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No Borders Animal Rescue Society (NOBARS) is a network of volunteers working together to find great families for homeless dogs.

Our mission is to successfully match adoptive homes with adoptive animals.

The purposes of the Society are to provide rescue, to prevent cruelty to, to re-home and to promote the welfare of animals.

Rescue, Rehab, Re-Home, Educate:

• To rescue stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered animals.

• To establish and operate foster homes and shelters for the reception and care of animals, in particular sick, injured, stray, seized, abused, neglected or unwanted animals. To maintain a sanctuary for aging, dangerous, displaced, or unhealthy animals. To provide relief of suffering of animals.

• To implement and successfully match adoptive homes to adoptive animals.

• To promote, encourage and carry out education in the humane treatment of animals.

Our rescues start their journey in Puerto Vallarta, where they are rescued from the streets or by wonderful rescue organizations such as the pound (Acopio). From there they go into the loving hands of foster homes, where they receive medical and Loving care, sometimes for the first time in their tender lives; as well as any other needs. They are sterilized (neutered/spayed), receive a series of de-wormings, various blood tests, all vaccinations and home care.

When the rescue is ready for a new home, transportation arrangements are made to bring the dog into Canada, usually Vancouver, British Columbia & Calgary or Edmonton Alberta, with No Borders Animal Rescue Society (NOBARS).
NOBARS has foster homes who continue the loving care for the dog while waiting to go to its "fur-ever" home.

NOBARS relies on volunteers to help transport, foster, and facilitate adoptions. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved.

Why Mexico?

No Borders Animal Rescue Society (NOBARS) is a a non-profit dog rescue and adoption society registered in Western Canada. We help save dogs facing life-threatening circumstances and uncertain futures in Canada, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In Mexico, dogs are rescued from uncertain futures, having suffered from neglect, abuse, starvation and illness. They are placed in loving foster homes by wonderful volunteers in Puerto Vallarta, fully vetted, vaccinated, sterilized, and brought back to good health.

We select friendly, adoptable dogs from these locations, provide voluntary quarantine in local foster homes where dogs are rehabilitated emotionally, while being given any medical care authorized by the veterinarian. Fosterer's are invaluable; offering loving homes that assist with the long process from the time of actual rescue to adoption.

Fosterer's in Both Canada and Mexico, know a pet for adoption very well and pass on this valuable information about an individual pet's personality, temperament, level of socialization, housetraining, and basic training.

Once they are completely healthy, these lucky dogs are then placed for adoption on our website and multiple networking websites. Some NOBARS dogs are adopted locally in Mexico, but most are adopted into Canada.

All NOBARS dogs are sterilized, temperament tested, socialized by fosters, given all mandatory vaccinations, and prior to being transported are given an additional examination by a veteriarian and certificate of health within 24 hours of their transport to Canada from Mexico.

In many cases Animal Rescue Organizations like NOBARS, are the only hope these dogs have. We do not discriminate by age, size, breed, location, temperament, etc. We are here to help ALL dogs!

Why Mexico? As our name states NO Borders Animal Rescue Society (NOBARS).

Get Involved with No Borders Animal Rescue Society

Want to make a difference? We could really use your help with Transportation, Fostering, Donations, Adoption, organizing Events and Sponsorship as well as a variety of other postitions.

Will You be Flying in the Near Future?

Are you or someone you know planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico? Contact NOBARS today and see how you can help an animal in need while on vacation. We are always on the lookout for amazing people just like yourself to escort animals on the trip home to Canada so they can be matched and united with their forever families.

NOBARS will organize everything and meet you at the airport on both ends so that all you need to do it sit back, relax and enjoy the inflight movie.

We also are in need of travellers that have some space in their bags on the way to Puerto Vallarta that can help take charitable donations with them for our volunteers and animals in Mexico while they wait for their turn to find the pawfect family.

How About Driving?

Once our adoptable animals reach Canada there are still lots of ways you can get involved and help to be part of the journey to a forever home.

Would you like to be part of airport pickups? Transporting animals to their forever homes? We are also in need of people all across Alberta that can help ensure the homes the animals are placed in are the best possible match for their individual needs by preforming home checks and adoption interviews.

Fundraising is also an important and ongoing part of what we do! We are always looking for upbeat and compassionate people to represent NOBARS at events and help spread the word.

Do you have a skill you would like to offer No Borders Animal Rescue Society that we haven’t mentioned here? We would love to hear from you! Email No Borders Animal Rescue Society today and let us know how you would like to help.

Learn About Our Fostering

Foster homes are at the center of what we do. We are 100% foster home based, both in Mexico and Canada. This is a huge benefit to the animal as they transition from life before rescue and into their forever homes.

The wonderful fosters we have offer a safe haven as well as some of the first experiences of love, warmth and trust. We match all fosters and animal based on what would create the most rewarding experience!

Fostering is an emotionally rewarding experience that you can be a part of! If you have extra love to give and a passion for making a difference, please consider being a foster home for a homeless animal today!

Click here to view and fill the foster application form for both in Canada and Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

We are also in need of volunteers for the following positions:

Foster Facilitators who help to determine if foster home applicants can provide a suitable and compassionate environment. This involves reviewing and contacting applicants, as well as arranging for the final home check before dogs are placed in foster upon arriving to Canada.

Foster Coordinators help to contact and arrange foster homes that have been approved for incoming animals. In addition, once an animal has been placed in foster care this position contacts to check in on both dog and household to see how the placement is going. These duties are preformed entirely from home and are best suited to someone who is readily available by email and phone.

Help Us With a Donation

100% of all cash donations go directly to helping animals in need for things such as rescue, medical and travel expenses. However we are also always in need of items from our wish list! New or gently used: Collars, Leashes, Toys, Blankets, Crates ect.

These items can and do make a world of a difference to an animal in need while they wait for a loving family of their own.

Please click the donate link at the bottom of the page or email No Borders Animal Rescue Society with items you wish to give.

But wait! There is more, NOBARS once items are collected storage space for donated crates and other items until they can be transported south for distribution. If you would like to help with storage needs please contact No Borders Animal Rescue Society today.

We Also Have Opportunities to Help with Events or Sponsorship

Fundraising committee/Event Planners: Help to plan, organize and run fundraising and special events. Give input and execute ideas for fundraising.

Special events sponsorship: Help with fundraising and special events, we need positive and compassionate people such as yourself to represent NOBARS to the public.

Corporate Sponsorship: Help us to locate corporate sponsorship and funding

Other Great Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer Coordinator: Process volunteer applications and determine the sustainability and most appropriate position for the prospective volunteer. This position is done entirely from home and on the phone and computer.

Home Checker: Required to visit a prospective foster or adoptive applicant in their home to determine if they are sustainable and loving homes, this position requires a car.

Follow Up Committee: This position is required to follow up after an adoption has taken place to see how things have been working out, and to offer advice and support to the new adoptive home.

Social Media/Marketing Volunteers: Place ads on free online websites, Facebook, post featured dogs for adoption, donation requests. Help promote NOBARS through public relations, spread the word about our organization!

Cash Coordinator: Collect fundraising from donation initiatives, such as “Pennies for Puppies”

Dog Trainer: Offer assistance to teach and support or fosters and adoptive families with animals that have issues needing to be addressed.

Groomer: To donate time to help spruce up prospective pooches shopping for their forever homes, so they can look their best!


Reasons Why You Should Get Involved

You increase that dog’s chance of being adopted.

By fostering, you are a link between her and potential homes. You can spread the word about what a good dog she/he is, how she/he loves people and how she/he walks nicely on a leash. By living with you, the foster dog has the chance to learn behavior that will make her/he more appealing to other families. If you foster a dog, you have the ability to transform that barking, out of control mutt at the shelter to a dog someone would be honored to live with.

Your own dog will learn more social skills.

If you have your own dogs it increases you animals socialization as well. It’s still important for him to be around a variety of dogs. . Having a foster dog around will help build your dogs self confidence. Dogs also have to learn to share the water dish, toys, yard and dog bed.

It’s a good way to see if you are ready for an additional dog.

It’s not always clear whether a second or third dog would fit in with your family. Sometimes an additional dog is a disaster. Other times it couldn’t be better. With fostering, you have a chance to see whether or not another dog is right for your family. Or maybe providing temporary foster care is a better fit for you.

You help the rescue learn about the dog’s personality.

With our own dogs, they learn about their unique personality and behavioral issues. It’s hard to know much about a dog when she is living in a shelter environment with other dogs. Placing dogs in foster homes help rescues learn if the dogs like children, beg at the table, chase cats, bark when crated, know basic commands or have high or low energy. The possibilities of what a foster family will learn about a dog and teach the dog are unlimited.

You are saving a dog’s life.

Many Foster and Shelters are full to their limits and cannot take in more dogs until additional foster homes open up. When you foster you save the life of that dog.....additionally, you save the life of another dog that takes that place.

Many animal shelters can’t function without foster homes.

NOBARS relies entirely on foster homes because it does not have a shelter. We take the dog from a shelter situation to a foster home prior to adoption. If it weren’t for all the generous foster families, this program would not be functioning.

You might end up with a new family member.

Many foster families realize the dog they are fostering is a perfect fit for their family. This is a happy ending for both the dog and humans. If you don’t foster a dog, then you will never know what you are missing. You might never meet that special dog that could add to your life. We call this "Foster Failure". It is amazing how many people actually adopt their foster.

The dog gets to live with your family rather than at a shelter.

Dogs get stressed from shelter conditions. Shelters are noisy with limited one-on-one interaction. The dogs don’t get enough exercise, training or socialization. With time, many dogs develop psychological issues as pent-up energy, frustration, aggression or boredom builds. Fostering socializes that dog and prepares that dog for their new family.

Any volunteering makes a person feel good.

Fostering a dog is a way to give back to your community. If you love animals, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a homeless dog. You will be amazed how wonderful volunteering feels. There is no better feeling of a successful adoption.

 It’s a way to help without spending money.

If you don’t have the money to donate to NOBARS, you can donate your time by fostering.

We say: "Adopt . If you Can't Adopt, Foster. If you Can't Foster, Volunteer. If you Can't Volunteer, Donate."
There is always something you can do. Our Foster families average less than 2 weeks with the Foster Dog. But is the best 2 week period for that dog.

Read the "Happy Tails" success stories here.

Become a Partner for Change

Being a Partner for Change can have a different meaning and application to each of us depending on our role, our location, our clients, our relationships. But no matter where you are or who you are, you can be a Partner for Change. Click here to get started today.

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