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At Pronatura Noroeste we believe collaboration with other organizations and the community propels conservation and sustainable development.

Our mission is the conservation of the flora, fauna, and priority ecosystems of Northwest Mexico, to promote the development of society in harmony with nature.

About Us

Pronatura Noroeste was established in 1991 as part of he Pronatura system, the oldest conservation organization in Mexico. We have specialized personnel in different fields of science and a presence in the rich natural and environmental ecoregions of the area to promote the development of society in harmony with nature.

Our work is based on management with local communities, government authorities, civil organizations, and research centers to conserve the natural capital of our ecosystems, as well as to protect flora, fauna and fishing resources.

Among our tasks are restoration, reforestation, land and marine surveillance, promotion of good fishing practices, promotion of governance in natural protected areas and respect for environmental regulations, linkages with schools, and protection of species in danger of extinction.

Pronatura Noroeste requires the ongoing financial support of investors and the work of volunteers to give continuity to the issues we adress and achieve the conservation objectives.

Our Values

Integrity: We must convey that our staff at all levels are honest, share the PNO’s mission, lead by example, have a clear stance against corruption, and work for the common good of the planet.

Respect: We deeply respect cultures, beliefs, and opinions. Our organization’s work is based on mutual respect among individuals, organizations, and partners. We also respect all forms of life and consider them part of society and the healthy development of our planet.

Transparency: We communicate the truth, providing clear and understandable information. As PNO we support the common good, being the bridge to make real facts that improve people’s quality of life, without negatively and irreversibly affecting our region’s natural assets. Conserve the Future

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