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Mexico is home to spectacular marine life that thrives in mangrove and brown algae forests, coral and rocky reefs, and underwater mountains, among others. From the Mexican Pacific to the Caribbean, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California, the great productivity of these ecosystems provides us with a myriad of services such as food, climate regulation and recreational sites. This natural heritage is little known to most Mexicans, which has caused our seas to face problems of overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction.

We are a team of scientists, conservationists, journalists, photographers and inhabitants of coastal communities that use audiovisual media to tell stories about the Mexican seas, their biodiversity and coastal communities to raise awareness in the care and sustainable use of marine resources.


To inspire through audiovisual media a harmonious relationship between society and the Mexican seas.


Our vision is to have Mexican seas with healthy ecosystems and communities. An informed society that participates in decision-making processes for a balanced use of marine resources. To sustainably conserve Mexican seas generates more economic benefits than having them in a state of degradation.


Foster a Participatory Society: Consolidate a diving sector that participates in the protection of Mexican seas and inspire fishing cooperatives to carry out more sustainable fishing activities.

Eliminate Harmful Practices: To ensure the clean air we breathe, the regulation of the climate, the food we get from the sea and to maintain the resilience of our marine ecosystems.

Take Care of Large Predators: To avoid cascading effects and loss of marine diversity.

All Mangrove Forests in Mexico Protected: To ensure the functioning of reefs, kelp forests and coastal lagoons we join a global movement that demands the protection of 30% of the oceans to safeguard marine life.

Promote the Creation and Protection of Biological Corridors: Ensure that species are able to complete their life cycle in the places they inhabit.

Protected Mexican Seas: To ensure the functioning of reefs, kelp forests and coastal lagoons we join a global movement that demands the protection of 30% of the oceans to safeguard marine life.

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