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La Orca de Sayulita is Sayulita's first pure whale watching and research company. We are a small group of biologists who offer a non-invasive, environmentally-conscious option for whale watching in Sayulita. We use a hydrophone to gift you the amazing experience of listening to the whales communicate. With each tour, we include high-quality photos to take home the memories. Our boat seats up to 8 guests.

If you are traveling alone or in a group, we welcome to you come and learn more about the whales and dolphins of the region. We are the first in the area to conduct whale research and we invite you to be a part of the learning experience. We aim to improve cetacean knowledge in the pacific region to help to better protect and conserve the whales and dolphins. We watch the whales away from all the tourist masses in the Bay of Banderas and leave directly from Sayulita Beach.

All guides are passionate biologists engaged in whale research with incredible knowledge of the local whale life. We use our whale watch trips as a platform to conduct research while using profits to support our independent studies. We have been working with whales in Nayarit for 15 years and know individual whales by name and much of their life history. Additionally we have worked in El Salvador.

Our name “La Orca de Sayulita” originates from the Spanish words… OBSERVA (observe), RESPETA (respect), CONSERVA (conserve) and AYUDA (help).

We want to make sure that whale watching in Sayulita is of a high quality, respectful of both the animals and whale watching regulations, and that some of the money spent on whale watching goes back directly to help the whales.

We hope to inspire a passion within you, so that you leave as a life-long ambassadors for humpback whales and other whale species!

Last updated: June 21, 2023 · Charity ID: 325

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