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We are a group of women convinced that access to a safe abortion is a right that should be available to everyone, regardless of the entity in Mexico where you live.

We collaborate together providing accompaniment before, during and after the abortion process so that it can be lived as a right and not as a crime and therefore, women do not carry stigma for having an abortion or expressing their desire to do so.

In the Network I Need Abortar we seek that accompaniment serve so that women experience a free, safe and peaceful abortion from their homes, focusing on reducing the social stigma and discrimination that still permeates our society around abortion.

Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that each accompaniment is carried out with respect for each woman's decision, forming bonds of trust and sharing true information that can generate peace of mind and security for women in their abortion process.

If you need to have an abortion, we can accompany your process. You can contact us by sending a message to any of our social networks, or send an email to [at] and we can help you immediately. You are not alone.

Abortion Is a Right, Not a Crime

Did you know that abortion is legal in all of Mexico?

As contradictory as what you are reading may be, abortion is legal throughout Mexico and illegal at the same time, that is, each state of the republic has reasons why abortion is not considered a crime. Learn more

Questions and Answers About At-Home Abortions

La Abortería is a space where we have tried to answer the most common questions about safe medical abortion from home.

Can something bad happen to me if I use Misoprostol?

No, if Misoprostol is used following the correct protocol it is not risky for health.

Can I be sterile from using Misoprostol?

No, the correct use of Misoprostol causes contractions in the uterus, but it does not affect fertility or the ovaries or the uterus.

If I already had an abortion once with Misoprostol, is it dangerous to use it again?

No, Misoprostol is eliminated from the body the same day it is consumed, so it is safe to use it as many times as you decide to have an abortion.

How many days do I have to stay in bed after having an abortion?

It is not necessary, rest depends on the possibilities of each one and how you feel physically. As Misoprostol is disposed of from the body the same day of its use, the side effects also disappear the same day, so there will be no physical discomfort that requires rest unless you wish.

Can I bleed to death if I abort from home?

One of the uses of Misoprostol is to prevent bleeding, so in addition to helping to miscarry, its use also helps prevent bleeding. The safe abortion protocol also indicates how to measure bleeding to differentiate between heavy bleeding, normal in the abortion process, and hemorrhage. There are particular situations in which a woman could be prone to bleeding, so it is important that you contact any of her companions so that you can receive the necessary information.

Why is it necessary to know the weeks of gestation?

It is necessary to determine the weeks of gestation to know the protocol for the correct use of Misoprostol and increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

Do I need to lie down the entire time while I have an abortion?

No, Misoprostol will cause contractions, they will occur in any way, you can be in the position that makes you feel most comfortable.

Is it necessary to be fasting to be able to abort?

On the contrary, in addition to the contractions and cramps caused by Misoprostol, vomiting and diarrhea are also common, so fasting can make you feel very fatigued. You can eat whatever you like and remember to stay hydrated.

If I go to the hospital, will they find out that I had an abortion?

Yes, but what cannot be determined medically, unless you say so, is how that abortion occurred, since the same thing happens in the uterus in an induced abortion as in a spontaneous one.

Is Cytotec the only original Misoprostol?

No, Cytotec is a brand of the Pfizer laboratory, but it is not the only one that works, there are presentations from other less well-known and equally effective laboratories.

How difficult is it to get Misoprostol?

In Mexico, Misoprostol is an over-the-counter drug, so you can get it at any pharmacy without a prescription. Pharmacy managers sometimes deny their sale or require you to show a prescription, but this should not be the case. In that case you can look at some other pharmacy.

I bought the pills on the internet. How can I know if they work?

When buying pills online you have to be very careful, there are pages selling abortion pills with doses not recommended by the World Health Organization. You have to make sure that the pills that are going to be sent to you are not open and that you can see on their packaging or blister: the name of the laboratory, the expiration date and the name of the medicine. There are many fraudulent pages where they sell open-packaged pills to women, delivered in plastic bags. Be careful and make sure you have the correct medication. Contact us if you have questions about where to get Misoprostol safely for you.

What if I didn't abort?

You can repeat the process without any problem, contact us to resolve, as far as possible, all your doubts about the use of Misoprostol.

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