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At Casa de la Amistad we want to rewrite the history of childhood cancer in Mexico.


Casa de la Amistad for Children with Cancer, is a Private Assistance Institution that is committed to raising the survival rate of low-income girls, boys and young people suffering from cancer in Mexico.


Be the private assistance institution reference, which affects the increase in the survival rates of low-income girls, boys and young people who suffer from cancer.

All the supports provided by Casa de la Amistad are provided at NO COST to the beneficiary.

Our goal is to ensure that more low-income children and youth with cancer in Mexico survive.


• We support the 30% of children treated by the Mexican public healthcare sector

• +12,200 treatments granted to date

• +4,000 children and young people under surveillance (without cancer cells in their body)

• Colaboration with 27 hospitals: 19 hospitals in 16 states, 8 hospitals in CDMX


We have an alliance with:

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

World Child Cancer

• ABC Medical Center (The American British Cowdray Medical Center)

Children's Hospital Teletón de Oncología (HITO)


• Accredited by CEMEFI

• Audited by KPMG

• Institutional Strengthening (Nacional Monte de Piedad)

• Dining room certified with the Distinctive H (pdf)

How Do We Do It?

Timely Detection: With dissemination campaigns for the early detection of signs and symptoms of childhood cancer.

Early Attention: By providing comprehensive and complementary support to guarantee immediate treatments to the Health Sector.

Proper Treatment: We support the training of medical staff and nurses. Ensuring that they have the necessary and updated knowledge for their specialty.

Fidelity to Treatment: By avoiding abandonment of treatment through educational, emotional, nutritional support, transportation and lodging.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that occurs in the context of genetic changes, which in turn can lead to cell dysfunction, thus affecting both children and adults.

When there are rebellious cells in an organ or tissue that do not obey genetic instructions, they begin to multiply uncontrollably and grow too much to form a substance called a tumor.

Childhood Cancer: In Mexico, one of the main factors contributing to the low survival rate of children and young people with cancer is the early detection and misdiagnosis of the disease.

According to census data, about 60% of childhood cancer cases are not detected timely or accurately.

Cancer is difficult to detect, but there are obvious symptoms in boys and girls. Early detection plays a key role in the successful treatment of childhood cancer.

Last updated: June 20, 2023 · Charity ID: 424

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