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About Us

Help your local community and those around the world by connecting with good samaritans, nonprofits, and other organizations dedicated to helping those in need.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create an online community of good-doers - a place where good samaritans and charitable organizations can connect and help the causes they care most about. The world needs more good, and we hope to foster a caring and good-willed community that promotes that. A helping hand should be just a click away.

About Us

We're a small group of individuals with a passion for helping others. We're thinkers. We're creators. We're dreamers. We believe in the kind side of humanity. We believe goodwill is contagious. With CivilTalk, we aim to make the world a better place. We want to connect the good-doers, locally and across the globe, so we can all do more good.

Connect With Like-Minded Individuals and Organizations

Find volunteer opportunities, donate, and connect with others in your local community and abroad. Whether you're most passionate about saving the environment, cancer research, children's education, or helping the impoverished, CivilTalk can help you connect with good samaritans and organizations actively involved in helping the cause you care most about.

Raise Awareness About Your Cause and Get the Help You Need

No cause is too small. Whether your child's school is trying to raise money or you want to coordinate a neighborhood food drive, CivilTalk can help. Share details about your event or brainstorm ideas with others to get a fundraiser started. CivilTalk is an online community where a helping hand is just a click away.

Get Involved With Nonprofits and Other Charitable Organizations

Many nonprofits and charitable organizations could use your help. With CivilTalk, we aim to give these organizations a platform to spread the word about their cause. You can help by volunteering your time or donating. However, sometimes the biggest impact can simply be talking about it and encouraging others to get involved as well. Make a difference with CivilTalk.

Donate to Causes You Care About

We understand charitable organizations rely on donations to do the good work that they do, so we try to make donating easy. Our community members can donate to a cause anytime by visiting an organization’s profile page. And as an added gesture of goodwill, CivilTalk will provide $5 worth of charitable tokens to every member who subscribes to a premium yearly membership - that’s $5 each member can donate towards the organizations of their choosing. Doing good has never been easier.

Do You Manage a Nonprofit?

CivilTalk is dedicated to getting nonprofits and charitable organizations the visibilty they need in order to boost donations, volunteers, and overall awareness. With CivilTalk, you can create a page dedicated to your organization and share everything you need with your followers.

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Become a Partner for Change

Being a Partner for Change can have a different meaning and application to each of us depending on our role, our location, our clients, our relationships. But no matter where you are or who you are, you can be a Partner for Change. Click here to get started today.

Steps to Start a Thriving Giving Circle in Your Community


Learn the four steps to start a giving circle, and see how thousands of people worldwide are already part of this movement to usher in a new era of philanthropy that is democratic and joyful. Read more >>>

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Show off your support for the charities and non-profit organizations in and around the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit area.

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