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Yvonneka Foundation is a dog’s best friend.

• The dog on the street that has been hit and left to die will have care from Yvonneka Foundation.

• The dog that lived in a house and that has been thrown on the road will have a home at Yvonneka Foundation.

• The dog that no other rescuer or organization can keep will have a home at Yvonneka Foundation.

• The dog that lives in the home as a family — we will do everything to make its owners responsible pet parents.

We operate a shelter. Dogs go out of a shelter only in two ways — they get adopted or they die. Here is a home. Dogs that come to us come to live a fulfilling life. They will want for nothing — food, shelter, care and company. Creating the resources to make that happen is the responsibility of each person who works with us.

The Foundation believes that all dogs should be neutered — that includes all pet dogs and stray dogs. We are pro-life on mothers. If a female dog is pregnant she will not be aborted. If she has delivered, her babies are our babies.

All decisions that we make — about raising funds, selling products and services, creating an organization, hiring people, hiring vendors and using technology has one single purpose — how do we make the lives of Mexican dogs better.

The Foundation does not exist to run businesses and make money to enrich shareholders. Our business exists to create the best ecosystem and infrastructure for Mexico’s dogs.

Last updated: November 9, 2021 · Charity ID: 320

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