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Our organization consists of volunteers dedicated to providing rescue to stray, abandoned, abused, or surrendered dogs, with the goal to re-home the dogs either in Mexico, Canada or the US and promote the welfare of animals in our community.

Mission Statement: The rescue of lost and abandoned animals in our community. Providing food, shelter and vet care to those in need, including animal abuse cases brought by the authorities. Promote spay and neutering to end the suffering of overpopulation and unwanted animals. Adoption of healthy animals back into loving homes. Provide education and assistance to the community for the health and welfare of their animals.

Vision: To build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness.

Our Story: Jessica Garabay started dreaming about a shelter in October 2018. She rescued a dog that had a 360° laceration around her neck. After calling all the associations in PV and others, nobody could help. She was fostering a puppy named Toast and couldn't bring her home. Jessica paid for her to stay at the vet and started posting on Facebook groups about her.

Nancy Middleton told Jessica that as soon as the dog recovers she could take her to a ranch she has...but not before, as there was nobody who could take proper care of her. Besides the laceration she was pregnant, about to give birth and the pregnancy could not be terminated. So she had her babies and 1 day after the puppies all died.

Jessica and Nancy took her to the shelter land then but as there was no fence...a couple of days later she escaped, she broke out of her kennel and and escaped; she was never found.

Then Jessica told Nancy that she wanted to open a shelter who never denied care for a dog in need. Nancy offered her land to do she and the owner bought that land for charitable use. First they thought about a shelter for kids then they thought about a dog shelter but nothing had materialized. So Nancy offered the land to Jessica to start a shelter, with nothing but by her own resources.

In February 2019 a group of people from Bucerias started to help...fundraising events were planned such as the first Bazaar and volunteers started to get more involved in the shelter. Over the months since February, we have had great strides. New kennels being build, water pump to provide clean water for the dogs as well as a great walking program that has shown amazing results in the happiness and socialization of all our dogs.

Many more great things to come, we are just at the beginning…

How You Can Help


Thank you so much for your interest in donating to our shelter. We hope that the options below are helpful. You can donate directly via etransfer or Paypal, or donate through the Bay of Banderas Charities using your credit care and to receive either US or Canadian Tax Receipts. We appreciate every donation received and it will be directed for use however you choose, vet bills, sponsoring a particular dog, as well as helping us to build the infrastructure for our shelter:

Regular expenses... Our regular daily expenses include, vet visits, food, water, etc.

Extraordinary expenses... Include vet expenses for special surgeries (e.g. Chloe’s luxating patella surgery), and the chemo required for our dogs that are diagnosed with TVT (A transmissible venereal tumor, or TVT, is a naturally occurring tumor that is sexually transmitted from one dog to another. A high number of cases tend to be seen in large cities and temperate areas. TVT is usually seen in young, intact (non-neutered) dogs. This condition is the result of direct contact with tumor cells from a diseased animal. It is transmitted through the act of sex, and can also be transmitted by oral contact. Intact, free roaming dogs are at greater risk of acquiring and spreading this disease).

Donate via etransfer - You can direct transfer funds to our Canadian account via etransfer to

Donate via PayPal - If your preference is using Paypal to donate money to our rescue please click here.

Donate through Banderas Bay Charities - A USA 501 (c)(3) non-profit, to support primarily Puerto Vallarta-area charities. BBC, Inc grants donations to various organizations within the Bay of Banderas (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico). We offer USA tax-deductible donations, and work with Canadian Children's Shelter of Hope Foundation to offer Revenue Canada-approved donations. Donate with your credit card at Banderas Bay Charities.


Keep checking our Adoptions Page for available dogs as we are constantly updating it as dogs become available or get adopted. To start the adoption process, please click on “Apply to Adopt” button.


Sponsoring a rescue dog in need is a great way to show your support for ADNL. We count on the donations of generous animal lovers to join us in our mission of rescuing dogs from the streets and in some cases abuse. In some horrible and upsetting cases, the homeless and abandoned dogs come to us in terrible condition and require veterinary care. This vet care requires much more money than the adoption donation can cover. Each dog we take in is examined by a vet, vaccinated, treated for parasites, given preventatives, and spayed/neutered. We also treat any other known health issues, which include erlichia treatment, mange treatment, intestinal parasite treatment, teeth extractions, amputation, and much more. As a non-profit organization, we rely on your support to be able to provide this care.

To sponsor a dog in need, pick one of our available dogs at "Sponsor a Dog" and click on the image to make a donation. In the add special instructions to recipient section, please identify the dog you are so graciously sponsoring. Thanks for your generosity!


This space is for those who would like to donate to a dogs new life in memoriam of their much loved fur kids.

Send us a photo with some memories of your special pup and we will post on our Memoriam Page.


Please complete the Volunteer Application if you have any love, time and/or skills you would like to offer to help our dogs. We have dog walking in the mornings, shelter building, vet appointments and great fundraising events for you to be involved in. We have something for everyone.

Vet Transport: We are always in need of drivers, to help us get the dogs to their vet appointments or in an emergency situation.

Fundraising Events: Join our amazing Fundraising Coordinator and her group who put on some great events throughout the season here in the Bay of Banderas area to fund the ongoing needs of our dogs as well as continuing to build our shelter.


While one of the goals of ADNL is to limit dog abandonment on the streets, we cannot rescue all of them, due to space limitations at the shelter and often times money. Many people find this difficult to understand. That's where the Street Dog Initiative comes into place.

With help from the community, we want to be as proactive as possible when someone notifies us of a dog in need. Not all dogs who "run free" here are homeless, many have owners, but we want to help both.

Once we are notified, we can look into the situation. We first determine if a dog has an owner, and if so, we must help educate them on proper animal welfare. No dog should be without the basic necessities. We can work with owners proactively to problem solve, educate them and form relationships in the community. This also includes providing vet assistance.

If a dog is found to be stray, abandoned or homeless, we can do the same. Provide food and water, vet care to take care of injuries, give medication to improve health and prevent the spread of diseases, as well as sterilize them to prevent pet overpopulation. Many of these "street dogs" love their freedom to roam and would be miserable in a shelter situation.

We will always take on dogs when we have the space and funding. We encourage the community to help us as individuals, giving their time and donations so we can help those who aren't being cared for, to improve their quality of life.

You can also offer to "Sponsor a Dog" providing monthly donations while we look after their care. We invite all individuals to work with us to manage the street dog situation in Bucerias.


The ADNL Online Pet Store invites you to order all your pet needs. 20% profit of all of your purchases go to the dog shelter.

For all the details, visit our online store at Facebook.

Last updated: August 1, 2023 · Charity ID: 319

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