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The RVETS mission is to promote quality and affordable veterinary care in underserved rural areas in the USA and abroad, by providing veterinary students with practical experience and training in the medicine and surgery of horses and other animals. Further, in exposing students to the needs of these communities we encourage future veterinarians to choose rural service as a career.

We believe that all animals deserve access to high quality and affordable health care. We operate annual outreach clinics to rural communities in Nicaragua, Mexico and the USA. Through training, education, and partnerships with local organizations, we hope to develop sustainable access to veterinary medicine in the communities that we serve.

Our goal is to provide each patient with safe, humane and high-quality medicine, while providing valuable experience and training to both volunteers and community members. Working equids around the world suffer from common ailments such as dental disease, saddle sores, parasites, overpopulation, and lameness. RVETS works to provide relief from these conditions.

Rural Veterinary Experience, Teaching and Service (RVETS) is a 501c-3 non profit organization. We operate entirely on donations from people who believe in what we do and who, like us, think that this work is important.

Thank you for supporing our cause.


Our vision is to increase access to veterinary medicine in rural communities, through both direct service and training. We aim to find those animals, often in remote corners of the globe, that are not receiving the veterinary care that they deserve and to provide them with treatment and their community members with resources to continue their care.


All animals deserve high quality health care. Communities require affordable and accessible veterinary medicine to be healthful. Partnerships with local organizers are essential to achieve these goals.


RVETS Mexico is a group of local veterinarians and volunteers that provide veterinary care to underserved communities in central Mexico, while providing training to veterinary students. RVETS Mexico operates an annual equine clinic in Querétaro and Sierra Gorda states.

Horses and burros are critical to the welfare of people who live in the places served by RVETS Mexico. Working under the strict guidelines of RVETS protocols ensures that we are delivering the best care possible while providing valuable training experience to volunteers.

We are currently expanding our operations to include a small animal clinic in Sierra Gorda, as well as other upcoming projects and collaborations. Keep up to date at the RVETS Facebook page here.

Last updated: June 20, 2023 · Charity ID: 334

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