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Puro Gato is a nonprofit organization that works to end animal suffering by helping cats and dogs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We rescue dogs and cats from the street and provide them with food, spay/neutering, veterinary attention, and temporary housing. We then work to find them permanent and responsible adoptive homes. We are a no-kill shelter, and the animals that are not adopted can live with us as long as is necessary.

Mission: To provide a dignified life to our rescued animals. We also strive to create awareness in the local population. Due to the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Puerto Vallarta we believe it is necessary to spay and neuter pets and nurture an animal friendly culture.

Vision: To significantly decrease the number of homeless dogs and cats in Puerto Vallarta along with the many social problems this issue brings.

Who We Are: Protectora Puro Gato y Perro, A.C. was formally created as a nonprofit organization in April 2016. It is a fully volunteer run organization founded and headed by Soraya and Almendra, and supported by many individuals and groups. We've been working for the wellbeing of cats and dogs in Puerto Vallarta since 2008.

A large part of our work is related to the Cuale Island Cats. In conjunction with other volunteers, we feed (as Soraya and Almendra are doing above), sterilize, and adopt them out when possible. Many former island cats also live at our shelter. The cats on the island are 95% sterilized (as noted by their ear notch), and the 5% that are not are cats that are either very difficult to trap or newly abandoned. Island cats are in danger from poisoning or attacks from other dogs. We give cats the necessary veterinary care, and take young abandoned cats to our shelter to be adopted out.

In April 2016 we received an award from the Government of Puerto Vallarta, recognizing us for our ongoing work in support of animal welfare in our city.

Last updated: November 28, 2021 · Charity ID: 323

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