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We are an integral treatment center for self-destructive behavior. Our foundations are humanity, healing, integrity and love. These are the principles from which the name Husania arises.

In 2016 was born the concern to build a place that met with the right characteristics for a dignified, effective and with good results addiction treatment.

Husania began as a dream for its founder Luis Alberto Venegas Cesar, 18 years ago. Being the director of the Huerto de Luz institution for ten years, he gained the knowledge and experience to detect and accompany the needs of users with self-destructive behaviors.

During this period of time, the founder of Husania obtained different certifications from SEP, CECAJ, UDG, CONADIC, CENADIC, Organization of American States, Inter-American Commissio for Drug Abuse Control, Center Of Studies Monte Fenix and Proccer.

In November 2016 through formal sponsorship and with the spiritual backing of the council SUPREMACÍA DESPERTAR (ideology that works with formality, discipline, honesty and practice of principles) starts operations on January 1, 2017.

Husania has a multidisciplinary team made up of people with the ability to help and give love to the user in addition to having the professional knowledge to carry out such work.


The individual who enters our treatment to abandon the consumption of psychoactive substances as well as self-destructive behaviors derived from it. Achieving an awakening of their conscience and congruence between what they think and feel. Therefore improving the consequences of their actions in a positive way, avoiding psychological and emotional discomfort, introjecting positive beliefs as well as love and responsibility about their existence and mission in life.


Husania's vision is to be an integral center of continuous improvement in the quality of our mutual aid treatment for the benefit of the evolution and transformation of the user, making him/her capable of self-realization in his/her daily life, recovering his/her mental, spiritual and physical health and reintegrating into society.


To accompany our users in strengthening their will to achieve the abandonment of the use of psychoactive substances and self-destructive behaviors, as well as to provide tools to re-learn to live in a full and conscious way of value and respect for their life.

To be one of the best centers in Mexico for the treatment of addictions, with an effective and conscious program.

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Last updated: June 20, 2023 · Charity ID: 431

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+52 322-105-7001
Juan Acevedo #168,
Col. Independencia 48327,
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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