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What We Do

We are a group of volunteers led by mother-daughter team Lisa and Barbara that provide veterinary care, shelter and rehabilitation for animals in Puerto Vallarta.

We rely on donations from people like you and partnerships with other charities to continue our work of saving animals in need and finding them loving forever homes.

Our Story

In 2017 mother-daughter dog rescuing team, Barbara and Lisa, moved from England to enjoy the amazing lifestyle and beauty that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. The last thing they had on their mind was running a large dog shelter and coordinating international adoptions. However, life had other plans! After moving to Puerto Vallarta and seeing so many dogs that faced horrendous neglect, medical issues and injuries caused by life on the streets or at the hands of neglectful owners, they knew they had to do something.

Barbara and Lisa realized that the sheer volume of dogs and other animals that needed help required a bit more than this duo could provide on their own. Their passion for helping animals and mounting veterinary bills turned into The Sula Society which stands for 'Saving Unloved Lovable Animals'.

The Sula Society evolved out of a need to raise donations and they teamed up with Dogs for Life to make their newfound dream of having a large shelter and compound possible.

On 26 October 2020 their vision became a reality when they moved into their new shelter compound. This huge walled compound features outbuildings, huge lawn space, an agility area and even a river running through for the dogs to swim! Their vision for the shelter is a welcoming space for their rescue dogs to decompress, rehabilitate, and be loved while they wait for their furrever families to find them.

In February 2021 dog trainer extraordinaire, Roy, joined the Sula team. Roy introduced an agility program, pack walks and even going on bike rides. He also teaches the dogs basic training, recall and socialisation to give them the best start in their furrever homes. The Sula Society is a new breed of shelter where it's not enough to just create an environment for their rescues to survive - but also thrive! The shelter is always full of volunteers and friendly faces for the dogs to interact with and feel loved while they wait to be adopted.

Our dogs aren't just adopted locally. We fly our rescues to various locations including Canada in the USA to provide our rescues with the best possible homes.

The Sula Society is ever evolving to meet the needs of the community, including educational outreach and providing funds for low income families in Puerto Vallarta to keep the dogs they love while providing them with the veterinary care they need. This outreach is essential for shaping the future of dogs in Puerto Vallarta.

At The Sula Society we are 100% volunteer run and rely on donations, grants and legacies. Without our committed team of volunteers, flight angels and donations from people all over the world we would not be able to continue our work rescuing Puerto Vallarta's animals in need.

All animals deserve a happy home. You can make a difference and change the future for one of our amazing animals. View Adoptables Here


With your help we can give Puerta Vallartas neglected and abused dogs a new future. Donate Here!

Why Become a Volunteer?

We rely on the dedication of volunteers to be able to rescue as many animals as we do, and hopefully even more in future!

We are always in need of new volunteers at the shelter, for flight angels, fostering and even fundraisers (for those abroad who want to help!)

Volunteer Opportunities

Experience Level
What would you do?
Moderate admin experience
Help us with the behind the scenes administrative work it takes to run a shelter.
Host one of our dogs or the occasional cat until we find their forever home.
No experience needed
Do some local fundraising at your church, school, etc. to help us rescue and provide care for our animals.
Flight Angels
Travelling from PV
No experience needed
If you are already travelling from PV to locations in Canada, USA or Mexico you can help us transport dogs to their new homes by having them accompany you on the flight at no cost to yourself. We handle all the paperwork.
Dog Bathers
Shelter, PV
No experience needed
Bathe dogs
Toy and Bed Makers
Some sewing ability
Make toys, beds and sweaters for the dogs
Shelter Area, PV
Drivers license needed
Vet runs, pickup and drop off volunteers, dog pickup, airport runs with dogs
Puppy Socializing
Shelter, PV
Some dog experience
Socialize puppies to people and new things
Shelter, PV
No experience needed
Cleaning dishes, kennels and shelter facilities
Dog Walkers
Shelter, PV
Some dog experience
Walk dogs!



Since we opened our shelter we have been extremely busy with many dogs heading to homes in the USA and Canada. We have a list of dogs waiting for a flight angel to help take them to their new families.

Are you travelling back to the USA or Canada and willing to help a dog in need? It costs nothing to become a flight angel and no extra work other than a few extra minutes at customs. Fill out the form here to help!


Are the dogs trained?

Our rescues come from a variety of circumstances so their training varies. Our dog trainer assesses new dogs to provide an accurate behavioural assessment and works with the dogs until adopted on basic training, recall and socialisation. He also does agility with the dogs, pack walks and sometimes even bike rides! If you have any questions about a specific dog please don't hesitate to reach out.

Where do your dogs come from?

Our dogs are rescued from dire situations, some come to us as strays and others come from owner/family surrenders. Follow us on Facebook to see our rescue stories.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes! We have lots of opportunities for volunteers both at the shelter, for fostering and fundraising for those of you abroad! Check out our volunteer opportunity page for more information.

What does the adoption fee cover?

Our adoption fees cover the cost of one flight and vet papers required to travel. If more than one flight is needed then the most expensive flight is included. In addition, they cover all the vet care the dog received before being put up for adoption. All dogs fly with their vaccination record book. Each dog travels in a pet carrier, if you wish to keep the pet carrier then an additional fee of $100 will be charged.

What does it cost to adopt a dog?

The adoption costs are 2,000 pesos for Mexican Nationals, 450 dollars Canadian or $400 dollars US for Temporary or Permanent residents living in Mexico, 650 dollars Canadian or 550 US dollars. Don't forget to budget for all the other things your new fur-baby will need.

What countries will you adopt dogs to?

Currently our adoptors are in Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Are the dogs assessed before being put up for adoption?

When we rescue a dog or take a dog in the first thing we do is have them vet checked. As standard all dogs are checked for fleas, ticks, worms, heart worm, parvo virus, distemper, mange, erlichea, and anaemia. The vet also checks their teeth both for health and for getting an indication of age. We provide treatment as needed but all dogs are given vaccinations (including rabies), teeth cleaning (as needed) and spaying or neutering. We also establish whether they are good with other dogs or kids and some dogs work with a trainer.

How will the dog get to me?

If local pickup can be arranged. If its a long distance adoption dogs will fly cabin or cargo (depending on size) with either yourself or a volunteer flight angel.

How long does it take to process my application?

The length of time varies depending on the age of dog, health requirements and travel arrangements. Unfortunately, due to covid the time it is taking to get dogs to their new homes is longer due to flight cancellations, less flights and less passengers.

Last updated: June 20, 2023 · Charity ID: 321

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