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Since its inception in 2006, Operation Smile México AC has evaluated more than 5,200 people, and has performed more than 2,700 surgeries, until the end of 2015, thus benefiting families and their community.

In Jalisco alone, more than 1,400 patients have been operated on, and more workshops have been held in states such as Chiapas, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, the State of Mexico, Puebla and Nuevo León.

Operation Smile manages to combine the skills of medical and non-medical volunteers, which allows a surgery that lasts approximately 45 minutes to change the life of a child by giving them the opportunity to smile.

Operation Smile invests part of its resources in the training and certification of Mexican health specialists, who in their capacity as volunteers meet the highest quality standards. For example, part of our certification process implies that said volunteers accredit the courses endorsed by the American Heart Association (AHA), which is the most prestigious organization in cardiopulmonary resuscitation training processes.

Today, Operation Smile México AC has the support of dozens of medical volunteers, businessmen, young people and mothers who altruistically donate their time and resources to this noble cause.


Operation Smile Mexico provides free care to people, mainly low-income children with cleft lip and palate, through reconstructive surgeries and multidisciplinary treatment, following high quality global standards, with medical and non-medical volunteers, to improve the living conditions of patients and their families.


Operation Smile México A.C. is the private organization of reference in Mexico, for its leadership, commitment and quality in the care of patients with cleft lip and/or palate.

Last updated: June 13, 2023 · Charity ID: 452

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Operation Smile Mexico Provides Free Care to Children

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Operation Smile Mexico AC is a non-profit organization that provides free care to children with cleft lip and palate. They have been operating in Mexico for over 15 years and have helped thousands of children. Read more >>>

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+52 333 122-8864
+52 333 3647-3474
Contact: Brian Odell Mejía
Calderón de la Barca #118
Col. Arcos Vallarta
CP 44130 Guadalajara, Jalisco

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