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The “War Against Trash” campaign is a volunteer-led initiative to clean up the streets and beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The campaign was founded by John Benus, and it has since organized over 50 clean-up events, collecting over 100 tons of trash.

The campaign has two main goals: to raise awareness about the problem of litter in Puerto Vallarta, and to encourage people to take personal responsibility for keeping the city clean. The campaign has been successful in both of these goals. In addition to the clean-up events, the campaign has also organized educational workshops and outreach events to teach people about the importance of proper waste disposal.

The “War Against Trash” campaign is an important effort to protect the environment and improve the quality of life in Puerto Vallarta. The campaign is a model for other communities that are struggling with the problem of litter.

Here are some of the activities that the campaign has organized:

  • Clean-up events in the streets and beaches of Puerto Vallarta
  • Educational workshops on waste management and recycling
  • Advocacy efforts to improve waste collection and disposal services
  • Partnerships with businesses and organizations to promote environmental sustainability

Here are some of the ways you can get involved in the campaign:

  • Attend a clean-up event
  • Donate to the campaign
  • Spread the word about the campaign
  • Learn about proper waste disposal

Together, we can make a difference and help to keep Puerto Vallarta clean.

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US/CA: +1 415 331-0100
MX: +52 388 105-0786
Contact: John Benus, Founder
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico

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