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Our mission is to provide the residents of Sayulita with an active and responsible voice that proposes, in a fair and compassionate manner, resolutions and action plans for the environmental and ecological problems of our town.

We want to promote environmental education and respect for the environment. We are a 100% environmental group whose mission is to see that development is in harmony with nature, respect and encourage the growth of green areas, avoid unnecessary logging as they are home to a large number of animal life. Children are the future, it is up to us to educate them to respect the environment.

With the support of the community we can make Sayulita the first green town in Nayarit, we want to raise awareness of the ecological problem we are in, we have approached the government with a good response and we will propose immediate action plans to rescue the damaged parts of our town. We hope that in the future the damage that has been caused to the environment will change and create awareness in the youth.

Why it is important to be part of Ser Su Voz

A Living World: We must be aware of the world we live in, protecting it is a priority.

Preserve Water: Water is the most important resource for life, taking care of it is our obligation and not to misuse this vital liquid.

Make a green world: Recovering our ecosystem is paramount, recycling is an essential part of creating a better world.

Our base of operations is in Sayulita, and from here we want to expand to the surrounding towns, to share our love of nature, which is why we created this partnership. In the last few months we have been able to reach out to the people of the town, mostly with a good pace and good response from the community.

We want to emphasize education and respect for the world in which we live, not to abuse what we have and always do it with the respect that the environment deserves. With the help of several associations like ours we will plan dynamics regarding recycling, the correct use of materials and the use of biodegradable products.

We are in contact with the different governmental organizations. We hope to count on everyone's support in our work to improve both the view of our beloved people and in the future the planet itself.

Independence: We are politically and financially independent. Individual donations along with membership dues are the only source of our funds. Our independence gives us the authority we need to campaign for real change.

Personal Accountability: We take personal responsibility for our actions and call for non-violence. These principles are inspired by the concept of 'witnessing' which advocates that personal action must be based on personal responsibility.

Promoting Solutions: At Ser Su Voz Sayulita we seek solutions and promote open and informed debate about society's environmental choices. We don't work to treat environmental problems, we work to eliminate them. But we are not content to simply point out the problems, we develop, seek and promote concrete actions to achieve a green and peaceful future for all.

Last updated: March 7, 2024 · Charity ID: 229

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