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The LGBT Civil Association of Commerce and Tourism is an influential legal coalition representing the interests of Puerto Vallarta LGBT and LGBT-friendly businesses and independent professionals to promote economic growth in both public and private sectors.

ACT LGBT A.C. is a nonprofit, non-political group comprised of professionals and entrepreneurs, both Mexican national and foreign residents, who are committed to their work and recognized for their business experience in the Puerto Vallarta LGBT community. One of the main objectives is to have an active voice in decisions taken by city and government authorities.


In March 2013, the LGBT Civil Association of Commerce and Tourism was formed by a group of interested professionals and entrepreneurs looking for ways to promote Puerto Vallarta nationally and internationally. In January 2014, it officially became a civil association.

The mission of ACT LGBT A.C. is to promote and defend the interests of the LGBT community in Puerto Vallarta and support the growth of its membership by upholding values such as fairness, independent thought and action, and proactivity.


• Provide a platform that supports the development of LGBT businesses.
• Improve the image of the LGBT community within the Puerto Vallarta business community.
• Educate and work with companies and local authorities to create opportunities around the city.
• Create strategies to strengthen the positioning of Puerto Vallarta as a world class LGBT tourism destination.
• Improve the Puerto Vallarta LGBT visitor experience by promoting excellence in service standards.

ACT LGBT Association of Commerce & Tourism Mission

"To promote and defend the interests of the Puerto Vallarta LGBT business community and support the growth of its membership."

Born from the dedication of many gay and lesbian professionals, the main mission of the association is to encourage the economic capabilities of all its members, taking advantage of their connections both here in Mexican and abroad, and allowing the LGBT community and the community at large to maximize business opportunities nationally and internationally. As such, the association attracts and works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, businesses, community leaders, and more.

Also, ACT LGBT A.C. advocates on behalf of the gay community, representing their economic interests and societal issues. It is a place for engaged businesses and individuals to actively participate in shaping the economy and society of Puerto Vallarta.

Committees and Task Forces:

Comprised of members of ACT LGBT A.C., the committees are responsible for identifying issues of importance to the organization and assisting in developing strategic plans to address them. The Committees and Task Forces implement sound policies and channels of communication to support members in government and city issues as well as educating members on new and emerging technologies, the rights of workers, trade or other matters of importance to the LGBT community.

Policies and Priorities:

• ACT LGBT A.C. is committed to diversity and seeking member input to develop policies and identify priorities.
• ACT LGBT A.C. is national advocate on behalf of LGBT professionals and entrepreneurs, acting as a platform for companies with a desire to expand the financial opportunities of the community through economic growth, continuous innovation and equality.
• ACT LGBT A.C. is a clearinghouse of ideas and information for businesses and organizations.
• ACT LGBT A.C. works closely with state and regional associations as well as businesses to achieve collaborative success for the region.

Because this nonprofit organization is free from political ties, objectivity is ensured in regard to local, regional, state or national social and economic issues. This freedom of thought allows for collaboration between the association and government officials, agencies and other groups.

"We want to emphasize that it is not necessary to be a gay business owner to be an ACT LGBT member. Our partnership is ideal for networking events, meeting other business owners and exchanging ideas and solutions."

Last updated: June 27, 2023 · Charity ID: 131

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