Amigos AC of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

A.M.I.G.O.S. (Asociacion para Metas Infantiles y Grupos de Orientacion Social) AC, aims to give children the opportunity to see the best version of their life and know what is best for them.


Inspire and empower all children, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Provide a safe place to learn and grow while having fun. It's where great futures are started each day.

With a quality educational system, we are able to attract children and hold their interest, improve their behavior and increase their expectations and goals.


Being the pioneers in helping to shape the next and future generations based on quality education, to become a society that prides Mexico, represented by a thriving community of individuals who respect themselves to each other and their land, driven the satisfaction to meet their personal goals and the joy of helping others fulfill their goals. Where the pursuit of personal growth and knowledge is constant, leading his own children by the example of good habits and an open mind.

Improving the lives and experiences through character development programs, promote hope and opportunity to make Mexico a more intelligent, bright and more strengths in their values. To convey the joy and excitement of living, learning and being ...

The vision for success is to encourage every child who passes through our doors to finish at least high school graduate with a plan for your future.


We are dedicated to establishing recreational activities that take place during free time after school, during which time many children are unsupervised and raising the risk of being influenced to engage in criminal behavior.

Services are for children from elementary school through high school and beyond. The goal is to be part from the time the children carry backpacks to work conversion kit.

Our extracurricular activities are complementary to existing educational programs, helping children and youth achieve success in school, explore career opportunities, to stay healthy and practice important skills that will serve them throughout life. Promote interest in sports and artistic activities, as well as conflict management positively, raising confidence and self esteem.

Through our programs and services, promote the development and steady growth of physical, intellectual and moral. Instilling new health habits and learning the proper use of leisure time, determination and the desire to acquire the skills necessary to become productive, civic-minded and responsible.

By participating in the programs children can meet positive role models, positive feel safe and participate in an orientation system that achieves capture their interest, improve their behavior and increase their expectations and goals. Thus, helping them build the values ??to live as self-sufficient adults, healthy and wise, and open the door to a successful and productive future.

Programs at Amigos AC

From academics to detect problems early age to instill community participation, these programs address issues that are challenging our youth. Focused programs to produce results in six areas, through use of best practices, innovative solutions and highly trained staff to ensure our members to become responsible and caring citizens.

We know that in our community there is a growing number of children who are at home with no adult supervision or care, going to the streets to find companionship and entertainment. Young people and children need to know that someone cares for them, as AMIGOS AC. It supports not only intellectual learning, if not a personal development with which can count day.

The youth of today are the future leaders of tomorrow which is why each program has focus to build trust, dignity and pride of our members. Give them recognition when they do well and make sure their talents are recognized, whether artistic, athletic or intellectual, is a vital part of this process. We believe that character development is the basic building block in the development, should be an integral aspect of every program and activity that we offer.

We offer something for every type of member either competitive or noncompetitive, beginner or advanced, 6-18 years old. It is our intention to have the program, class or appropriate league for the interest of each of them.

Character, Leadership, and Brotherhood

Leadership programs and character development will empower youth to support and influence the community, maintain meaningful relationships with others, develop a positive self-image and good character, participate in the democratic process and respect of self and others, and appreciate the cultural identities.


The older youth may implement the techniques they have learned and to discover the satisfaction of assisting in the learning of young children. Dedicating their time as tutors to assist with homework and clarification on issues that hinder and promote them with a learning example. This will ultimately awaken love, kindness and brotherhood among themselves. Keeping young people in this stage involved and excited to learn that one person can make a difference.


Develop activities which will be focused on each child's individual projects, in order to promote the creative potential that is on their mind. It will provide support for the largest projects to be carried out.

Members will be responsible to plan and implement community service projects, social recreation, leadership development programs and more. Also elect officers and plan and carry out the activities of community service. The approaches of this program are unity, business administration and social recreation. Members strive to organize, attend lectures and grow their activities involving adolescents entities worldwide.

All projects will be on display at cultural events in major exhibitions in the city, with the motive to promote the initiative and motivation to achieve create the best version of life.

Training and Professional Development

These programs will be a powerful vehicle through which members receive help to meet the need for professional development. Have the opportunity to receive career exploration and basic preparation for future functions that will be performed in the workplace. Implementing these programs is an investment in knowledge of interpersonal relationships, work ethic and sense of responsibility.

Financial Intelligence

This activity promotes financial responsibility and economic independence of children. Participants in this program learn to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start small businesses and pay for college.

It will provide basic financial information and instructions for small group activities that are easy to implement. A fun program that serves as a personal finance guide for teens, containing practical tips and activities to learn to develop their financial skills. Helps teens develop their money management skills through interactive activities, games and tools such as a savings calculator and basic accounting exercises that help you plan for college resources.


This project will help members with learning disabilities increase their academic potential. With the collaboration of school children will support the fulfillment of tasks and the understanding of it.

This will develop a chain of collective learning, school support group, based on stimulation fun, healthy and integral to school study method.


Educate young people about nutrition and the science of growing healthy food. It is an educational plan that includes planting a garden and harvesting of food for a feast at the end of the program. Members learn how to include more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in their daily diet.

They are educated on all long-term benefits to enjoy the care that their bodies receive the nutrients it requires. Also how to identify harmful substances found in our food and the effects that we expose ourselves to consume.

From the gardens that grow with delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, with different colors pleasing to the eye, the centers will aim to promote active lifestyles and nutritious food among its members. After all, healthy children become healthy and productive adults.

Life Project

This workshop will touch topics dedicated to promoting good decisions and how to identify and avoid negative behaviors, such as the importance of avoiding the use of alcohol and drug abuse.

It is dedicated to finding non-violent solutions to conflict while maintaining positive relationships in their environment. Through social activities give you the opportunity to learn and develop skills of expression in a positive environment that can discuss issues and problems facing children in the present.

The focus of this program is to deepen the moment of the stage where you initiate the decision-making of adolescents, in the realities of people when planning life, promote personal development to expand the future responsibly and intelligently. Develop an awareness of the possibility of absolute education for new members of society.

The Arts

We recognize the lasting impact arts education can have on cognitive, social and personal. The arts have shown that promote academic success, helps improve self-esteem, while providing creative solutions for children to become well-adjusted and successful adults.

Strategies of painting, drawing techniques such as watercolor, graphite, pastel, oil, etc. Culminating the end of the year with a great auction, which community members will have the opportunity to participate in the auction of never before seen artists and buy their works of art.

There will be a talent show event open to all children, bidding to be the representative and official image of our organization announcements, interviews, reports and media. It will be the ambassador to promote in other cities of the republic, the community movement dedicated to the growth of youth.

The call will be open from 2 year olds to teenagers of 18 years.

Form a band

Each student chooses his instrument and learn to play them professionally, like reading music, which can promote love through music, developing his talent for artistic expression. It may develop their musical ear that they can integrate into professional stage musicians. After developing a basic education in music, they will perform a concert series will have the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Drama Club

There will be acting classes, which help children to play body language skills, communication skills, positive attitude, learn relevant topics about acting. At the end of the cycle will culminate with a special production of the children of Amigos, AC.

Sports and Recreation

More than just fun and games. Sports activities, exercise and recreation are fun, but its benefits go beyond that. Teach members how to work together, how to lose gracefully and win humbly. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and active. As improvement, dedication and discipline.

In short, after games and practices are held lessons learned through these programs will remain.


The football program is our first program. Will establish two football teams in each school which agrees to participate.  Schools will be represented by team tournaments play during the school year. The children will have the experience to represent their school with pride, the thrill of playing a sport in competitions and be part of a team. The league teaches the fundamentals of football and important life lessons like how to work in the group for a common goal and how to respect and appreciate the efforts of their peers.

Not only that, they will receive advanced instruction and training to improve their talent and skill. We are hoping to turn this love and talent for the sport into a college scholarship and a world of opportunities. (This is the only program that will take place in schools and out of our facilities)

Bol Basketball

Bol Basketball program offers the opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport. It teaches the fundamentals of basketball to members and provides valuable life lessons about the importance of making positive, healthy living, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills. Before a match, the members participate in a practice where they can freely express themselves, listen to a performance or participate in an interactive event that teaches important lessons about being involved in their community and a healthy and intelligent.

Nature and Environmental Education

This program will provide lessons on how it works, the natural environment at the same time start activities like planting trees, harvesting program, cleaning of schools, parks and promote these problems bring to light the nature of the community.

Learn about new studies that have been done by publishing the great impact of humanity on nature. The deep interaction with nature happens in our daily life, and we can make a difference in changing our habits and promote change in the other, so each energize our bodies and our planet. Currently we are in a time to make an impact and a difference with programs designed to change the lives and opportunities for the youth of today.

Forming the change of life that all children need ... Amigos, AC.

Last updated: September 12, 2017 · Charity ID: 611

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Mexico Has Made ’Remarkable Progress’ in Education

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Volunteers Needed for the Las Juntas Park Clean-Up and Rejuvenation

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On our first scheduled park clean-up shows the difference that can be made... the "before" and "after" photos speak for themselves. We hope you can join us on Sunday, June 8, to continue our efforts in improving our community.

Enter the First Annual Car & Float Parade Celebrating Puerto Vallarta's Anniversary

Amigos A.C.

Amigos A.C. invites you to share in this moment by entering your special design in the parade for the community and joining us to celebrate our creativity, brotherhood and spirit of friends in this celebration of Puerto Vallarta's anniversary on June 2.

Replication Is Connovo’s Innovation for Improving Education in Mexico


When a child in Mexico gets a head start at a high-quality, company-funded preschool, parents aren’t likely to care that the model for the Hipocampus learning centers has been borrowed from India.

No One Can Stop Us if We Have a Strong Education System: Mexico Education Minister

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Nueva Leon Hosts Regional Human Rights Summit Focusing on Education

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Carlos Slim, Mexican Billionaire, Launches Free Online Education Platform

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Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man, just announced the launch of a new online platform that provides free educational courses intended to help Mexico’s poor.

'We Can't Hear But We Can Listen,' Say Graduating Deaf Students in Mexico

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Between applause, eight young Mexican students with hearing defects received their high school diplomas and so became the first inclusive graduating class at Jose Maria Lafragua High School in the Mexican city of Puebla.

A Bookmobile Transports Wisdom to Mexico's Children

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A Mexican man is turning a popular transportation vehicle into a mobile library. Created by Rodrigo Vasquez and his organization “Bico Yubo,” the vehicle is called the “Nomad.”

This Free App Encourages Mexican Kids to Read Before They Play on Their Smart Device


to encourage children to read in Mexico, where literacy rates are low, educational organization Cengage developed an app that ensures they get in some valuable reading time as well as playing their games.

GROW Fund Gives $150K for Mexico Youth Education

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Organics Unlimited’s GROW Fund has approved a grant of $150,000 to Project Amigo, a nonprofit that helps provide access to education for youth in Colima, Mexico.

Out of School Youth, Unemployed Latino Teens Can Spell Doom for the Economy

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There's a new threat to the Latin American economy, and it comes in the form of "ninis," which is short for "ni estudia ni trabaja," alluding to Latino youth aged 15 to 24 who are neither studying nor working.

The Last Generation of Mexico's 'Train School' Children

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Last century in Mexico, it was very common for railway workers' families to live in a mobile society of train coaches. Due to privatization of the railway system this form of schooling is dying off.

Education for All: Mexico's Progress in Education for Marginalized Communities

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Mexican community education institutions have worked hard to improve the teaching quality and attendance rates in rural and marginalized areas. As a result, it is now more common to find classrooms full of attentive students, even in remote and marginalized regions of Mexico.

Born in the United States, But Struggling to Acclimate in Mexico

About 300,000 children born in the U.S. are now living in Mexico because their parents were deported or headed south when jobs here dried up. For many of these kids, adapting to life and school in Mexico is a struggle.

How a Radical New Teaching Method in Matamoros Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

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Mexican NGO Rewards Students Who Stay in School

Since 2004, NGO Anímate a Estudiar has combated truancy in Mexico and motivated children to stay in school in a country where more than a million students drop out annually.

Woman in Oaxaca Graduates from Elementary School... at Age 100!


Her name is Manuela Hernandez Velasquez. At 100 years of age, she obtained her elementary school certificate, proving that it is never late to study.

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