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The Network of Altruistic Associations of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay was founded in 2009 in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco. It is currently made up of 28 non-profit Civil Associations.

The Network unites the Civil Associations by attracting them to training and stimulating their strengthening; it disseminates their work and creates links with the business sector, foundations, government and society in general to potentiate the impact of their work.


The Altruist Network promotes the empowerment and professionalization of Civil Society Organizations by providing knowledge and linkage resources for the better fulfillment of their social purpose.


The Altruist Network will enjoy solid earned prestige for the quality of its performance and will be strongly positioned in society for what its affiliates have obtained from their participation in it. It will be a dynamic organization that will be a reference of reliability and transparency.

Programs and Services

The Network's programs and services are aimed at motivating and facilitating the transition to professionalization in organizations so that their social impact and the value they add to the life of the community they serve is profound and significant.

Professionalization implies vision, order, sustainability and deep transformation.

Affiliation Program

A careful process is carried out for the affiliation to the Altruist Network of non-profit associations, in which they must demonstrate that they are active, that their programs really comply with the legal purpose contained in their articles of incorporation and that they are up to date with their tax obligations. This is so that the Altruist Network fulfills its objective of being a dynamic organization that adds up and that is a reference of reliability and transparency.

Institutional Strengthening Program

The Altruist Network is a space where associations can work as a team in conditions of collaboration, solidarity and equality among all its members. In the Network they will find support and advice to help them strengthen and grow the programs and services they offer.

Linkage Program

The Altruist Network creates ties that strengthen the presence of the associations through presentations, agreements and alliances, seeking collaboration with the business, educational, governmental and general public sectors that wish to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the member organizations of the network.

Training Program

The Altruist Network provides its members with the necessary knowledge for the efficient management and operation of CSOs through its monthly sessions, and the organization of trainings, workshops and conferences with special prices for them. We seek to have members of the network with constant growth and development.

Last updated: September 5, 2022 · Charity ID: 143

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