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Angel Aid offers relief services to caregivers through sustainable health and wellness training, transformative retreats, and a globally connective mother-to-mother network.

Based in California and operating globally, Angel Aid currently supports rare families across fifteen countries, with plans to connect and educate 3.5 million Raregivers™ by 2025.

Angel Aid provides mental health and wellness services to rare families through sustainable psychosocial training, transformative retreats, and a connective caregiver-to-caregiver multilingual network.

Angel Aid believes in uplifting rare families by caring for the caregivers, particularly Rare Mothers™ who are the primary caregiver 82% of the time.

For all the scientific advancement, there are still no cures for over 7,000 rare diseases and only 5% have treatments. In fact, there are 350 million people worldwide with rare diseases ~ half are children ~ a third of these children won’t see their 5th Birthday.

The caregiving burden on rare families is unimaginable, particularly for mothers.

In 2018, Angel Aid was incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization with the purposes to source research, relief and inspiration for mothers of children with rare diseases.

When You Join Angel Aid’s Online Community, You Get:

  • Access to free weekly self-care workshops run by experienced practitioners designed to improve your mental health and foster connections between yourself and other Raregivers™ including weekly meditations and a community journaling workshop.

  • A private, online community (much like a private Facebook group) where you can connect and share with other caregivers who get it.

  • Free recordings of all our meditations on Angel Aid’s YouTube channel.

  • Monthly Zoom meetups facilitated by qualified professionals to talk about the things only other Raregivers™ would understand in a safe space.

Who It’s For:

  • If you are a caregiver for a child with a rare disease and need help caring for yourself as you care for your family, Angel Aid is for you.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Our community is unique; a group of caregivers who are as deeply loving and strong as you are.

  • Our self-care workshops help you care for yourself, making you happier and healthier - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  • You can be authentic here. You don’t have to put on a brave face on a hard day to make other people comfortable. This community understands you.

Start Today!

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  2. Create your community profile: This is how you access our weekly self-care workshops, monthly meetups and other events. Create Community Profile

  3. Attend an Event: There’s no connection like face-to-face. Attend one of our virtual events to meet the amazing community “in person.” Our events are managed via your community profile, so revisit Step 2 to get connected. Upcoming Events

Delight in our Uplifting Gifting Program

Free self-care packages shipped right to your door.

Uplifting gifting packages come at unannounced times throughout the year, so they are always a pleasant surprise at your doorstep! Previous care packages have included: Journals, self-care jewelry, extra-soft blankets, candles, artwork, and more! Sign up to Receive Uplifting Gifting

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