UNODC Message on the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking


As the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime sponsors the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on June 26, Narconon centers hold events and deliver drug education.

There's a Serious Bullying Problem in Mexico. Are the Cartels to Blame?


The tragic death of a 12-year-old has sparked a national debate on schoolyard violence. Politicians and psychologists point to the bloodshed outside the gates.

In Mexico, Focus Turns to Bullies in Schools After Death of Student

The Los Angeles Times

In a nation that has drawn international notoriety for drug cartel carnage, public officials are now focusing on another form of violence that plagues Mexican society: school bullying.

The War-on-Drugs Human Catastrophe: Hannah Hetzer Calls a Spade a Spade

PanAm Post

Since 2006, prohibition-fueled drug trafficking in Mexico has resulted in approximately 100,000 homicides and thousands of disappearances. Sadly, Central America has become the region with the highest homicide rates in the world, and 25 percent of all US incarcerations are now linked to drugs.

Human Rights Commission Opens Investigation Into Bullying That Led to Student's Death

Justice in Mexico Project

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission opened an investigation into bullying and violence among adolescents in schools after the recent death of a young student in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

#ElBullyingNOesUnJuego: Celebrities in Mexico Say 'Bullying Is Not a Game'

Al Jazeera

An online campaign declaring that #ElBullyingNOesUnJuego - Bullying is NOT a game" - is taking on Mexico's growing school bullying problem, with some help from celebrities.

CDC Supports Truvada, a Drug That Prevents HIV


Truvada, which prevents HIV infection with a single daily pill, is the miracle drug that almost nobody takes. That’s all about to change.

Treating Mexican Drug Addicts Doubles Since 2000

Prensa Latina

The number of Mexican citizens who have received medical care or treatment by the Juvinile Integration Centers (CIJ) due to his addiction to drugs increased 81 percent from 2006 to 2013, a new report reveals.

Mexico's Young People Badly Neglected by Government for 30 Years

La Jornada

Young people have been "the most overlooked" by government policies for the last three decades. Thus, in Mexico there have been two lost generations, said university researchers specializing in the study of issues related to youth.

SNDIF: Some 70,000 Children Victims of Human Trafficking in Mexico

Prensa Latina

Some 70,000 children are victims of human trafficking, mainly for sexual exploitation purposes, said sources in a meeting this week in Mexico City.

Street Children Numbers to 'Go Through the Roof' as Growth Fuels Inequality

Thomson Reuters Foundation

The number of street children will “go through the roof” in coming years as economic growth fuels inequality, said a leading advocate for children living on the streets.

Translating Intervention Programs Can Take More Than a Change of Language

Prevention Action

When transferring an evidence-based intervention program across national frontiers, a simple language translation may not be enough. Results from a substance use prevention program in Mexico suggest that wider cultural adaptations are necessary to maximize effectiveness.

Despite Support Programs, 53.8% of Children Under Age of 18 Live in Poverty

La Jornada

It is estimated that 53.8 percent of Mexican children under the age of 18 years old live in poverty. 12.1 percent of these children face extreme poverty.

Tijuana Youth Police Provides Second Chance for 'Problem' Adolescents


For many adolescent Tijuanans, belonging to the youth police means having a second chance in life. Most of them are sent by their parents or teachers, accused of showing behavioral problems that the teachers and parents did not know how to handle.

Anti-Crime Cultural Program Seeks to Invest Young People's Time in the Arts

CNN Mexico

As part of a pilot project aimed at combating crime, children and teenagers from 100 Mexican towns will have access to artistic and cultural activities in which to invest their free time.

SEGOB: Mexico's Young People at Center of Violence in the Country

La Jornada

While attending the meeting of the Secretariat for Social Development for the exchange of experiences of at risk youth, Roberto Campa stated that homicides are the primary cause of death among the population between 15 and 29 years of age.

Half of Mexico's Minors Don't Have Access to Health Care, Many Live in Poverty

La Jornada

A document, developed by Odisea AC, reveals the inequities that children and adolescents suffer from in 14 states of the country.

Mexico's Children Suffer Familial, Social, Political, Economic Violence

La Jornada

The violence that confronts Mexico places children and adolescents as one of the groups most unprotected and vulnerable to physical, mental and emotional abuse, said UNAM's Silvia Solis San Vicente.

Can Virtual Reality Software Tools Treat Addiction?

Popular Science

The idea is that people will develop coping strategies, then take those strategies back to the real world. With coping mechanisms in their tool kits, users will get better, faster. But just because someone says no in a fake world, does that mean he'll say no in real life?

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