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GRIMMA (Grupo de Investigación de Mamíferos Marinos) is a civil association that carries out research, conservation and environmental education projects on marine mammals and other species present in the marine and coastal ecosystems of the Mexican coasts.

Our Mission:

  • Generate information that serves for the conservation of ecosystems and their natural species.
  • Disseminate knowledge to new generations of researchers and conservation promoters.
  • Achieve a change in the awareness of civil society, and the importance of their actions to safeguard nature.

Our Vision:

To be an organization that generates scientific knowledge, that influences decision making for the adequate and sustainable management of natural resources, to inspire and collaborate with people and other organizations to join efforts to make a change to reverse the degradation of ecosystems and protect species. At GRIMMA we will not cease to ask with urgency, "keep the world alive."

Cetacean Monitoring

Every winter season, trips are made to the bay by boat in order to sight marine mammals, where data such as species, type and size of groups, geographic position, acoustic recordings, photographs of caudal and dorsal fins for photo-identification, etc. are recorded and later analyzed to generate knowledge that will help protect these species and their ecosystems.

Strandings of Marine Mammals

Occasionally events occur where a marine mammal runs aground or strands on the beaches, for reasons such as illness, injury or wounds, disorientation or death. GRIMMA maintains an active program throughout the year, in coordination with governmental institutions and other organizations, to attend to these cases, where a large amount of data is obtained on the stranded species.

Environmental Education Program

GRIMMA actively participates in talks, environmental fairs and outreach events, with the objective of promoting the knowledge of marine species, their conservation, as well as the research that has been done on them; all this with interesting and fun activities for all ages, with the aim of increasing the interest of the attendees in the care of marine mammals and ecosystems.

Last updated: September 5, 2022 · Charity ID: 330

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