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Project Pasitos de Luz & Casa Connor - Two Dreams Come Together

We provide essential support for therapy, education and nutrition in a safe, supportive and accepting environment for children and youth with disabilities to reach their full potential.

We strive to relieve poverty and conditions associated with disability by providing specially adapted treatments, medical services, medical equipment, medication, incidental facilities, and support to children and youth with disabilities in Mexico, to improve their health, welfare, social and cultural participation, and quality of life.

Our Roots

Our roots go back to 2011 when a group of Canadians in Calgary formed the C.A.S.A. Caring Abroad Society of Alberta. This group began a mission to keep the memory of Connor Vanderveen alive by building a facility to support the needs of children with disabilities. The goal was to build Casa Connor and partner with an established registered charity in Jalisco, Mexico that had a like mission.

The registered charity in Mexico is a Civil Association that offers services to children with severe psychological and/or physical disabilities. The Canadian group successfully built a 22,000 square foot building named Casa Connor. The facility was donated to the charity “Mothers United for the Rehabilitation of Their children AC.” (Mamás Unidas por la Rehabilitación de sus Hijos A. C.) More commonly, it is called Pasitos de Luz which means “Little Steps of Light.”

Our Impact

Casa Connor was donated to Pasitos de Luz to help the children reach their highest potential

As a donor of expertise, time and funds, we ensure all of the needed services continue to be offered at no charge. This support also provides opportunity to increase services and the numbers of children served.

  • Nationally in Mexico, Pasitos de Luz is the only Civil Association that provides its range of services for free to children with a disability living in extreme poverty and/or who have limited resources.

MCA helps the children and their families by supporting the moms’ employment while also helping their children.

  • Approximately one third of the staff are mothers of the children creating a complete win-win situation. The children get needed services and the mothers can earn money for necessities by working in roles such as cook assistants, nannies, cleaners and laundry workers.

Your generosity and support helps MCA to ensure the children and their families are getting vital nutrition. We promote healthy eating for children both at Casa Connor and at home.

  • Nutrition and dietary assistance is a significant part of helping children reach their potential. MCA, in partnership with Pasitos, monitors dietary requirements and assist families in helping to introduce much-needed minerals, vitamins and healthy-eating in the home.

In addition, since March 2020, during the pandemic, our support ensures that entire families can survive. We have been able to provide weekly food packages for approximately 700 people throughout the pandemic.

  • We work with Pasitos de Luz to ensure children and staff eat two meals a day (breakfast and lunch) from Monday to Friday at Casa Connor. Up to 180 meals are cooked and served daily. In 2019, almost 40,000 meals were cooked and served!

  • MCA, in partnership with Pasitos, focuses on the wellbeing of the whole family. We help where we can, ensuring weekly donations of food and supplies to the families, so the kids get as much nutrition as possible when they are in their homes.

Last updated: June 20, 2023 · Charity ID: 535

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