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Leaders2Give, Inc. was incorporated in 2019 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with U.S. federal and California state tax exempt status. Our volunteer board of directors is composed of both Canadian and American citizens. There are currently no paid employees.

Virtually every dollar of every donation we receive goes to support the initiative for which it was intended. We are a 100% volunteer run board and currently, do not have any employees. That means approximately 96% of donations received are used to run our programs and support our partners. Only a very small amount goes toward the necessary expenses involved in making an impact.

When it comes right down to it, Leaders2Give exists because of the many people helping to make it a reality through one-time or monthly donations or by volunteering their time and/or expertise.

Our mission is to inspire, teach & empower people to become leaders who possess the skills required to solve the problems facing society by providing an opportunity to engage in hands-on work in developing communities and in real life settings.

Thousands of children have experienced increased health, comfort, and safety. They have been able to attend highschool, are not going to bed hungry, and are learning how to uplift their communities by getting involved thanks to our many supporters. Donate here

Our goal is to build and sustain a children's home in El Cardonal, BCS, Mexico that provides a temporary home for children while their families are impacted by a medical crisis.

Through our partners, we help support an independently operated children’s home, a health clinic, a scholarship fund providing educational opportunities to qualifying youth, and a food distribution program.

There is a lot of work that goes into creating an impact and much of it can be done from wherever you happen to be in the world!

Volunteers have made a difference by helping with fundraising, web development, engineering, sourcing needed items, project management, painting, gardening, and so much more.

Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Shelley Aibner, to learn more: Shelley[at]

El Cardonal Children’s Home Project

Leaders2Give’s goal is to build and sustain a children's home in El Cardonal, Baja California Sur (BCS), Mexico, that provides a temporary home for children while their families are impacted by a medical crisis.

Why Is This Home Needed?

Poverty among women & children in BCS increased by 200% over the last few years. BCS also has amongst the highest rates of breast cancer and childhood leukemia in Mexico.

Fipcam (a Mexican non-profit exclusively serving women living in poverty requiring treatment for cancer in BCS) confirmed that women often have to abandon their children during treatment.

The DIF (the Mexican governmental department responsible for child welfare) confirmed this fact and agreed to work with us to place these children from all over BCS.

In addition, we have met with both the local delegation for the East Cape (the equivalent of the mayor’s office) and the sub-delegation for El Cardonal. Both confirmed the need for such a facility and are in support of the project.

Our goal to build this home was inspired by a story from a local family who became aware of a single mother of five who had to abandon four of her children in the slums of Los Cabos while seeking medical treatment for her youngest boy.

Last updated: August 19, 2022 · Charity ID: 536

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