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The Vallarta Abuelos was founded in December of 2018 when we learned that ‘Santa’ wouldn’t be visiting many of our little neighbors. “My mother told me that all we can expect for Christmas this year is a cake. No gifts or new clothes” said ten-year old Victor dejectedly. Like many other children on our community, Victor lives with his single-mom and plays on the street while she is at work cleaning hotel rooms.

Since 2018, Vallarta Abuelos has developed a educational program that serves 800 children in Col. 5 de Diciembre and adjacent neighborhoods. These children receive Christmas gifts, bikes, plus school bags and supplies.

Selected children are sponsored by an expat ‘abuelo’ or ‘abuela’ who meets special needs and covers educational expenses. Currently, twelve outstanding teens participate in a year-long scholarship program that develops leadership and job skills.

Our ‘Safe House’ offers a safe alternative for the streets, where for children can study, play, eat, watch tv, and hang out.

During the 2020 CoronaVirus pandemic, the Vallarta Abuelos organized and distributed generous bags of food that contained staples, meat, fresh vegetables, milk and eggs to 7,000 people.


  • Vallarta School Bag Project - backpacks, school supplies to help 800 children continue studying
  • Scholarships - to cover education expenses
  • Bicycle Project - purchased and distributed more than 125 bikes for underprivileged children
  • Santa Project - providing gifts for 800 needy children

The Vallarta Abuelos was created under the auspices of DFW International Community Alliance, a US 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be provided upon request.


  • Cultural Tour of Vallarta Artisans
  • International Cooking Lessons
Meet the Children

Fourteen-year old Fatima is graduating from elementary school in July, and she knows that many of her friends who dropped out after sixth grade quickly became pregnant. Fatima’s American Abuela is supporting both emotionally and financially and will cover expenses so she can enroll in Secundaria.

Eleven-year Carlitos is also on his own after school. He started fourth grade still unable to read or count to ten. He lives with his grandmother, who leaves a pot of beans on the single electric burner when she leaves to sell tacos in a booth down the street. She earns 100 pesos (about $5 US) a day, the minimum wage, and is proud that she’s able to feed her grandchildren with her earnings.

We also try to meet special needs, and when we heard about 6th grader Jose Manuel who suffered from cerebral palsy but had to drop out of school because he lacked a wheelchair, the team was able to access help from a charity that quickly provided him with a brand new child-sized chair.

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How You Can Help

Sponsor a Child

Secundaria (Junior High) expenses are significant, with uniforms and school supplies costing 2500 pesos (about $120 US). Additional registration fees run from 800 pesos in junior high to 3,000 pesos in high school. Lunch (50 pesos) and daily bus transportation (20 pesos) can consume all of a parent’s income.

It’s easy to donate! You can...

  • Send a tax-deductible gift through PayPal to
  • Mail a check to: DFW International, 2717 Hackberry Lane, Garland TX 75042, USA
  • Or if you live in Vallarta, drop off cash at 1261 Bolivia (corner with Honduras) in Colonia 5 de Diciembre or contact us and we will try to arrange pick up.

You can reach us by email at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Last updated: August 14, 2021 · Charity ID: 524

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Donations Needed by Vallarta Abuelos for Baby Formula

Vallarta Abuelos

Especially disturbing is that fact that infants and newborns are being fed RICE WATER instead of formula. Desperate mothers come to our nonprofit or send a pm begging for formula. Read more >>>

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