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LILHA is an artist residency committed to supporting a diverse network of artists interested in socio-environmental concerns and the relationship between the arts, humanities, and ecology.

Based in San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico, we offer artist residencies aimed at professionals with initiatives related to these topics.

We are interested in projects that emphasize the relationship between individuals, society and their environment. We consider coexistence, open dialogue and active collaboration essential elements for knowledge and its implementation.

Due to the intimate nature of our facilities, we focus on the individual’s vision. We promote a supportive and healthy atmosphere that allows potential dynamics of proximity and cultivates empathy among people.

We believe in the exchange and interculturality to strengthen the field of art through transformative experiences.


Art is essential for the growth and realization of each individual as a vehicle for human expression. It is a linking tool between people, the bridge to draw them near and reconcile differences.


Our mission comprises of three parts:

• To generate individual, social, and environmental experiences for human transformation to achieve a better quality of life.

• To further social inclusion by promoting the integration of artistic practices that foster collaborative participation within the local community.

• To stimulate a cultural, intrinsic and responsive awareness in the formation of artists as agents of change through the development of artistic initiatives and activities.


LILHA is part of the reflexive artistic community, one that is participatory and fully engaged.

We believe in the creative potential within collectivectivity and the intimate connection between nature and its rhythms. In this manner, we bet on the value of our natural and cultural heritage.

We have relationships and want to further establish relations with artistic initiatives in all of Mexico and abroad. For this reason, the art residents, both national and international, sharing a collaborative vision and contributing to local projects are the ideal means of completing our mission.

We are committed to supporting our community, San Pancho, and nourishing the spirit of inspiration in that very air in which we breathe.


Our objective is to generate habits and opportunities for community participation within the artistic creation process. LILHA’s goal is to activate and interexchange of knowledge and practical tools for social transformation with a general attitude of solidarity towards our environment.

We use a model of work that is constantly updating, centered around art and culture. Our proposal is to develop social initiatives that encourage reflection and critical thought of our time and our environment, for the benefit of a better quality of life, both individually and collectively.

Specific Objectives

• Encourage creativity and imagination as forms for well-being and development.

• Inspire the development of oneself and their artistry as forms for inquiry and exploration.

• Educate children and youth on the importance of honoring our fellow human being in all its stages; looking for forms of inclusion and intergenerational integration.

• Promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through rest and relaxation, as well as an intrinsic health that seeks mental clarity.

• To bring awareness to the transformative impact of our actions on our environment.

• Promote and care for the appreciation of local natural resources.

• Favor the encounter, the collaboration, and the immersion amongst artists and nature.

• Teach children and youth to care for the environment, thus enriching their education, and orienting it to the needs of society both in the present and in the future. Explain to them the urgency of leaving the environment damaged, and, even more so, to begin to correct our current condition.

• Weave professional relationships at an international and national level, through artistic residencies, academic exchanges, and intense ludic-pedagogical activity.

• Our objective is to work in a collective manner, creating alliances with individuals, cultural institutions,and formative and fundamental initiatives that empower talent, creativity and human development.

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