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Alianza Jaguar is a non-profit civil association with a platform of more than 10 years of experience.

Our work has been aimed at ensuring the survival of the jaguar thanks to the efforts of an interdisciplinary team committed to the conservation of this species and its habitat.

Our work has been carried out in the Mexican Pacific distribution zone, mainly in the state of Nayarit with emphasis on the Sierra de Vallejo Natural Protected Area (NPA), currently under the category of State Biosphere Reserve.

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Our work has been aimed at ensuring the survival of the jaguar, thanks to the efforts of an interdisciplinary team committed to the conservation of this species and its habitat. This work is being carried out in the distribution area of the Mexican Pacific, mainly in the state of Nayarit with emphasis on the natural protected area (NPA) of the Sierra de Vallejo under the category of State Biosphere Reserve.

In order to fulfill our objective, we carry out strategic actions in the areas of research, education, ecological development, environmental policy and territorial defense, seeking to mitigate or confront global climate change, desertification, species extinction and other planetary emergency phenomena.

Our work has focused on developing projects and products focused on the generation of information that contribute to the conservation of the jaguar, its prey and habitat by facilitating the fulfillment of the objectives of the National Strategy for Jaguar Conservation.

We have generated priority actions that contribute to decision-making at the national level, such as livestock insurance, mitigating factors of human-jaguar conflict through public policy and the promotion of good livestock practices. We have also contributed in the construction of strategies that establish the necessary links between organizations to establish a work agenda.

We are currently executing short, medium and long term actions to mitigate and stop the loss and fragmentation of jaguar habitat in the Sierra de Vallejo through the design, monitoring, evaluation, promotion, encouragement, management or creation of priority actions for the conservation of fauna and flora or any type of natural protected area.

Some of our strategies consist of promoting an environmental policy focused on the zero conversion of forests and jungles, and instead, on the maintenance of priority areas for conservation.

Our main activity is the monitoring and evaluation of the jaguar's distribution area, populations and their prey to guarantee population connectivity, advising on infrastructure development processes.

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