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The Nature Conservancy is the leader in nature conservation in the world.

Almost 7 decades of experience support the work we do hand in hand with communities, governments, organizations, and companies to conserve natural heritage.

Mexico, Key Partner for TNC

Due to its biological diversity and cultural richness, Mexico represents a strategic zone for the conservation of nature. Therefore, since 1986, The Nature Conservancy has promoted the sustainable development of that region.

We work for a future where nature and people can thrive together.

TNC Mexico faces the most important environmental challenges on the planet, addressing the 4 priorities that science warns are urgent, in order to move towards a hopeful and sustainable tomorrow. But we don't work alone; We partner with governments, industries, social organizations and communities to jointly define the solutions that can trigger change.

Combat Climate Change

Given the dramatic increase in global temperature in the last century, TNC leads projects in Mexico that provide innovative solutions to the world's greatest challenge: climate change.

Protect Land and Water

We help protect more than 119 million hectares of land, miles of rivers and streams, as well as the world's largest oceans. And we plan to protect more ecosystems by 2025.

Provide Sustainable Food and Water

In the next 30 years, the demand for food will increase by more than 50% as the population continues to grow. It is a challenge that we are already facing with cutting-edge solutions.

Build Healthy Cities

By 2050, at least two-thirds of people will live in cities. Planning, smart growth and the protection of nature are key to generating collective benefits.

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