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Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D) is a Mexican organization dedicated to the defense of human rights in the digital environment. We use various legal and communication tools to conduct policy research, strategic litigation, public advocacy and campaigns to promote digital rights in Mexico. In particular, freedom of expression, privacy, access to knowledge and free culture.


R3D began its work in the defense of privacy in Mexico following the discussion of the National Code of Criminal Procedures (CNPP) at the end of 2013, which contemplated the intervention of private communications, including geolocation and the collection and access to metadata. From this legislative advocacy work, the organization works on various strategic lines related to privacy in the digital environment of Mexicans.

R3D also maintains a permanent investigation and analysis of the technological capabilities for the intervention of communications and the invasion of privacy of federal authorities, local governments and different agencies in Mexico.


R3D seeks to research, explore and build an alternative strategy for universal broadband Internet access, not only in terms of affordability, reliability, availability, continuity and quality, but also on an equitable and non-discriminatory basis. It also promotes the constant evaluation of public sector connectivity programs, the creation of a legal model so that unconnected communities can create autonomous networks, and the implementation of guidelines that guarantee net neutrality, free use, non-discrimination, privacy and the right to freedom of expression online.

Freedom of Expression

R3D defends and promotes the fundamental right of all people to express their ideas, especially in the digital environment. It promotes legal and social defense against attempts at censorship; permanently monitors threats to freedom of expression online; permanently participates in forums and discussions on this matter, and carries out legislative advocacy for the defense of this principle in Mexican laws.

R3D seeks that Internet intermediaries with substantial market power design and implement rules and policies respectful of human rights; that there are effective mechanisms to prevent or minimize the effects of harassment and distortion of online conversations by those who massively use automated accounts; and that the right to anonymous speech is guaranteed and that there are legal protections, technological tools and a culture of whistleblowing.

Free Knowledge

R3D defends and promotes access to knowledge in a free, sharable and modifiable way in order to promote a better society. R3D seeks to ensure that the generation and access to knowledge is managed through alternative systems to traditional copyright or through a reformed scheme that drastically reduces the terms of protection and has flexible exceptions and limitations, guaranteeing everyone the right to access existing knowledge through technological platforms.

This material was translated from Spanish using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

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