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We have spent more than six decades of intense work, committed to the prevention and recovery of more than 200,000 children with limited resources who suffered malnutrition.

This, beyond representing a large number of children recovered from malnutrition, means more than 200,000 hopes restored ready to give their best for this world.


We supply children with weekly allowances of nutritional complement according to their age and nutritional status. We provide nutritional guidance through anthropometric measures, deworming, vitamins, iron, as well as, detection, prevention and treatment of anemia.


We provide constant training to parents on issues related to nutrition, health, human development and domestic technologies.


Provide adequate food (through scientific controls) to children in their early age who due to their poverty, lack the necessary means to obtain such food. We prepare parents or legal guardians with instructions about proper children’s diet and care.


Prevent child malnutrition from the prenatal stage and recover children who suffer from it and are in a context of food poverty. We make it possible through family health education, the provision of our formula and nutritional surveillance, to promote a well nourished childhood with the ability to develop integrally.


To be a solid, self-sufficient non-profit organization with diverse financing sources. We want our model to be replicable, with a nutritional and formative impact in the communities. We look forward to become a national reference in community interaction programs to address child malnutrition in the regions with the highest food poverty levels.


• For us, children are first.

• We are co-responsible and key agents to solve child malnutrition, a multifactorial phenomenon product of an unequal and indifferent society. Education is the basis for eradicating the problem.

• To collaborate in ONI requires social responsibility, vocation, warm spirit of service, freedom, continuous and serious commitment.

• Our associates, donors, collaborators, volunteers and allies fulfill a very important duty for the future of Mexico which in turn makes them grow.

How Can You Help Us?

To reach more regions and help more children, we need more resources from engaged people like you.


You can ensure the feeding of a child with only $1 USD a day. With your contribution, you give a child the opportunity to grow healthy and strong so that he or she can study and improve his or her life quality. In addition, with your donation, you will contribute to the health education of the mother.


ONI currently works in diverse Wixaritari communities that are located in some of the most marginalized regions in the state of Jalisco. We also work in the Cora communities in the state of Nayarit, and in some communities in the state of Guerrero. If you are an entrepreneur, your company can collaborate with a monthly donation, to support one of the 72 communities we work with. You can impact the lives of many children and their families.


You can help ONI by being a donor in kind. This consists of doing your bit contributing with various products, services, training, food, among others.


You are very important to us. You can join and support the different daily tasks that ONI carries out giving a little of your time per month. We mainly need your help in the volunteer programs that take place in the North Sierra of Jalisco, and in the communities we serve daily inside Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

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