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To moderate the situation people began leaving out bags of poisoned meat, throwing unwanted litters into the river or stranded out in the jungle, or tying grown animals up without food or water to slowly die alone. In retaliation dogs became packs and controlled entire streets. People became fearful of dogs and no longer viewed them as companions but as threats. Due to lack of education and options, the situation had become a deadly crisis.

Sara Briner was currently running a small assistance program, Perritos Merecen Mas, out of her home and store with hope that one day it would be more. Led by this vision of more, members of the community joined her to create an organization that would have the power and ability to impact the lives of street dogs and cats once and for all. Their dreams and hard work produced what is now SayulitAnimals.

The first couple years were laced in difficulties from funding, to cultural adaptations, to hands on support, but the efforts continued and a difference became evident. In the first year alone, 360 animals were neutered, over 40 animals found loving, new homes, nearly thirty animals were placed in foster care, there was a visible difference in the health of street dogs and cats, and community awareness began to grow.

Through dedication, tenacity, tears, and laughter the mission has continued. SayulitAnimals has grown into its vision and become a force for animal welfare that is recognized and respected. The needs of street animals have shaped the organization into four key programs: Free Spay and Neuter, Medical Aid for Street Animals, Adoption and Foster Assistance, and Community Education. The programs are established and running full force on the donation of time, skills, medicine, and funds from supporters around the world.

With extreme losses and gains SayulitAnimals continues to press forward attacking animal cruelty, providing a cleaner environment, and assisting those in need. Whether you are a tourist or resident, please join in our mission to make this a world we can all live in together.

Through years of trial and error, Sayulitanimals has searched for the most effective use of our time, energy, and resources. The problems faced were so diverse and expansive that finding the solutions seemed to be an insurmountable task, but with time and experience the needs took form.

SayulitAnimals is now comprised of four core programs:

• Free Spay and Neuter Program
• Medical Aid for Street Animals
• Adoption and Foster Assistance
• Community Education and Awareness

How You Can Help SayulitAnimals

Please know that every little gift you share will help the lives of many cats and dogs, as well as give the chance for someone to learn about animal welfare and compassion.

Donate Online:

SayulitAnimals is excited to offer TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS, thanks to the generosity of PEACE USA.

We could rattle on here about all our great accomplishments and lives saved, but we know the dogs can relate the tales better than words ever will. The photos are only a few of the many animals we've worked with.  

During our 4½ year history, we have struggled to make ends meet and done what we could with what we had. Currently, we do not have enough funding to get through the month of October.  

But you can help! Your donations go directly to the animals & there are so many that need our help.

Every dollar helps... Please donate now!

To donate go to: SayulitAnimals.
Donate using the paypal button or read about other options.

A PeaceUSA representative will contact you, to clarify which organization you want to receive your generosity.

Please keep in mind, that our work is year round and does not follow the tourist season. Consider giving regularly by selecting the 'Monthly' donation button.

Along with all our furry friends, we send a heartfelt "Muchas Gracias!"

Practical Ways You Can Help:

We survive on contacts having contacts! Please stop by the office, call, email or contact us on Facebook if you can help. Quite often what we need most is someone with the ability to procure what we need.

Here is a needs/wish list for supplies in the office and the clinic, requests for time and volunteers, and basic animal products. We are always in need of [eople's energy, skills & talents. Have a special skill/talent you'd like to contribute for the cause of caring for Sayulia's Animals? We can always use an extra set of caring hands.

Please take a look. You may just find a way to help that hadn't occurred to you before.

Medical Supplies & Materials:

• High quality dog and cat food
• Frontline/Advantix for dogs and cats (all sizes)
• Thermometers (preferrably electric)
• Harnesses & Leashes
• Clippers (with all sizes of blades)
• Endoguard
Office & Pet Supplies:

• HP C4480 Black Ink (74) and Color (75)
Volunteer Opportunities:

• Short and long term foster homes
• Dog walkers when necessary
• Selling calendars, tickets and promoting fundraiser events
• Volunteer skills for grooming, training or animal care.
The SayulitAnimals Team welcomes you to join in and we are happy to guide you in your Volunteer experience!

Last updated: March 7, 2024 · Charity ID: 316

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